Story Mission 33 - This Ends Here

STORY MISSION 33 - This Ends Here


Rewards: 20000 Overcharge, Endgame, Endgame Medals



Meet Sam at the overpass


Scramble to the top of the base to find Sam waiting for you.


Rendezvous at the Fizzco Campus


Watch the Fizzco butt-kicking coalition form and then head for the marker on the map. There will be Fizzco riffle bots waiting, so make sure you've got your AK-FU and murderang ready and waiting.


Help the survivors defeat the Fizzco forces


When you arrive, you will need to clear a large yellow area of rifle bots. Use the tried and tested techniques (and any shock amps you have) to make short work of them. Your scout buddies should act as a distraction here to reduce the damage directed at you. Just keep killing bots until you reach the end of the final skirmish.



Trash the Fizzco mechs


As soon as you reach the end of the skirmishes, two tank bots will arrive to make your life interesting. Combine that with the large amount of rifle bots in the area and you'll quickly find death is on the menu if you aren't moving fast. Use your murderangs and dirty harry to wear down the tank bots, while avoiding the blasts and rifle fire. Believe me, it's easy to say avoid their shots. Much harder to actually achieve.


Launch the giant Overcharge bottle at the Fizzco building


As soon as the second tank bot goes down, ignore the remaining bots and head for the newly marked harpoon on a building close to you. Fire it at the target on the nearby structure. After that, bounce and grind across the rooftops to the base of the giant bottle. When you reach it, smash away at it with melee attacks to trigger a scene.



Intercept Fizzco HQ at the waterfront and blast it in the CPU


Ah, the final boss battle. This one consists of three phases, but they are all pretty much the same. You need to reach the building, find a tendril that is immobile and then use your platforming skills to reach the top of the building to blast it's weak point. Oh, and each portion has a time limit, which results in a mission fail if it runs out. Simple right? I didn't think so either.



The first fight is at the waterfront. The tendril you need is attached to the end of a dock, but be careful when jumping on (as the flames at the tip can cause nasty damage). You'll need to avoid energy spikes on the grind rails and adjust the camera as you rotate around and bounce your way upwards. When you reach the grind rails at the top of the building, use your dirty harry to fire on the orange CPU (you can't melee it. I tried and got knocked all the way back down).



Intercept Fizzco HQ in Little Tokyo and blast it in the CPU


You'll be repeating exactly the same process again, so look for the stationary tendril and work your way up to the CPU once more.



Intercept Fizzco HQ across the river and finish it off!


Once more into the breach, dear friends. Climb, shoot and boom. Once you've put the final bullet into it's electronic brain, the real credits will roll. Congratulations on finishing Sunset Overdrive. There's still plenty left to do and explore though. So when you're ready, have a look at the side quests, challenges and collectibles sections to see what is still left to do in the city.



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