Bestiary/ Enemies



The enemies listed here are the recurring or "common" enemies in the game. Enemies who appear only in a single chapter or who are once off boss encounters are not listed here. They are amongst the chapters waiting for you to encounter them yourself. Note: There are some minor spoilers in the names on the model list.





A double headed haunted (alterego) that vomits green acid and does significant grapple damage. Using a pistol is very impractical (as blowing off the vomiting head has no effect and the second head takes around four head-shots). Instead, use the same strategy as you would with fat haunted. Shoot them in the leg with a shotgun blast (two with these enemies) and then light them up straight away. Once you reach chapter 8 they gain the ability to sprout a long tendril which deals massive grapple damage if it reaches you. They will run when it extends and you will need to damage them for it to retract.




There are many varieties of haunted. Regular haunted will move towards you slowly occasionally dashing briefly. Haunted without armour or masks can be taken out with a single critical head-shot from a pistol. If it fails to crit you will need three shots to the head to destroy them. Some haunted hold melee weapons which deal additional damage and prevent the grapple QTE occurring. Armoured versions of these enemies also start appearing in the final chapters of the game and should be blasted in the legs with a shotgun and burnt.


Later in the game haunted begin wearing masks to decrease head-shot damage and start wielding firearms. These do significant damage and should be made a priority in battle. Some haunted use explosive weaponry such as dynamite and molotov cocktails. Shooting these enemies in the leg or blasting their projectiles before they throw will take them down easily.


Some haunted are invisible and can only be detected by moving objects and puddles of liquid. These enemies are best destroyed by explosive bolts or a shotgun. The final haunted type is the fat haunted. These move at the same speed but have significantly more health. Shoot them in the leg with a pistol three times or once with a shotgun to take them down fast and burn them.


Shrieking Beast (Laura)



You will encounter the shrieking beast (Laura) multiple times during the game. She is relentless in her efforts to follow you, but regularly moves quite slowly. Moving while keeping an eye on her is the best way to avoid damage. She is quite weak to fire attacks which is fortunate because most times you encounter her, there are methods for dealing fire damage nearby. She is generally more of a nuisance than a real threat, but she can dash and teleport when you least expect it.


Chainsaw Lunatic (Sadist)



This enemy is encountered several times throughout the game (the final time it wields a rocket launcher, owch). If he gets close enough to you it is an instant kill. In the first mission you cannot kill him, but later on you will have a larger arsenal. The best strategy to kill him is three explosive bolts and two to three shotgun shells. He never gets any stronger, so this method remains the same.


The Keeper



A truly worrying enemy. Each time (except for the final one) you encounter this enemy, he is unable to be truly killed. He will revive a handful of seconds after death and attack you again. He has a short dash attack and a basic melee. Usually (except for the final encounter) a freeze bolt followed by two sniper rounds will kill him. In the final encounter, you should use the magnum to deal with him or use a lot of sniper and shotgun rounds. Maintain your distance as his attacks seriously hurt.





Found in the later half of the game, these shambling beasts are dangerous opponents. They have a melee dash and regular melee attacks, but due to their long limbs the range is generally bigger than you expect. This can lead to some nasty deaths. They generally take four explosive bolts and a couple of shotgun rounds to bring down. Always keep backing away as you fight them as being stuck in a corner will result in death.


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