Chapter 01 - An Emergency Call

CHAPTER 01 - An Emergency Call




As the game begins, watch Sebastian and his fellow officers (Julie Kidman and Joseph Oda) on their way back to the precinct after a previous assignment. After a radio call, it seems the group is headed for Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate multiple homicides (sounds like a fun place, doesn't it?). Strange things start happening with the radio and a little later, the group arrive at the gates of the hospital.


Take in the scene, the weird silence and the large amount of police vehicles before walking through the rain towards the heavy front door of the forbidding structure.  As you enter the doorway, you'll find out immediately that something is wrong.


Bodies lie strewn around the entrance hall and blood is spattered everywhere (don't worry, this is low blood levels for this game). Follow Joseph as he walks to the rear of the area. At the back of the room he will stumble on a survivor, one of the hospital staff.


The doctor is slightly unhinged, but something you may pick up on is the name "Ruvik." After leaving the doctor to Joseph, turn left towards the bank of monitors. Approach them to watch a bizarre sequence of events.



After waking up (upside down), it's time to say hi to a nearby lunatic with a large sharp object. Obviously this is a bad situation. Wait for the man to stop cutting up the corpse next to you and watch him leave the room. When he does, a LS prompt will appear on the screen. You can now rock the LS back and forth to swing towards that conveniently placed knife in the body in front of you. Cut yourself down and regain your composure (at least, as much as you can when you've just been strung up by a madman).





You have a knife, but (and this is a big but) the enemy who you just saw cannot be killed with it. Found that one out the hard way. Instead, use your new stealth shuffle (RB) to enter the lit room straight ahead and look above the dessicated corpse on the table to see a set of keys dangling from a hook. Grab them and retreat back the way you came. Take the short side passage to a locked door. One of the keys you just purloined will fit the lock, so let yourself out.


Once you are through the door, follow the catwalk overlooking the room you were just in (yes, I know. Sane people would lock the door behind them). As you near another door, you will trip the (rather obvious) alarm trip wire and let Slashy Mcpointythings know you are escaping. Oh look, now he has a chainsaw too. Isn't that marvelous? Race through the door ahead of you and down a corridor until you burst into a room from a nightmare.


When you regain control, limp as fast as you can to the far end of the room. Stay in the center to avoid the whirling blades. As a metal gate slams down, examine (A) the grille on the floor to exit the room. As you slither down the chute, use the LS to swing yourself away from the slashing death. At the end of the slide you will splash into a large tub of blood with a ladder attached to the side nearby. Clamber out of the vat and shuffle through the lit door.





Ahead of you is a slowly rotating fan, head right when you reach the walkway and jump off the end into the ooze. A nearby ladder (to your left when you drop in) will allow you to exit the mess. Two small bridges across the slime lead to locked doors, so ignore them and approach the body slumped in the wheelchair. Lying at it's feet is an Old Note From Sewer. Read it for a rough idea of what you need to do next.


Keep limping past the wheelchair and ignore the two chained gates at the far end (they are both unlockable). To your right is a doorway into a room with a ladder inside leading up. Head on up and at the top you will find a computer desk with a Boiler Room Note on it. Grab the note for some background on the strange events at the hospital and push the glowing red button on the wall nearby to leave the room.




Round the corner and open the door at the end of the corridor to find yourself in the Old Ward. Keep shuffling into the next corridor and into a second office. When you enter it, you will hear a loud grunt. Unfortunately, our friend with the chainsaw is back. Fortunately, the locker in the office you are standing in can be used as a hiding place (RB). Huddle inside the locker and watch the lunatic rampage outside. After he breaks down the door next to the locker a checkpoint will trigger and you can exit the locker safely.





Now this section can be tedious and frustrating for those players who dislike stealth games. The maniac has quite good peripheral vision and will look around multiple times before moving to a new position. This may cause a few unintentional deaths for impatient or careless players. The idea here is to distract the enemy by throwing bottles away from your position while you move to a new one. The bad news is you leave a blood trail behind you, so unless he is properly distracted he will spot it and chase you.



From the locker room, stealth to the left side of the first doorway into the room so you can manipulate the camera to observe the maniac. When he starts walking away from you (wait until he starts moving away, not just turns around) and use the opportunity to slip behind the boxes on the left side of the room. Behind the boxes is a bottle you can throw through either door out of the room. This gives you about ten seconds from when he passes you to either find another bottle (there is one in front of the computer desk in the next room) and repeat or to just make a hasty beeline for the exit.


Either way, head to the back of the room to enter a corridor with a door on the right wall at the far end. Slam open the door (double tap A) to get through it quicker and stagger inside.




You aren't safe yet, but the checkpoint makes life easier. Open the door on the other side of the room and the lunatic will reappear behind you. Shuffle down the hallway as fast as you can and at the opposite end, crawl into the elevator. Thankfully, our chainsaw wielding friend can't cut through the metal and you can descend towards safety (less immediate peril, anyway). Watch the intro credits as they roll and emerge from the elevator into a hallway near the entrance hall of the hospital.



Walk forwards and after a few seconds, tremors will start shaking the hospital. Apparently those tremors cured our detective's limp (adrenaline can do wonderful things). Sprint down the hallway and as you enter the entrance hall, turn right towards the large front doors and reach the outside world once more. After that a cut scene will take you away as the chapter ends. Rather dramatically.



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