Chapter 02 - Remnants

CHAPTER 02 - Remnants




When the chapter begins, try and avoid feeling sick from the red strobe effect on the screen and watch as slightly worrying things happen to Sebastian. After waking up in the hospital room, examine the desk to find the Newspaper Article: Bodies Found and a Goo Jar (100). Look in the bowl of the nearby toilet for a hidden Goo Jar (300). Approach the door to the room to meet a mysterious nurse Titania, who abruptly (thankfully) lets you out of the room.


Turn right and follow her towards the reception desk. Look at the notice board on the nearby wall for a Missing Person Poster: Sebastian (New Game+ only). The nurse will pull out a sign in book which acts as the save system for this game. Sign in to save and the barred door to your right will swing open. Head through the now open door and walk towards the large (and highly suspicious) chair. Behind it on the ground is Map Fragment 1. Oh damn, we just stumbled into a Saw movie here folks. Arm and leg restraints will snap shut when you sit down and a dangerous looking headpiece will flick onto your skull.



Relax, this is the games way of upgrading your character. For now though, you will have enough upgrade points (goo) to buy the only available upgrade. Buy it and you will abruptly exit the hospital and wake up in the flaming wreckage of the ambulance. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.


When you regain control of Sebastian, hobble over to the small piece of debris directly ahead. On top of it is a Syringe (1). These heal Sebastian's health by 30% initially, but can be upgraded for a higher heal percentage.


Note: Sebastian can heal up to a certain point (marked by a red line on your health bar) by not moving. Keep this in mind to avoid wasting precious healing items. Sebastian's maximum health can be improved via upgrade as well as finding medikits during your travels.


Look around to find a nearby path (smeared in blood, obviously) and follow it until you see a bunch of birds picking apart a body. Next to the corpse is a crate and your introduction to melee attacks (Y). Use your new attack to break the box.



Note: Melee attacks in this game are extremely weak, even when fully upgraded and are really only of use in knocking back an enemy, The enemy will be pushed back on the first hit but following that up with a second will make no knock-back impact and the enemy will swing back. So it is generally better to only hit in melee once and then move away before swinging again. Melee attacks (at base damage) can take six or more swings to take down a regular enemy.


Scan the path ahead to see a source of light. Head towards it through the undergrowth to find what is making it. A corpse will be lying beside a Lantern. Grab the lantern and pick it up for a quick cut scene. Unfortunately things don't look good. Fall down the cliff to continue.




Approach the menacing silhouette to find your fellow officer Connelly chowing down on a local. The game will grab the Pistol next to him for you but a few seconds later you will regain control and Connelly will rush at you. Guns are used in typical fashion in this game (LT) is aim, (RT) to fire and (X) to reload. Head-shots work best against most common enemies (although there are some exceptions).



Quickly take aim and blast the afflicted cop. If you waste ammo (generally more than three bullets, you may want to let yourself die and attempt the encounter again (as bullets in this chapter are scarce). Once the body hits the floor, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.




Head inside the tent where Connelly was feasting to find a Goo Jar (200) and some boxes to smash. Leave the tent and continue moving along the trail into a cave. On a ledge to the left when you enter is a Goo Jar (200). The game will also mention how to use the lantern here. (LS) to light or douse it. Just a bit inside the cave you will spot Leslie standing behind a trip wire.


This is the "official" introduction to traps (meaning that one in chapter 01 was just for warm ups and couldn't be disabled). Approach the wire for a cut scene with Leslie. Generally it is easiest to approach traps while in stealth. You are less likely to accidentally set them off while approaching them.


To disable trip wire traps, you need to get close to the source point (the end with the cog shape) and hold down (A) to disarm them. When you disarm a trap, scrap parts are retrieved which can be used to craft items later. So you can either choose to lure enemies into traps (wasting crafting items but saving weapon ammo) or disable the traps and kill enemies with conventional methods.



Continue along and out of the cave and you will reach a cart. Look in the back of the cart to find a Goo Jar (300) and a box to smash. Moving slightly forward will trigger a short scene that introduces you to matches. Matches are very valuable in this game as they prevent enemies reviving after being downed. Press (B) near a body with the flame icon to use a match and burn it. Keep in mind that not every body needs to be burned as some will not revive .


Matches - When to use them


  • Stealth kill: No
  • Head-shot (Head explodes): No
  • Shot or melee downed enemy: Kick first to check. if still alive, Yes
  • Bodies scripted to get up: Yes
  • Pile of bodies (3+): Yes



Kick or just burn the lone body next to the Match (1), as you are probably low on ammo at this point. Look for the light nearby to spot a small cabin. On the door is the symbol for the Beacon Mental Hospital sketched in blood (reassuring that, isn't it?). Open the door to see a short cut scene of the nurse traveling into the mirror on the wall. This is how you access the hub area (the mirrors also make a distinct noise when you are close to them, so listen for them).


Grab the Goo Jar (300) and glowing Journal Entry off the bench before entering the mirror. In the hospital hub, save and do any small upgrades you desire (matches might be a good idea or handgun ammo if you can afford it. You can also grab a Newspaper Article: Serial Killer On Loose from the stack near the reception desk and pick up a Missing Person Poster: Leslie from the bulletin board opposite. Once you are done exit back to the shack via a mirror.


Leave the shack and head a little further along the linear path to see another lit shack ahead. As you get closer, Leslie will sprint inside and a haunted (common enemy) will chase him and bash on the closed door. If you are quick, you can close the gap and sneak the last few feet for a free stealth kill. Although if you stuff it up, you can just reload your save and try again.


Once the haunted is dead, enter the door and jump (A) out the window at the rear (after seeing Leslie running away down the track). Just ahead is a large metal gate. Look beside it for your first Statue. These can be smashed with a melee attack (or shot when out of range) to retrieve a hidden key inside. These keys can be used to unlock lockers in the hospital hub and obtain items. When you're done with the statue push open the gate. After passing through the gate, walk towards the bales of hay just ahead of you and a cut scene will take over.




Once the scene is over, two haunted will be outside the small house. One travels along the side of the house before doubling back, the other walks down the path away from you and the house before turning around and doubling back (they both repeat their paths unless they spot you).


Aim to stealth kill the one that walk up the side of the house (as the other's vision will be blocked by the house wall. Then time your approach of the second one to stealth kill him as well. Without stealth, you could probably handle one enemy, but will waste bullets doing so. There is a bottle at your feet when you regain control, so use it if you need to.



When both haunted are terminated, approach the fire in front of the house to find a Lakeside Town Note. Inside the house are Matches (5) (which makes it worthwhile just by themselves),  Syringe (1) and on the far side of the house (outside) a trip wire trap to dismantle.


Once you are done looting the house, return to the main path (don't worry, the lighthouse won't affect you) and follow it until you see a bonfire ahead with a haunted standing beside it. There is another haunted a short distance away behind him as well.





The best approach is to stealth along the left side of the area and stealth kill the haunted walking back and forth in front of the dilapidated house. Then grab the torch he drops upon death to one hit kill or just stealth kill the other haunted next to the bonfire.


There is a fair amount to grab here before moving onwards. Next to the bonfire is a small hut with Matches (3), Handgun Bullets (1) and a crate to smash. Leave the hut and look to the right side of it to spot a narrow lane leading up to a small house (not the one the second haunted was guarding). A haunted will be patroling out the front (use that torch if you still have it or stealth kill him).


Enter the house to find Map Fragment 2 sitting on a couch directly in front of you. In the first room are several crates to smash for items. Move into the hallway to find a trip wire trap to disable. The boarded up doorway to the right can be entered by meleeing the boards (keep this in mind for your future endeavours). Inside is a scripted haunted body that will revive as you enter. Use the torch from the haunted out front to get rid of him fast.


You can pick up a Goo Jar (200) and open the small box on the stand here to obtain a Key. After you are done, head to the room at the end of the hall for Handgun Bullets (5) and a Goo Jar (500). Now we've looted the place, we can return to the house near the bonfire in the other area where we left off.


Before entering the house, ready your pistol and move around the right side of the house. Here you should spot a pair of bear traps on the ground and a haunted just beyond. Stand in the open and lure the haunted into the bear traps. When it is trapped, take the opportunity to put a few rounds in it's noggin. Disable the traps once you are done (you need to sneak to make the disable prompt appear).



There is one final enemy in this small area. The final haunted can be found in the rear part of the house, past the bear traps, wandering along inside the structure. Stealth up behind him for a stealth kill if you can, blast him away if you can't.


Now you are free to loot the house (carefully as there is a trip wire trap in the front section of the house and a couple of bear traps around the front area). In the front area of the house you can find Syringe (1) and a cupboard with Goo Jar (300) inside. In the rear section of the house is another trip wire trap and a Goo Jar (700). Behind the rear section of the house is another trip wire trap (hidden partially in shadow).


From the back of the rear house section, you should be able to see a large wooden gate blocking your path. Before approaching it, look for two bodies on the ground a bit in front of it. These are scripted enemies that will rise when you attempt to open the gate. If you still have matches at this point, using one on them will burn both and allow you to open the gate safely. If you don't, you will have to stop opening the gate after initiating it and engage them.



Either way, once the gate is open you will enter a larger open area. Several haunted are scattered throughout the area around the fires in the center, so direct battle is not an option here. If you head through the bush to the left and skirt along the edge, you will find a small shack in the undergrowth. Inside is Syringe (1), a barrel you can smash and Map Fragment 3 . Don't worry, the noise won't alert the enemies in the area.


Return to where you passed through the gate into the area and head along the right side of the area this time instead, Stealth killing the enemies in this area is risky and usually results in death. Stealth behind the small stone wall and along the right edge of the area until you approach a haunted feeding next to a stone walkway/ bridge. Get as close as you can without alerting him and then sprint past him and to the far end of the bridge to trigger a cut scene and the end of the chapter (saving you a lot of time and ammo).



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