Chapter 03 - Claws of the Horde

CHAPTER 03 - Claws of the Horde




Watch Sebastian wade out of the water after his little swim. After regaining control on the rocky shore, smash the stacked boxes on the path just ahead to clear the way. Directly to your right after smashing them on a small table is Syringe (1). Before heading past where the boxes were, look to the left to see a narrow pier. At the end of it is a Goo Jar (200) to pick up.


Return to where the boxes were and travel past them to reach a set of stone stairs. Partway up will be Matches (3) and a pile of deceased to burn (conveniently). After the bodies are ash, head to the top of the stairs and through the door that opens itself.





The way back will collapse behind you, so there is only one path now. Before we begin with this relatively open section, take note that there are two sections of the village ahead of you. The two buildings closest to you are currently free of enemies (they arrive via a specific trigger a little later). So you are free to loot both houses without fear at the moment. The large gate that divides this section opens up to the larger enemy filled portion of the village.


For now it's time to do some pillaging. Turn right from where you are standing to spot a small shack next to the house on the right. Inside is a hanging body (you can ignore), a Goo Jar (300), a Syringe (1) and a barrel under the syringe that can be broken.


Head out of the shack and into the house next to it. You will start to hear the music associated with mirrors. The room directly across from you when you enter contains a Journal Entry, Map Fragment 4 and a mirror. Now is a very good time to save and make any upgrades you want to Sebastian. While you are in the hub area, look at the newspaper stand across from the reception desk to find Newpaper Article: Serial Killings Continue. On the notice board across from this you can also snatch Missing Person Poster: Oscar.



Exit the mirror room, smash the crate and enter the small dining room. You should see two grenade traps stuck to the walls here. Stealth up to both of them and disable them. A box of Matches (2) is sitting next to the cold hearth. In a cupboard on the other side of the room is a Goo Jar (500) to pick up as well before heading upstairs.


When you reach the upper floor, move forwards a bit and you will hear a voice call out. Head towards it and cross into the other (connected) house. Open the door and you will meet Doctor Jimenez once more. When the doctor tells you to "Come this way," Don't follow him yet, as we still need to loot the second house.


Don't walk out onto the balcony where the doctor went, instead head to the opposite side of the room from where you entered and enter the door there. You will arrive in a hallway with several rooms and a door leading to another hallway at the far end. Inside the second room on the left is a dresser with Matches (2) and against the right wall of the hallway is a Goo Jar (300). Collect both before exiting into the next hallway.


To your right when you enter the new hall is a trip wire trap to disarm and a door that leads out to a veranda. On the table here are Matches (1) to pick up before heading back into the hall. Take the opposite end this time and descend the stairs.



At the base of the stairs you will spot a hatchet embedded in the wall. Grab it (it is a one hit kill melee weapon) and enter the dining room the the left. The crate in the corner can be broken for items. Look for the curtains nearby and head through them.


In this room is another body (you can ignore) and boxes to smash containing Handgun Bullets (4). Be careful when heading out the other door to the room as there is a grenade trap waiting in the next one. Stealth in and disable it before breaking the boxes here for a Goo Jar (300).


Now we've obtained everything, head back upstairs and onto the balcony where the doctor is patiently waiting. When you near him he will start talking to you and Sebastian will get a glimpse of what is waiting ahead in the rest of the village.



The doctor will propose a decoy act. Great. After disappearing for a few seconds the doctor will ask you to raise the dividing gate. Next to you on the balcony is a crank that can be turned to raise the gate.


Enemies can now travel between the areas and some are already on their way to you. From the balcony (with the crank on your left), head into the upper room of the house to your left. At the far end, two haunted will be scaling the stairs. Use your hatchet to bring down one quickly and burn him (you should catch the second one with the flames). Or use the fallen haunted's torch to take down the second enemy. Around this time you should see a brief scene of the doctor luring away a haunted.





Head down the stairs and use the mirror room to upgrade (from this point on critical chance with handguns becomes very useful) and save your progress, before heading back upstairs and across to the other house. As you enter the hallway section, you should hear the sound of smashing glass and three haunted will start arriving from various directions. Retreat back to the hall entrance you came from and await their appearance before engaging them. Line up your head-shots and time your body burning to set multiple enemies on fire if you can.


Move downstairs (smashing the crate if you didn't already) and turn left into the kitchen before jumping out the window here. You will likely be hearing a constant roaring from nearby, but ignore it. We'll meet the source a bit later. Waddle around the back of the house to find a Goo Jar (300) before heading back to the main road and start of the large village area.



Before going any further, let me explain the points of interest in this new area. There are four structures to explore: On the left side of the road is a barn, followed by a house (left-house). Meanwhile on the right side is a tower and then a house (right-house). The roars are coming from a chained up chainsaw enemy in the back of the barn. For now he cannot be triggered until you examine the chain at the far end of the village. So you can safely ignore him until you do so.


The objectives of this section are: Reach the gate and examine the chain. Return to the barn and defeat the chainsaw maniac. Pick up his chainsaw. Return to the gate and cut through the chain with the chainsaw. Go through the gate. Sounds simple right? No, I didn't think so either.


One thing worth noting is that when the chainsaw lunatic dies, all the enemies in the area die as well. This means you only need to deal with one side of the street, saving a lot of ammo and time.


This guide leads you through the left side of the village, complete the chainsaw and gate objectives and then leaves you to loot the right side buildings safely. If you want to examine the right side buildings before the chainsaw maniac is dead, feel free. Just remember that there will likely be enemies present that are not mentioned.


Checkpoints in this area seem to be triggered after dispatching certain enemies or a certain number of enemies. So the marked checkpoints may occur slightly earlier or later for you than they did for me.


One last (and immediate) word of warning is that there is a haunted sharpshooter (with a rifle) on the left-house balcony. He does nearly a third of your life per hit, so be very careful when moving about in the open.


OK, on with the show. From your position next to the dividing gate, stealth over to the nearby cart (center of the road) and look under the rear axle for a Goo Jar (300). Note: Moving past the front of this cart will place you in range of the haunted sharpshooter. From the back of the cart, sneak to the left into lower level of the barn.



If you look to your left as you enter, you can see the wall the chainsaw maniac is chained up behind. Ignore him and head over to disable the grenade trap next to the door leading out the back of the barn (better to do it now before stumbling into it later). Once you've done that, head back to the red ladder in the center of the room. Grab the hatched embedded in the table to the right of it and climb the ladder.


At the top of the ladder to your right you will see three hay bales. Use a single match to burn them all and when they are gone you will find Matches (3) underneath. Smash the barrels next to this to find Grenade (1).



Note: Grenades are best used against large groups of clustered enemies. If an enemy is more than about two meters from the explosion it will not take damage from the blast. Don't waste grenades on lone enemies if you can avoid it.


Turn around and walk up the stairs opposite. At the top be careful of the waiting bear trap. Stealth up to it and disable it. The small balcony out to the right leads to a ladder back down to the street, so ignore it and continue past it while continuing to stealth. At the bottom of the small set of stairs on the wall behind you to the left is a grenade trap. That is why you should still be in stealth. Turn around to disarm it.




Smash the crates at the base of the stairs. Climb up the red ladder next to you to find loot central. Trap Parts (2), Matches (2), Goo Jar (1000) and a Statue to smash for a key await you. Pocket it all and climb back down the ladder.


At the bottom of the ladder, turn right and head over to the nearby desk to pick up Matches (2). From the desk, head left and look for a small table nearby to find a Syringe (1) sitting on it. A cupboard behind the table contains Handgun Bullets (3) to nab as well.


After all that looting we need to head to the back of the barn for some more (where the grenade trap on the bottom floor was). From the back door, you will see a chest to your left. Leave it for now and stealth to your right to find two scripted haunted bodies. When you approach the chest they will get up and attack you. They aren't close enough together to burn with one match. So burn one and use your hatchet to quickly dispatch the second one as it gets up.




There is one more haunted in the immediate area, just around the corner from where the second scripted haunted was. Between him and you is a trip wire trap and a bear trap that you can take advantage of (if you don't want to waste ammo preserving trap parts). Let the traps whittle him down and/ or finish him off with head-shots.


Now we can go and look at the chest, just be careful of the bear trap in front of it. Be warned though that chests in this game can be trapped (the game will throw up a handy info screen when you get near). This chest is trapped so be very careful to release the A button when the lid raises quickly to avoid being exploded. Inside the chest is an Explosive Bolt (1), Shotgun Shells (4) and Trap Parts (2) from the disarmed trap.



Turn around and walk back over to where the second haunted body was. From here you should see a set of stairs leading up to the alley behind left-house. By this point in this game you should be using item shortcuts to select weapons and items quickly. These can be set by using the item menu (Push in RS) and selecting a weapon or item and then pressing a direction on the D-Pad. This will shortcut that item to that direction on the D-Pad. This is very handy in heated battles or for quick heals.


Climb up the aforementioned stairs after assigning your shortcuts (a good setup at this point is syringes on up, pistol on left). At the top of the stairs, you can climb onto the sloping roof behind the lantern for Trap Parts (2) before continuing down the alley.


As you near the far end of the alley, a nearby window will break. This gives you a little warning that there is an enemy inside. For now though, grab the Goo Jar (500) before approaching the smashed window. When you hop inside over the sill, to your immediate right is a staircase which a haunted will shortly come down and pull the switch partway down. This triggers a knife flurry trap centered on the base of the stairs.



Stay back from the base of the stairs and line up a head-shot. Make sure to kill the haunted quickly as two more haunted will be arriving through the front door to your left in a few seconds. Quick players can dispatch the haunted who triggered the switch and then use the switch to kill the arriving pair of haunted (this does require precise timing though). If you don't want to risk it, just climb halfway up the stairs, grab the first haunted's torch and try to pick them off with your pistol (using the torch if they get too close).





Once all three haunted are dead, you can open the cupboard next to the stairs for a Goo Jar (500). Be careful though as the ruckus may lure down one of the two haunted upstairs. If one does come down, you can use the other switch near the front door or just shoot it. If you didn't lure it down, it will be patrolling the rooms upstairs instead. Upstairs, head left to find a body to burn and a little further along on a chair the Agony Crossbow. This weapon will be one of your most useful friends for the rest of the game. Assign it to a button shortcut (I normally use down) and set it to fire explosive bolts.



Turn around and go the other direction from the top of the stairs to find Matches (3) on a cupboard and Harpoon Bolts (2) stuck in the wall nearby. Open the door next to the harpoon bolts and immediately stealth through and to the right. The sharpshooter haunted will be at the end of the balcony here. If you are quick, you can kill him instantly with a stealth kill.





Once he is no more, return back through the door and head downstairs again. From the bottom of the stairs, look to your right to see the door to another small room. On a small table in here is a glowing silver case. Open it to receive the Shotgun. Make sure to assign it a shortcut (I normally use right on the D-pad). Shotgun shells are pretty rare at this point of the game and will be required to take down the chainsaw maniac, so conserve any you find from this point forward for that purpose.



Note: There have been reports of the shotgun appearing in right-house instead. I have never seen this happen. But if it does happen to you, unfortunately you will need to venture into that house to find it. Now is a good point to try and retrieve it as the sharpshooter haunted is no longer guarding the main road and most of the free wandering haunted on the main road have been dealt with at this point.


To the right of the silver shotgun case is a trip wire trap to disarm for parts. After doing so, you can head out the front door to finally examine the chain holding the massive gate shut. Keep in mind that once you do this, you can now trigger the chainsaw lunatic by approaching the wall he is behind in the barn (don't trigger it by accident).


Some players may want to head all the way back to the mirror room in the prior village section to save before engaging the chainsaw lunatic. Just be warned that three new haunted have spawned just beyond the dividing gate. So if you enter the house the same way you came into this side of the village, you should be able to avoid them and reach the mirror room safely.



If you are feeling brave, you can take on the chainsaw lunatic without saving. This will just take you back to the prior checkpoint instead if you fail. Either way, your next stop is the barn. Make sure the crossbow and shotgun are equipped to shortcuts and you remember which buttons they are as you will shortly have little time to think. Equip explosive bolts on the crossbow and make sure you have at least three made (have one loaded and two more spare to reload with). Make sure your shotgun is loaded with at least three shells (if you don't have three you will need to swap to the pistol to deal the last bit of damage to the chainsaw lunatic).


When you are locked and loaded, head back to the barn. Pull out the loaded crossbow and approach the wall hiding the lunatic. As you near it it will be demolished by the lunatic. Retreat while plunking explosive bolts in the ground in front of the lunatic. Each time he walks over one, he should stagger. This allows you to place another in front of him until all three are detonated. Once the third bolt is gone, swap to the shotgun and pump rounds into the lunatic until he falls.



When he falls, he will disintegrate and all the enemies remaining in the village will disappear. Leaving it ripe for looting. Before that though, grab the Chainsaw and Goo (5000) from where the lunatic fell. Before continuing to explore, turn back to where the lunatic burst through the wall to see a chest at the back of the small area. This chest doesn't have a trap and contains Handgun Bullets (6) and Shotgun Shells (2).


Time to pick up a few keys in the area first (we couldn't get them before thanks to the sharpshooter haunted). Return to the alley between the barn and the left-house and look at the top of the stone wall that leads onto the road. Yeah, that Statue is pretty hard to spot unless you know it's there. Shoot it and grab the key. From here, walk out onto the road and look towards the gate before looking up to see a line strung between the houses with a Statue hanging from it. Shoot it and pick up the fallen key.


Time to explore the right side of the village now that it is enemy free. First we will take a look at the tower and small shack next to it. As you near the tower, you should spot the bear trap in the open next it. Disarm it for the parts the as well as the one a little way past it and head into the small shack next to it. Inside you will find a Goo Jar (300) to pick up.


Head out of the shack and start climbing up the ladder to the tower beside the shack. As you climb, adjust your view to look left and you should spot a Statue sitting on a beam as you climb. Finish climbing to the top and use a single handgun round to blast the statue apart, when you do the key will drop to the ground below. Grab the Trap Parts (2) Flash Bolt (1) and Goo Jar (1000) from the top of the tower before descending the ladder to grab the key that just dropped.



From the tower, head to right-house nearby and head into the dining room. On the table you can find Goo Jar (300) before heading upstairs. At the top of the stairs are multiple doors. Take the first door to the left to find a cupboard with a Syringe (1) inside and Handgun Bullets (3) on a shelf nearby. Leave the room and look to your right for a cupboard that holds Shotgun Shells (2). Turn around from the cupboard and walk out the door onto the small balcony.



Open the door at the far end to enter a bedroom. On the chair is an Audio Log you can listen to. On the bed next to it is a Medikit (1) and next to a nearby shelf is a Goo Jar (500).



Well, that's everything folks. Nothing to do now but head back up to the chain holding the gate closed and cut through it with the chainsaw. Have a brief chat with the doctor afterwards and the chapter will conclude.



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