Chapter 04 - The Patient

CHAPTER 04 - The Patient




The chapter will pick up just where the prior one left off. Follow the road to the right and approach the door of the house on the right side. Smash the crates on the porch and let yourself inside. The cupboard beside the door contains Matches (3). Smash the crates in here and look for a narrow gap in the right wall (near the bookcase). Squeeze through for some more loot. The cupboard in front of you holds Handgun Bullets (3), a Goo Jar (300) can be found on the nearby dresser and the bed in the small alcove has a Villager's Note sitting on top of it.


Backtrack outside and then even further to just in front of the gate where you started. With the gate behind you, take the left path here and then duck left underneath the wooden walkway on the left side. Climb the stairs and ready your shotgun and a match. As you walk along the wooden walkway, a fat haunted will start breaking down a door beside you.


Wait until he emerges, blast him in the legs once to knock him down and then light him up with the match. Inside the room he burst out of is Map Fragment 5, Handgun Bullets (3) and a trapped chest to open. Inside the chest is a Light Bolt (1) and a Grenade (1). Now that we've done all that, we can return to the main path and take the only other direction (the second path on the left) where the doctor wants you to go.


Follow the doctor through a gap in a crumbling stone wall. When you do, look to the right to see a small shack with a Journal Entry stuck to the door. Grab it and open the door to the shack. Inside you can smash some crates and on the wall is a mirror. Now is a good point to upgrade and save, so do so if you desire. While you are in the hospital hub, look at the newspaper stand to find a Newpaper Article: Missing Patient Found. Across from it you can also pick up the Missing Person Poster: Valerio.


If you have been introduced to the locker section of the hospital hub in an earlier visit to the hospital hub, you will be able to find two extra map fragments. Map Fragment 6 on the floor of the room you originally woke up in upon coming here the first time. From the map fragment you just grabbed, head out of the room and look left to see Titania examining the mirror at the end of the hall.


As you get near her, she will start walking back down the hall. As she passes the first door on the left, it will slowly swing open. Walk inside and walk towards the basin on the left wall. As you get close, Map Fragment 7 will appear on top of it.


Exit the shack and enter the door of the house beside it. When you enter, look to the right in the room for a cupboard that holds a Syringe (1). Smash the nearby crate and climb up the stairs in the room to find more things to loot. This includes a picture frame you can knock down to get a syringe (1). Item location contributed by Jonathan Wright.



The room at the top of the stairs contains Handgun Bullets (4) on a bookshelf, a Light Bolt (1), a Goo Jar (300) and crates to smash. Exit the room and wind around the corridor to the left. Matches (2) will be sitting on a couch at the end. Head back down the corridor and enter the side door. In the study, grab the Goo Jar (300) off the desk and ready your pistol. In the next room is a haunted, you can either stealth kill him or head-shot him. Whichever strategy appeals to you (he is the only one on this floor, so noise isn't a problem).


Pick up the hatchet he drops and pick up the Shotgun Shells (2) on the nearby shelf. After picking that up, head back downstairs. From the bottom of the stairs, enter the doorway on the right. In the kitchen you can find Matches (2) on a bench. Enter the darkened doorway at the back of the kitchen to enter a room with a Goo Jar (100) to retrieve.


Approach the source of the voice (head back out of the kitchen and walk straight ahead) to meet the doctor's brother. When the brother turns around, you'll regain control. Pull your pistol and pump a couple of rounds into his head to bring him down. After the brief cut scene, you will be standing near the operating table. Walk past the table and look at the x-ray on the nearby bench top. Reminds me of a certain Saw movie this one. Looking at the x-ray you can tell that there are keys inside the cadaver on the operating table.



Examine the body on the table and you will pull out a knife. Move it to the middle of the chest and a cut scene will take over once more. After retrieving the Key, it's time to head back outside towards the fire. Unfortunately, haunted are now roaming the area. A haunted will be wandering next to the bonfire. Use your hatchet to bring him down fast. On the far side of the fire is another small shack to examine.



Embedded in the workbench is a Harpoon Bolt (1), pick it up before returning to the previous shack with the mirror and saving your game. When you leave the "save shack" grab the hatchet off the table directly in front of you and turn left to find another house. Approach the crumbling wall here (you can leap over it) and you will see Leslie run inside.




Follow him in the same way and open the cupboard to your right when you enter for Handgun Bullets (3). Enter the open doorway leading out of the room and grab Matches (2) off the desk. Near the desk is a set of stairs to descend. Do so and you will emerge into a red tinged hallway (generally a bad sign in this game). Head to the far end and push open the red door.





Before picking anything up, ready your weaponry and head to the back of the room to find Leslie. You are about to be attacked by an invisible enemy. These can be extremely dangerous if they circle behind you as back attacks are instant kills. If it grabs you from the front, you can shake it off at the cost of some health. The invisible enemy will slam open the nearby door and move straight towards you. There are multiple methods of dispatching it.


You can fire a light bolt to make it appear briefly and then blast it with a shotgun. You can fire wildly with the shotgun in the hope of getting a hit. You can fire an explosive bolt safely in front of you and blast the enemy when it trips it. You can also use the hatchet you picked up earlier to swing at the air (connecting resulting in an instant kill). Choose a method and bring it down.


Suck up the Goo (1000) it leaves behind (most, if not all stealth enemies will drop the same) and proceed to loot the room. You can grab Handgun Bullets (3) off a shelf and a Goo Jar (100) from where Leslie was standing. A cupboard opposite holds a Goo Jar (300) as well. Return to the corridor to find things aren't what they once were.


Against your better judgement, follow Ruvik and the corridor will change again. Approach the door at the end and then do so again when it moves.





You'll regain control in a huge pool of blood (have you got the feeling this is now a common occurrence as well?). One of the pillars in the pool has a switch on it which drains the blood, making maneuverability easier and revealing a Grenade (1) in the middle of the pool area. When you are ready, approach the broken down walkway and crouch under the trip wire trap (you cannot disarm it as you can't reach the source point).


Past the wire on the left are Trap Parts (3). After turning around, don't approach the well lit door yet (it triggers a large enemy rush). Give it a wide berth for now as you sneak to the other end of the path. A grenade trap stuck to a pillar can be awkward to disarm, but it is possible. Once it is gone, continue traveling in the same direction and jump up onto the walkway to find Handgun Bullets (2). Turn around to spot another trip wire trap strung across this new walkway. Head over to the source point and disarm it.


Look on the walls in the large open area for a switch. Pulling this switch once will trigger a corpse falling from a chute nearby. Pull the lever again and a Statue will drop out of a chute. Head over to where it fell, break it and nab the key.


 Return back the way you came to the prior walkway with the trip wire trap you couldn't disarm. As you head back onto the walkway you just came from, don't forget to dodge the wire like before. Head to the other end of it this time and grab the Handgun Bullets (2) off the crate to your right. Turn around and open the door opposite you. When you enter the new room, climb the ladder to your right.



At the top is a switch that drops a can of flammable liquid. You may as well pull it now as you won't have time later if you need it. Drop down from the broken walkway, climb out of the pit and sneak approach the stairs in the room. A grenade trap will be attached to the wall for you to disarm. After that, leave the room.


Now, a large haunted ambush will be triggered when you approach the lit door mentioned before. However, there are ways to make life easier when this happens. Clever players can use the scattered propane tanks and remaining trip wire trap to inflict damage. You can also use those dismantled trap parts to create a few explosive bolts for dealing with enemy crowds.


There are also the oil puddle to use (requires a match or flammable object) which works really well in taking out the two fat haunted (as you can see from the video) or the switch to fire knives from the ceiling (near the trip wire trap you disarmed).


The shotgun will also work well here as the blast can knock down multiple enemies at once, allowing you to burn them all with one match. Only use your handgun when there are a few stragglers remaining. Take your time to get familiar with the small area if you like and when you are ready approach the door and trigger the ambush.



The enemies are mostly regular haunted (six of them) but amongst them are two fat haunted. These enemies have quite a bit more health and deal more damage than regular haunted. Prioritize taking these out when you can. With good positioning and funneling you can take the group down with minimal resource use. Just be very careful about flanking enemies, as they can climb over railings in an attempt to blindside you.



Once the final haunted falls, take a breath and make sure everything is reloaded before heading back to the door that caused all the carnage. Open it up and step through.




Traipse down the linear corridor (the door on the right wall is locked) and enter the room at the end with the body on the floor. Before approaching the corpse, look to your left to find Handgun Bullets (4). There is a Goo Jar ( ) on a slab in the rear right corner, but grabbing it will probably trigger the shrieking beast. If you do want it, you will need to sprint over, grab it and run back down the corridor you just came from. The shrieking beast will emerge from below the corpse and begin chasing you (dealing large damage if she catches you or instant killing you).



When she appears, sprint back down the corridor you came from and stand near the locked door. As she nears, she will slam into the door and break it open. Instantly sprint down the new path, turning left at the end of the short corridor. Turn right at the next bend and you will enter a small room with a pair of bodies on the floor. Immediately turn around and activate the glowing red switch on the wall to drop down a roller door to impede the shrieking beast.




This gains you a few seconds to grab the Goo (2x 300) and Shotgun Shell (1) off the ground. Once you have them, look for a nearby ladder leading down in the floor and quickly descend it. At the bottom be careful as there is a trip wire trap strung across this new corridor. Sneak under it (you don't have time to disarm it) and repeat it again with the next trip mine trap a little further ahead. Stagger into the elevator for a quick breath (things aren't over yet, so don't get comfortable).



As soon as the elevator stops, run out and through the lone door in the room (the shrieking beast will start to appear in the elevator). A little way into this corridor, you will trip a spike trap but it will miss you. A cut scene will show you that the door at the end of the corridor is closing. Sprint to the end of the corridor and Sebastian will roll under the roller door before it slams shut. Indiana Jones style.





Thankfully that is it for the shrieking beast in this chapter. Turn left to find a silver case containing Shotgun Shells (1) and descend a little way down the stairs to find Handgun Bullets (3). Unfortunately, our pal Ruvik is near the base of this staircase and will appear when you descend far enough. When he does, retreat back to the top of the stairs and he will disappear (if he touches you it results in instant death). Once he vanishes, the stairs will collapse and the chapter ends.



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