Chapter 05 - Inner Recesses

CHAPTER 05 - Inner Recesses




As the chapter begins, you will be standing right in front of a mirror room door. Before entering, pan the camera around to look at the floor behind you to spy Map Fragment 8 in the corner.


Head inside the mirror room to find an Explosive Bolt (1) and a Journal Entry. Enter the mirror if you wish to upgrade. You can also collect the Newspaper Article: Investigation Stalls on the reception desk next to the nurse. Save and when you're ready, enter the corridor where you started once more.


Begin checking the rooms along the corridor (ignore the ones covered in barbed wire as they don't open) for loot. First room on the right contains Handgun Bullets (2). Second room on the left has Matches (5) sitting on a desk, as well as Goo Jars (2x 300) on the floor near the bed. Second room on the right is empty of loot. Same situation with the third room on the left.


Before going any further along the corridor, make sure your shotgun is loaded (or you have an explosive or light bolt ready in your crossbow and your pistol ready). Why? Because just past the stretcher partway along the hall is an invisible haunted (the same as you fought in the last level).



For a quick reminder, there are several methods for dealing with these annoying foes. When there are objects in the area that reveal the presence of the invisible enemy (like the blood on the ground or the wheelchairs and stretcher in the hallway), a shotgun works quite well as you can get a rough idea of the enemy location by its interactions with surrounding objects. When there is little to nothing for it to interact with, it is best to use either an explosive or light bolt from the crossbow followed up by your weapon of choice.


There are other methods, but these are probably the most efficient at this point of the game. As you walk past the stretcher, you should see the blood from the puddle fly up, giving you a rough idea of where the invisible enemy is. Choose your method and bring the invisible haunted down. Pick up your Goo (1000) from the body and resume checking rooms.


Fourth door on the left has nothing inside but a creepy chair (strangely reminiscent of the one used to upgrade Sebastian) and a strange laugh. Fourth room on the right has a Goo Jar (300) to liberate. The final door on the left leads to a blood drenched restroom.



Look in the third stall for a Goo Jar (1000) and clamber through the hole in the wall. On the other side you'll find... another hole. This one is quite a bit larger though and takes up much of the floorspace of the room. Drop down to the lower floor and immediately look for a rat carrying a Statue. Yes, really. I'm not kidding. Either rush up and melee the pilfering rodent (it's hilarious watching Sebastian roundhouse kicking the air above the rat and somehow breaking the statue) or fire off an accurate pistol round to retrieve the key inside.


After that entertainment, there is a Goo Jar (300) and Handgun Bullets (3) to grab off a nearby table, and Matches (5) out of a cabinet in a corner. When you have everything, stealth under the wooden boards blocking the way into the next hallway. 




Directly ahead of you when you straighten up should be a red glowing light on the wall. On closer examination this appears to be a lock requiring a key-card to open .Yay, us Resident Evil players have been feeling neglected with the lack of locked doors to travel miles to find the key for. Before moving towards the only open door in the room, get your arsenal ready to face more invisible haunted.


There are a total of three to face in the next few rooms, so make sure you are full locked and loaded with the disposal strategies in mind. I would recommend explosive bolts followed by whatever weapon you have that has ammo as there are sections in the rooms that have no objects for the haunted to brush against. There are also doors between rooms that act as choke points that are perfect locations for an explosive bolt.

Before entering the first doorway, plunk down an explosive bolt in the middle of it. Enter the room beyond and as soon as objects start to scatter, sprint back into the previous room. A few seconds later, your explosive bolt should detonate and reveal the invisible haunted, and leave him ready to blast away. Grab your Goo (1000) and investigate the room the enemy came from for to find a Shotgun Shell (1) in a red cupboard. Hey, that one shell may mean the difference between life and death in this game.


Reload your crossbow (and make another explosive bolt if you need it) before approaching the double doors at the other side of the room. Plunk down another explosive bolt in the center of the double doors and quickly open them and run backwards so the game shuts them automatically before the invisible haunted reaches them. This will give you a few seconds to orient yourself and aim at the doorway before it bursts through and the bolt explodes, revealing it. Put it out of your misery and grab the Goo (1000).



Create another explosive bolt and reload the crossbow before moving on. There's nothing to grab in the next room and thankfully no invisible haunted either (for now). Do take note of the large puddle of water though as it is an additional option for dealing with the final invisible haunted in the area. Before leaving the room, return to the double doors and plunk down an explosive bolt in preparation (yeah, the game will try to scare you shortly but you can get the drop on it). Enter the other door in this room to reach a small office area. Make sure you ready your weaponry before looting the office as well.


In the office you can find Goo Jars (2x 300), Syringe (1), and Shotgun Shells (2). On the floor next to a body is the Key-card needed to open the locked door in the earlier area. As you head back through the previous room and near the double door the door will open by itself. Boom. Blast away and retrieve your Goo (1000). Never think a door opening by itself is normal in this game, that's my advice.



Now that the invisible enemies are no more, head back to the key-card lock and swipe the card to gain access. Inside the glass cabinets in front of you are Goo Jars (2x 300) to pick up. Once you have them, enter the hallway nearby. After regaining control, approach the red cupboard for Handgun Bullets (3) and follow the linear path onwards. Open the door at the bottom of the stairs and step inside.




Trapped, well maybe not. Look at the walls to see three small missing tiles. Head over and examine each one to reveal a door in each of the walls. Each room has a simple puzzle inside (each using the same strategy to solve it. The incorrect response will kill you instantly. If you want to avoid spoilers and solve the puzzle yourself, don't look down to the next paragraph until you have solved it. The brown wooden door room contains no loot to pick up, The white door has a Goo Jar (300) on a shelf to liberate and an Audio Log to listen to. The rusty blue door room has a Goo Jar (300) inside, some crates to break and an Underground Facility Note to read.



For those who want the answer to the puzzle, the buttons in front of the corpses have two symbols on them. You simply need to look at the drawings on the wall and find which one of the two designs is present and select it. Simple. The only real danger is in the first choice you make, as you don't know if you need to pick the missing symbol or the one that is on the wall.



Once all three corpses have been impaled, follow the blood trail back to the central room. Approach the rectangular blood shape on the wall and a new door will emerge. Open the new door and look to the metal shelves along the left wall for a Goo Jar (1000) before heading through the next door and stumbling upon Joseph.





After the cut scene ends, the game will teach you how to heal your partner when they are wounded (hold A when you are near them). Thankfully, this doesn't consume healing items. Your partner also has unlimited ammunition, saving you ammo against lone enemies or helping to weaken hordes. Your partner's health bar is located on the left side of the screen as well for easy reference.


After learning about the power of friendship (partners are very handy), you can find a Goo Jar (300) on a shelf. When you are ready to move on, pass through the double doors out of the room. As you enter the next room, you will see the path splits. Head right to begin with (noting the large oil puddle on the ground (one match, and several enemies are toast) and open the door there. Inside is a room full of lockers. Cute.


As you may have guessed, one of the lockers contains a haunted. The good thing is that when he is revealed, he will fall to the floor. This allows you to burn him with a single match. The locker contents from left to right are: Nothing, Shotgun Shells (2), Goo Jar (300), nothing, nothing, Handgun Bullets (2), haunted, Goo Jar (300).



Leave the locker room and prep your weapons (handgun should do it, but keep the shotgun handy if things get dicey). Remember that oil puddle on the ground,  it can save you a lot of bullets. Walk into the ward (opposite the oil puddle) and be prepared to backpedal as soon as the scripted bodies in the beds start sitting up. A total of six haunted will come at you. Joseph will fire shots and may take out one or two if you are lucky but you will need to deal with the bulk of them.


Try and take out one or two before retreating to the oil puddle and lighting it up. If you time it well you should get three or four in the blaze. Let Joseph pick off the final straggler/s if there are any. Once the haunted rush is over, you can explore the ward room and find the Handgun Bullets (4) behind the glass of a cabinet.



Exit the ward out of the far door and take the door on the left first (ignore the stairs down for now). Inside you will see a scripted haunted hanging from a noose. Burn him up. Smash the glass fronted cabinets to pick up a Harpoon Bolt (1) as well as Handgun Bullets (3) from the red cupboard. On the other side of the room, grab the Goo Jar (300) off a shelf and a Syringe (1) from a trolley. Grabbing the syringe will trigger the hanging haunted if you haven't already burned him. If you want to save bullets, Joseph should rush into the room a few seconds later and start blasting the haunted.



Exit this room and head down the stairs we passed over before. At the bottom of the stairs, you will find a door with red flashing lights, three keypads, and an explosive attached to it. Approach it (cause that's an incredibly smart idea) and Joseph will disarm it. Apparently Joseph put in all that time at bomb disposal while you were perfecting your gravelly voice and not shaving (he really does look like the protagonist from Red Dead Redemption. Especially with the shotgun poking over his shoulder).



Head through the now open door to enter what looks like a row of washtubs (a morgue maybe) and a cut scene will take over. Once you are done catching your breath, climb the ladder in the small room next to you. Stop at the top of the ladder and I'll give you a heads up. The double doors lead to the next part of the chapter, and a large enemy engagement so don't walk through them until you are prepared.



Before heading through them, grab the Shotgun Shells (3) and Matches (3) from the glass fronted cabinets. Look on the ground to the left of the doors to find Map Fragment 9 as well. After that, head through the single blue door in the right wall with the beacon logo to find a mirror room. Head inside, retrieve the Newspaper Article: Patients Claim Abuse, upgrade and save.


Reload your weapons, craft some explosive bolts and prep anything else you need in your arsenal. You will be dealing with large clusters of regular haunted and a few fat haunted, so crowd control is the way to go.  You will also encounter haunted who use dynamite in the next area. They can be dealt with by shooting the dynamite they hold, knocking them down (meaning they drop the dynamite and blow themselves up) or regular head-shots.





Now you're ready to head through the door. Watch the cut scene when you do to see life isn't all that rosy for your other police colleague. The good news? During the large engagement, your friend can't actually drown (you'll know when she can as a large icon showing the liquid level will show up on screen).


Depending on your skill level and play-style, you may want to hang back and preserve your ammo unless directly attacked. Possibly firing the odd explosive bolt when the haunted cluster up. There should be eight haunted in the first wave of enemies, all appearing from the lower level. Immediately after dispatching the eighth haunted, Joseph will spot a haunted wielding dynamite emerging from a nearby archway. Bring him down fast (Joseph will probably help) to avoid an explosive death.





You now have a few seconds to recover or pickup items in the central area before the next wave hits. Shotgun Shells (2), Handgun Bullets (5), and a Grenade (1) can be found on the ground. Matches (5) and Handgun Bullets (5) are on the central table. Handgun Bullets (8) and a Syringe (1) lay on a table against the wall. There are also crates to break in the area as well. You can collect all these items after the waves end if you like.


The next wave comes out in a cluster (two regular haunted and two dynamite haunted) from the left door (if you are looking at the double doors you came in from) on the second floor. A good strategy here is to use a grenade when they emerge to take out nearly all of them in one blast. Explosive bolts can do similar work as well. Use whichever is easiest for you. Quickly take down any stragglers as they may have dynamite.


Another dynamite haunted will emerge from the right door (if you are looking at the double doors you came in from) on the second floor. You should know the drill by now, pop a handgun round in his leg and watch him blow up. You'll have time to take a breath and reload, as the next wave is triggered by approaching the tank holding Julie. When you are ready, head back down and train your sights on the archway opposite the double doors you came in from.


Two regular haunted and two at haunted will appear from the archway. A useful tactic is to retreat to the upper level and then drop off the other side (falling causes no damage) and repeating the same tactic. Each time, you can lead them to Joseph to do some extra support damage while you fire away. The small number of enemies makes it relatively easy to line up head-shots, just make sure to keep your distance from the fat haunted.



Immediately after the final enemy of the previous batch goes down is the most dangerous point of the fight. Two dynamite haunted will run in from the arch on the lower level underneath the double door you entered from. Sprint away to maintain distance and shoot them in the legs as fast as you can. Joseph should help you out here, knocking them down. Once they are gone, the waves are over and it is time to pillage everything not nailed down and on fire.


There are quite a few side rooms, so I'll just mention what can be found on what level and where the exit that you will be taking shortly is (so you don't head that way in search of items yet). The way to the next area is through the metal bars doorway on the lower floor (underneath the double doors you entered from). Ground floor items: Handgun Bullets (10), Goo Jar (300), Syringe (1), Shock Bolt (1), Matches (5), Goo Jar (300) and Goo Jar (1000). Upper floor items: Goo Jar (1000).


When you've got everything, approach Julie and Joseph to talk to him. Joseph will point out the large cables running from the machine. Which lead to the metal bar doorway on the lower level (the way I mentioned we would be heading earlier).





Now you are on a timer. Julia's water/ air level will be represented in the top right of the screen. So you need to be fast. Pull out a shotgun or use a fallen hatchet from the haunted you killed earlier and sprint into the tunnel that the cable runs into. Past the second gate will be a can of gas and a dynamite haunted. Shoot the can or use the hatchet to kill the haunted fast. Turn right after the haunted you just killed and sprint along past the cells (the enemies won't burst out) you can loot them later, for now keep running.


At the far end of the cells is another dynamite haunted. Blast him in the leg to bring him down and watch him explode. Enter the cell to the right of where he was standing to find a hole in the wall that you can sneak through. Once you are through, turn right and sprint up the stairs. At the top is the control panel that operates the device trapping Julie.


After a few seconds, Joseph will call out the numbers you need to disable the trap (upper dial: 22 and lower dial: 5). Wasn't much of a puzzle really. If you were fast, you should have plenty of time to set the dials and free Julie. Watch the brief cut scene and you will be in control once more.



Backtrack you steps to the cell area and we can loot them now that the enemies are gone and we aren't pressed for time. Melee the locks to break into the cells. The cell just past the one with the hole in the wall has a Statue sitting on the bed inside. Smash it open and grab that key. Another cell near the middle of the cell area has Handgun Bullets (3) to collect. With that done, you can head back to the central room and drop down the hole everyone else just dropped down.





You will drop down into a room filled with bodies. Look for the large crack in the wall and squeeze through it. Make sure your weapons are loaded and ready and pull out a pistol as two haunted rush towards you. A little after those two haunted, the path splits. Take the side tunnel to the left to find Trap Parts (2). Head back to the split and take the other path. Follow the path and drop off into the new room when you reach it.


The slabs of rubble have a Goo Jar (300) and Handgun Bullets (5) to pick up. While the edge of the bloody pool has a Goo Jar (300) to grab before moving on. After collecting everything, head into the new section of tunnel.




The room on the right side of the tunnel holds a Goo Jar (300) and Trap Parts (2) to loot. A little further on is yet another hole to fall down. As you move forward, two scripted haunted bodies will rise up and attack you. Grab your sidearm and pop their tops. Walk to the end of the trench to find Joseph and Julie engaging two haunted and a fat haunted. You can leave them to finish the enemies off or step in. The choice is yours.



Once the enemies are gone, talk to Julie and then head to the left side of Sebastian to help him lift the door (wow, she has to have serious confidence in their strength to crawl under there). This allows Julie to scuttle under and unlock the metal gate barring your path. Head through the now open gate and follow your fellows until a cut scene takes over.





Uh oh, looks like the shrieking beast is back again (we last saw her in the previous chapter). Stagger to your feet and head through the beacon logo door directly ahead. Inside is a Wedding Invitation, Map Fragment 10 (amongst the blood and debris to the right of the door) and a mirror you can use. As usual, Look at the newspaper stand to pick up Newspaper Article: Parishoner Found and the notice board opposite to find Missing Person Poster: Fernando. Make what upgrades appeal to you and save before exiting the mirror room.



When you emerge, take a left any you will be in a corridor with several blocked doors. The first door on the right is open though and is where you should head first (for various reasons). Pick up the Trap Parts (1) off the barrels and then break the nearby crate. A red set of drawers in the corner holds Handgun Bullets (4). Once you have everything, use the ladder in the room to descend to a narrow corridor with blood pooling in it.


As soon as you reach the bottom of the ladder, sprint to the far end. Run past the rising haunted and then turn around and blast him. He is scripted to trigger a large spike trap in the middle of the corridor. Now he is dead, head back along the corridor a little to pick up the lone Shotgun Shell (1). Climb up the nearby ladder to enter one of the blocked off side rooms coming off the main hallway we were in before.



A trapped chest is in this room, so be very careful in opening it. Inside are Shotgun Shells (2), Ice Bolt (1) and the Trap Parts (2). Smash the crates in the room. There is also a set of red drawers that has a Goo Jar (300) inside. Backtrack to the main hallway once more and save your game (you don't want to do that part again do you?).


After saving, go past the room with the ladder in it to find a trip wire trap to disable. Just beyond that is a pile of bodies you can burn to reveal Handgun Bullets (2). Be careful as you approach the corner ahead as two haunted will come round it. Back up and fire off your pistol as usual. A red cupboard just around the corner holds Matches (4). Head towards the gap in the wire fence to watch your trap warning.



Pick up the Goo Jar (300) behind where the mannequin was before entering the nearby door. Note the oil puddle here as it will be important shortly. Follow the short passage and enter the glowing red room on the left (that light is never a good sign in this game). Grab the Syringe (1) out of the red cupboard.



Approach the rear wall and the expected return of the shrieking beast will happen. Exit the room fast (heading back the way you came) and station yourself on the far side of the oil puddle. When she nears it, light it up to force her to flee. Make a mental note of the fact that fire works well against her. Well, that was surprisingly easy (for now). Return to the room you just left and pick up the Goo Jar (300) and Trap Parts (2). You can open the locker here to release a bat carrying a Statue on it's back. You will need good aim with your pistol (or a decent shot with a shotgun) to retrieve the key.




Head back out into the corridor and through the smashed down wire fence to enter the furnace area and your first real battle with a shrieking beast. Before we begin the fight however, let me give you a few pointers. On medium difficulty it takes six hits of fire to bring the beast down (it may be more or less depending on difficulty level). There are two flame pits in the area (single use), two gas canisters and two torches in the area (giving you the required six hits. I also think you can use incendiary bolts, but these cost five trap parts to manufacture, making them less useful. Also keep in mind that none of the bodies revive, but you can light them up to damage the shrieking beast if she walks over them.



The main area is a large square with a plus in the middle, the outer edges of the square have two paths leading off on opposite sides to the flame pits. The layout is simple, you just need to make sure you aren't trapped or caught by surprise (she can disappear and reappear. Look for the spirals of blood as she appears). The fire pits are the hardest to use, so you may want to tick them off first and leave the easier damage methods for last.



There are also some Handgun Bullets (5) to pick up in the center of the area, a Shotgun Shell (1) near the exit door and a crate next to it. Once you've landed all six hits, the beast will go down and the exit door will be available for use. Enter the exit door, grab the Matches (2) from the floor of the wet corridor and go through the double doors at the end.




Enter the room and watch the visions of Ruvik and his experiments for a little while.





After the scene ends, the haunted will be released from their confinement. These haunted cannot be killed by head-shots. Instead, you must cut the cords attached to them from the machine. The easiest way to do this is to shoot them in the legs with a pistol and then race over to them and press B to cut the cord. Repeat this for all three haunted and when they are all dead, the chapter will end. Phew, that was a long one.



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