Chapter 06 - Losing Grip On Ourselves

CHAPTER 06 - Losing Grip On Ourselves




As the level starts, you are lying on your back once more on the hospital trolley with red strobe lights flashing on and off. After Sebastian regains his senses, look at the table in front of you. Spread out on it are photos of several structures and places. Grab the Newspaper Article: Church Floor Collapses to reveal the rest of the photographs. If you want to do any upgrading or locker searching, do so before examining the photos on the table. When you are ready, look at them to trigger a strange event once more (that stop motion of the arm in the pit is really kinda creepy).


After looking up from the photos, the power in your hospital sanctuary will be cut. Bust out the lantern (press LS) to be able to see once more. Ignore the weird happenings on the way and head for the patient rooms corridor (opposite the upgrade machine). At the end of the corridor, you will find the nurse looking into the mirror in an absorbed way. She will then turn right and walk into what looks like the wall.


Head to the end of the corridor to find the wall that is usually there is gone. To be replaced by a set of stairs leading down. Note that all the doors during this mental section are locked until you meet Leslie and there are no items to find. Head down the new stairs and into the hallway below. As you travel along it, you will get your first glimpse of the Keeper. This large human shaped enemy has a safe instead of a head and carries large blunt objects as his weapon of choice. Thankfully, we don't have to deal with him at this point.



Wait for him to vanish and resume your trek along the hallway. At the far end you will find Leslie with visible emanations coming from him. After regaining control, you will be at the real start of this chapter (which goes to all the locations shown in those photos on the desk that you looked at earlier. Yes, even the hole). Climb up onto the crates and out of the room through the hole in the wall above.


On the debris in front of you is a silver case to open for a Harpoon Bolt (1). Ascend the stairs beside it and keep going up until you emerge into the sunlight. A mountain trail snakes away from your feet, so time to put those feet to work. The first building down the path will be a brick house on your right.


Climb the red ladder inside and on the edge of the planks, you'll spot Handgun Bullets (2). For those who know horror games, items are often hidden in plain sight. Look right after picking up the bullets to see two crates hanging from ropes. These can be shot down (by firing at the ropes suspending them) to collect the items within. Drop down, smash the boxes, and grab the loot (I'm not sure if this is set or not: Syringe (1) and Shotgun Shells (4) in my case) before heading back to the trail.



The next building will be on the left. Within it you can find a body to burn, inside it will be a Statue to break for a key and a crate to smash. Look up to spot another hanging crate. Shoot it down to pick up the Handgun Bullets (7) if it is set, or whatever you get otherwise. Now leave the building and approach the gate at the end of the trail. Before opening it, make sure you have reloaded your weapons and have all three set to shortcuts. Push the gate open and a cut scene will take over.




After the scene, things get real complicated, real fast. The idea of this section is to hold off the haunted while Joseph opens the door. This is easier said than done. The explosive barrels can be kicked towards clusters of enemies and exploded to conserve ammo (which you  will want to do when possible as there are two of these rooms, one after another). Conserving ammo during these two ambush sequences will pay off almost immediately afterwards, so try to do so when you can here.



Depending on your skill level and resources, you may spend the time running away and firing the odd shot or blasting everything that comes through the window. If you have a few shotgun shells and matches, you can try knocking down multiple enemies together and lighting them up for a single match and shell.


There are some items to pick up in the room though. Matches (5), as well as a Light Bolt (1) can be found on the table against the left wall and Handgun Bullets (6) on a nearby shelf. As soon as the door is open, race inside to instantly kill the enemies inside (and stop wasting resources on them).



In the small hall between the ambushes, drop down the broken stairs and then turn around to find Goo Jar (300). Turn around again and head the other way to find a Syringe (1) and a Freeze Bolt (1) next to the wall. Just ahead is a shelf with Shotgun Shells (3) and Explosive Bolts (2) to nab. 


A few seconds after entering the room, enemies will begin raining down from above. Keep in mind that you will want to avoid using explosive bolts until you have detonated the explosive barrels in the room (watch the video from 11:40 to 11:50 for a visual display on why). After that, just repeat the methods you used in the earlier room. Create distance when you can, use explosives to your advantage and follow Joseph through the door as soon as he opens it.



After securely closing the door, have a short chat with Joseph and you will get a look at your next objective. I'll explain this area a bit beforehand to prevent unnecessary frustration. The goal of this area is to bring down four metal boxes hanging from the outside of the tower. These contain haunted who are powering arrow launchers (think arrow mini-guns). To kill these guys and bring down the boxes you need to head-shot each haunted with a sniper rifle (we will pick it up shortly). You will not be able to progress until the last arrow launcher is dead and the box has fallen.



To get the boxes to open and the haunted to reveal themselves, you need to approach the areas covered in blood and arrows on the ground. When you do, you will hear a metallic sliding sound (as the metal screen blocking the arrow launchers opens). This is your opportunity to fire and then sprint away to avoid the incoming arrows. These positions are placed in various locations. The first is on the right side of the area (at "ground" level). The second is in the center (on the "upper" level). The third is near the base of the tower opposite where you came in from (on the "ground" level). The fourth and final area is at the rear of the building on the left side (on the "upper" level).


Think that by itself is hard? Well, you have to do all this while battling a constant stream of incoming haunted and fat haunted. Sounds like a bunch of laughs... Hope you saved some ammo from the ambushes. The one advantage you do have here is Joseph (despite his glitchy melee AI), who will distract and occasionally kill enemies for you.


Oh, and make sure you conserve three or four explosive bolts and three shotgun shells (or two double barrel shells if you got the preorder DLC) for the events following the destruction of the fourth arrow launcher. Yup, you guessed it, another chainsaw lunatic will be waiting.




OK, now the explanation is out of the way, it's time to go to work. Pick up the Sniper Rifle from the silver case behind Joseph and the Syringe (1) next to it. The sniper rifle does substantial damage via head-shots but is bolt action (sorry for all those CoD players who are used to the Barret 50 cal) and will need to have the casing ejected as well as being re-aimed after every shot. This makes rapid head-shots unlikely. The better strategy is to fire a shot and then retreat before firing another. Make sure you equip it to a short cut, as you are going to need it in this section.



Once you've picked up the items, look to the left in the corner to see a shining piece of mirror. Note: This is a "once off" mirror and will break shortly after emerging from it, so make sure you do any upgrading or locker retrieval you need to do. The enemies in this area move around a lot and are reinforced often, so there may be more or less depending at what stage of the objective you are at (0/4 destroyed will be different to 3/4 destroyed). Remember to be frugal with your weaponry and resources when you can, as this is a long segment and the partway checkpoint doesn't help much if you have used all your ammo.


Head left from the mirror area to find a lone haunted heading in and out of a doorway. If you get close to the door, he will reappear with additional enemies (usually an extra haunted and fat haunted). Try and bring the fat one down and light him up with a single match (you can use a shotgun blast to the legs or four handgun shots to make him fall, less if you have upgraded it's damage).


If you time it right, you can take him and at least one of the other haunted out at the same time. This should be a common strategy for you from this point forward whenever you run into a fat haunted. Remember that melee weapons won't always be one hit kills to fat infected either (when they are at full health).


Enter the door and go into stealth mode, behind the pile of logs in front of you is a grenade trap. Circle round the logs and disarm it. Grab the hatchet from the log pile above where the grenade trap was as well.


Pick up the Handgun Bullets (4) and Harpoon Bolt (1) on the shelf at the back of the room. Then pull the lever next to the large generator on the back wall. This will unlock one of the sealed rooms on the right side of the area for you to loot later when it is safer. Beside the generator are Matches (5) to pilfer as well. When you have everything, sneak downstairs to back-stab the guarding haunted and disarm another grenade trap next to him. This opens up another path into the crumbling building.



Head back inside and take the stairs leading up this time (cautiously as this is an arrow target area). Shotgun Shells (2) can be found at the top of the stairs next to the left arrow target area. You can whip out your sniper rifle at the base of the stairs and move up until the cover opens on the arrow launcher box, fire and retreat down the stairs. That's one down, three to go.


When it falls, head back upstairs quickly and watch the box fall. When it does, a lone haunted will emerge and pull a nearby lever, releasing a swarm of enemies into the area. Due to the set nature of the view, I don't think it is possible to stop this, but you can pick off one or two enemies as they run along the walkway.You can also find a grenade trap to disable up the small set of stairs nearby if you like (so it doesn't catch you by surprise later).


Now the enemy positioning will be impossible to predict due to the new enemies in the area, so remain alert (Joseph will often run towards approaching enemies) and try to destroy the remaining boxes as fast as you can. Retreat back to the area you started from (where the mirror was) and head right this time instead.



This should ensure the enemies don't flank you and from this path you can attack the remaining boxes. Cross the narrow plank bridge (this is a great spot to retreat across and defend as enemies can be knocked off killing them instantly and they have to cluster together to reach you. Look right and up the stairs when you are across to most likely see multiple enemies. You can either attempt to take them out like normal or get their attention and retreat across the bridge. Engaging them when they cluster up, saving resources.


Head back to the stairs and enter the broken building on the left at the top while sneaking. The grenade trap on the wall should be disabled, before grabbing the Sniper Bullets (3) and smashing the nearby crate. Exit the small building and enter the one to the right at the top of the stairs. Inside you can find a few crates to smash.


The next arrow target area is in the open just outside this building. You can use the corner of the structure here to hide behind after shooting the haunted in the box. Just be careful of any haunted dropping down from the upper levels of the surrounding structures.


CHECKPOINT (triggers when moving past the arrow target area)


After bringing down this box, head to the small building behind you and climb the ladder to the upper level. You will likely find a couple of masked haunted up here (if they haven't already dropped down to fight you). Don't bother trying to head-shot them as the porcelain masks can take quite a beating. Knock them down and set fire to them instead to kill them efficiently (a single shotgun blast for both and then lighting them up works well).


Pick up the Handgun Bullets (4) in the corner here and the Shock Bolt (1) on the adjacent rooftop. The next small rooftop has more Handgun Bullets (2) to pick up. You can cross the upper area here to find another arrow target area. There is a piece of corrugated iron next to it that you can pop out from behind to take your shot at the haunted in the arrow launcher box.



Before firing at the launcher box, look for a Statue sitting on a ledge a fair way above the box on a ledge at the top of the tower. Use the sniper rifle to smash it and it will drop to the base of the tower for you to recover later. Once you've done that, blast away at the final arrow launcher haunted. After bringing it down, return to the target arrow area before this (the right side where the checkpoint triggered) and head past the arrow target area to the nearby ladder leading down.



Descend the ladder and smash the crate in the corner. You will need to sprint out into the open and turn left to get behind the wall (as you cannot see the haunted from the open area due to the angle). You will need to step into the firing line, quickly take your shot and then hide behind the wall until the barrage ends. After the final box is down, it's time to face your final roadblock before the tower. Make sure to reload your weapons and craft some explosive bolts (3 minimum) before nearing the open area once more.




A chainsaw lunatic will burst from the tower doors when you approach the open area at the base of the tower. Hopefully you saved the resources I mentioned at the start of this section (although I can understand if you didn't with the amount of enemies in this section). The chainsaw lunatic has the same amount of health as always and requires 3 explosive bolts and a minimum of 2 shotgun shells to bring down. Swap to the pistol to deal the final damage if you run out of shotgun shells. Once he falls, grab the Goo (5000) he drops.



Now that the open area is safe to traverse, head back to it to find Handgun Bullets (7), Goo Jar (300) and a Harpoon Bolt (1) (despite looking like two propped up against each other). You can also find the key that dropped from the prior statue as well in front of the large double doors (if you didn't shoot it earlier, head back to the upper level arrow target area and shoot it).  We can now backtrack to that door we opened by activating the generator near the start of this section. Yay, loot. Climb the ladder and head back to the switches next to the right arrow target area. You may notice that the switches are now in the up position.



Flip them and one of the doors will open, revealing two chests and two piles of Junk Parts (2 total). The right chest has no trap and holds Sniper Bullets (2) and Shotgun Shells (2). The left chest has no trap either (a rarity) and a Goo Jar (1000) inside.


You can explore the rest of the area safely now if you missed anything. When you are ready, head for the base of the tower and through the doors that are now open. Joseph will point out that the elevator has stopped, meaning you have to trudge up the stairs (of course, this is a horror game after all. Anything electrical never works). Ascend the stairs. At the next level up, you'll find some Matches (5) on the floor and the body that was preventing the elevator from working. Use a newly acquired match to clear the way.



Before joining Joseph in the elevator, look at the wall nearby to spot a mirror room. Head inside, pick up the Journal Entry and Goo Jar (300) before entering the mirror. At the newspaper stand in the hospital hub you can obtain Newspaper Article: KCPD Officer Missing. Upgrade if you desire and save your game. Head back out, grab Map Fragment 11 from the floor to the right and follow Joseph inside the elevator to move on.


As the elevator rises, reload all your guns and refresh any bolts you need (you will want to avoid wasting your freeze, shock, explosive bolts and grenades from this point on as they will be very handy in the final part of this chapter). Make sure your sniper rifle is still on a shortcut as you will need it shortly. When the door opens, grab the Goo Jar (300) on the floor to your left and walk out onto the stone bridge outside. You may also find another random object on the opposite side of the elevator too, either handgun bullets or a syringe on the right side upon exiting the elevator. It may be a different object for every player or some players may not have anything at all. Item location contributed by Jonathan Wright.



Partway across, you'll stop and have a quick conversation with Joseph. After resuming your crossing, a cut scene will take over. Sigh in exasperation at Joseph (really? You fell for that?). After it concludes, pull out your sniper rifle and grab the Sniper Bullets (3) to your left. You will need to move along the rickety woodwork here to get a decent shot at the two enemies dragging Joseph towards the guillotine. From the end of the scaffolding, take your shots and kill both haunted (they move slowly so you should have plenty of time).



After they fall, Joseph will wake up and make a bridge across for you. Thankfully as you step onto it, the game will take over, crossing for you and, likely prevent an embarrassing fall. Watch another Joseph moment. Luckily he didn't top himself as you need him to open the path once more.




Another day, another ambush while Joseph works on opening the way out. Five haunted will rush you from across the bridge. Use the linear path to your advantage and try to bring them down in a pile (one or two shotgun blasts and a match should do it) or use well aimed pistol shots. Once the group is done, Joseph will get the gate open. You will run through automatically and close it behind you.





This area is the marketplace. Unlike it's Resident Evil 6 counterpart (ugh, Rasklapanje... horrible memories), this marketplace is full of looting possibilities and no enemies. There are many crates through this section, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll list off the set items as we go and which path they are on (left or right) through the area. You can backtrack to clear out both paths.



Left path: Behind the statue is a trapped chest containing a Medikit (1). You can sneak under the stall awning to join the right path at the back of this area.


Right path: On a bench to the right just past the sheet across the path are some Shotgun Shells (2). The next table on the same side holds an Audio Log with some Trap Parts (1) next to it. The crates to the left of this table can be smashed to reveal a hole in the stone wall. Sneak through to find a Statue on the ground to your left. Break it, pick up the key and return to the marketplace road.


A Light Bolt (1) can be found sticking out of a basket behind you. The paths merge just ahead anyway, keep smashing crates until you arrive at the large metal gate that opens into the cemetery.



Listen to the brief conversation between the two and walk down the path a little for another scene. You'll cross into a nearby hut and have a buddy-buddy moment with Joseph. When you regain control, grab Map Fragment 12 off the nearby cage. Nab the Matches (4) out of the cupboard beside it and the Syringe (1) out of the cabinet on the other side of the room. Anyone else getting that foreboding feeling when a survival horror game gives you a bunch of stuff without any enemies?


Walk into the other side of the building to find a mirror room door to your right. At the newspaper stand in the hospital hub you can grab Newspaper Article: Church Investigation and Missing Person Poster: Pastor Graciana from the board opposite. Upgrade if you wish and save before leaving the small hut and stepping out onto the path outside.


Ignore the trail to the left as it is the way you came in from (no items there). Instead turn right and watch Joseph climb a nearby mausoleum. He will now provide over-watch support in the next couple of areas, which will make your life a lot easier and thankfully not rely on his melee AI.





As you near Joseph's position, a gas lamp will drop down from a post nearby. This demonstrates a method of damaging enemies if you are a good shot. Afterwards, immediately take cover behind the tombstones as a sharpshooter haunted will open fire. Joseph should deal with him quickly, but the haunted will hit you before he dies if you are out in the open. After that, there are several enemies hidden in the water which will rise up when you attack or pass them.


Depending on your resources, you can run around avoiding enemies while Joseph blasts them or shoot them yourself. There should be a total of four that need to be disposed of (a fifth one will run to the gate and demonstrate how to open it, before running into the next area). Grab any items the haunted dropped upon death (they will be covered by water) and follow the escaping haunted into the next area.





Reload your weapons, smash the crates to your right, grab the Shotgun Shells (4) from the ground next to some bodies and follow the linear path to a scene. Meet your first giant haunted. Yep, knew the game was lulling us into a false sense of security. As soon as you regain control, run past the giant (he will stoop down to pick up a club before attacking, so you have a few seconds). Follow the path along and when you reach the more open area, head for the crawlspace underneath the tomb.


This spot is safe (in the center) but you cannot attack from here. Joseph will relocate to a ledge nearby and will fire at the giants when they are not engaging him. This means you have to act as the decoy while he fires at them. The best weapon against these guys are explosives (bolts or grenades), but you will want to save grenades for the end of this chapter, so use bolts for now.


Once you run out of bolts, fall back on your other weapons (sniper rifle first, as this will be the last useful point for it this chapter), but only fire one or two shots before retreating. Joseph should be the main damage dealer here, not you.



Try and focus on one giant at a time (to bring one down faster, making it easier to keep track of the enemy position). After enough bullets from Joseph, the second giant will fall. Once it does, we can pick up some loot. Inside the crawlspace is a Shock Bolt (1), Syringe (1) and Sniper Bullets (5) against the fence next to the crawlspace. Suck up the Goo (2x 3500) they drop as well. Now walk through the wall the second giant smashed through to find Explosive Bolts (2) on a ledge to your left.


Just before rejoining Joseph, look to your right to find a crate to smash in an alcove. Next to Joseph on the ground is a Graveyard Note to retrieve. Stand next to Joseph and watch him solve the problem.



You will be teleported to the hospital sanctuary without a mirror. So upgrade and save before leaving. You'll wake up on the floor of the catacombs below the graveyard. Reload your weaponry and prepare to explore them. Walk down the only passage you can access, through the first room and into another passage. The next room you get to will have a puzzle in it. Before doing anything in here, head into the side area on the right for crates to smash and Harpoon Bolts (2) stuck in the wall.


On the other side of  the room (with the body bags on the conveyor belt) look for a body bag with a Statue attached to it. Melee the bag and pick up the key. Now we can solve the puzzle. For those that want to solve it themselves, don't look down to the next paragraph until you are done. One tip is to listen to what Joseph says and draw your own conclusions. Approach Joseph when you are ready to start.





Even after doing the puzzle myself, I'm not 100% sure what it means. I'm pretty sure it works out ot mean that you need to equalize the altars (by dropping bodies on them so they are the same height) and then pull the final lever marked on the wall (that isn't crossed out). Look at the numbers on the altars to work out which levers to pull. In my game this equated to pulling 9, then 5 and finally 7 (the number on the wall). I've seen other methods which only call for pulling 9 and 5, but there is a checkpoint just before this so trial and error remove the difficulty factor.



Head through the passage (hopefully without impalement) look to the left for a Goo Jar (300) to nab, and enter the giant cage. Step out on the floor above and take the lone passage out of the room. At the end of it is a medical room with a Goo Jar (300), Shotgun Shells (2), a Syringe (1), Handgun Bullets (4), a Cemetery Lab Note #1, and a picture to examine. Leave the room through the other passage.



At the end of which you'll find a metal gate, a cracked wall and Cemetery Lab Note #2 on the ground. Approach the large cage with the huge dog-like animal inside. To the left side of the cage you can find a Goo Jar (300). Once you have it, circle around to the right side of the cage and take the new passage. At the end, you'll find another pressure plate door. Step on it and walk through to arrive in another passageway (the other side of that cracked wall we saw earlier).


Before approaching the metal gate, make sure you are maxed out on shock, freeze bolts (make sure you have at least 3 shock and as many freeze as you have found). Grenades and explosive bolts are also very handy here. Make sure everything is reloaded and ready for action (with the crossbow, grenades and shotgun all on shortcuts). When you are ready for a challenge, head over to the metal gate and the dog-like creature from the cage will arrive.





Time for the real battle. Take note of Joseph's lost glasses (we'll be retrieving them shortly). As soon as you regain control, you'll need to move to the side to avoid the creature's charge. Immediately afterwards, start pumping down shock bolts in a square around the center of the circular area. The creature will hide in the bushes for a few seconds and then charge or leap out depending on your distance from it. The shock bolts will paralyze it for a few seconds (so will the freeze bolt, but it is harder to connect with and should only be used after running out of shock bolts), allowing you to empty some explosive bolts or shotgun shells into it before it moves again.


Due to it's annoying speed and maneuverability, stopping it from moving is your highest priority here. Whenever it retreats into the bushes, throw in a grenade or fire in an explosive bolt (don't place explosive bolts in the center as it will run over them, avoiding the explosion). There are a couple of items in this small area around the edges (Shock Bolt (1) and Shotgun Shells (4)), but if you are scrabbling for items here, you are probably already dead. Despite what other guides say about this enemy being "easy," I used up the following (all connecting hits unless otherwise mentioned) on medium difficulty: 4 shock bolts, 3 exploding bolts (the fourth one missed), 6 shotgun head-shots and 1 shotgun body shot. That is not "easy to take down" by any means.





Immediately after bringing it down, a cut scene will take over in which you will drag Joseph to safety. Ah, but you left his glasses behind. Damn. Looks like you'll have to take on another dog to retrieve them. Luckily you don't need to kill this one. Pick up the Freeze Bolt (1) next to Joseph before heading towards the gate. Wriggle through the hole in the gate, grab the Shotgun Shells (4) at your feet if you didn't during the earlier battle.



From this position, sprint for the blue light directly ahead and grab the Glasses. When you do, Joseph will distract the dog, allowing you to quickly dash by it and through the gap in the gate to safety. Give Joseph back his glasses (with a weary sigh at videogame logic) and head up the nearby stairs. At the top, turn left and look behind the wall for a Goo Jar (1000) before entering the door of the church to end the chapter. Sheesh, and I thought the last chapter was long. Stupid, stupid me.



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