Chapter 08 - A Planted Seed Will Grow

CHAPTER 08 - A Planted Seed Will Grow




Back in the cave we entered in the previous chapter, it's time for a level that's a bit shorter (makes a nice change doesn't it?). However, it's still just as difficult and you are likely to be running low on supplies after the battle with the keeper. Well, the game says tough luck. You will arrive in an open cavern area with a circular rock pillar blocking your view. This is just as well because it blocks the view of the three two headed haunted on the other side as well.


Ahead of you and to the left and right are barrels to smash for some much needed firepower (if you get lucky that is). Be warned that these two headed haunted have a nasty new ability. When they get close to you, a large tongue-like appendage will burst out of them. They will then run towards you. If they get close enough for it to connect, it will do massive damage (or kill you instantly if you are at or below 1/3rd health.



If you have any shotgun shells this starting area shouldn't be too difficult, just blast their legs and light them up. If you have next to no items (like I did), you'll need to dip into your bag of tricks and get creative to get by. Some examples are: Using a Shock Bolt in the puddle of water on the right side of the room for an instant kill.


Creating explosive bolts and using them (2 per enemy). Using a freeze bolt and following it up with almost anything else. Three accurate pistol shots to the leg, followed by a match. Use whatever you have to bring them down (I had to kill the last one with melee. With bloody melee!). When all three are gone, grab the Handgun Bullets ( ), and smash the crates against the left wall for items. Be careful approaching the fallen two headed haunted body by the boards at the back of the room as he will get up when you near.



Once the room is clear, craft some more of whatever you can (four explosive bolts for preference) or prep your shotgun as there are more ahead (yep, this game doesn't like replenishing your supplies at the start of a level does it?). Break away the boards blocking the exit and head into the tunnel. As you round the corner, you will spot two more two headed haunted. Open fire with what you have to get rid of them.


After the bodies hit the floor, pick up the Shotgun Shells (2) off the stone wall to the left and smash the two barrels against the right wall. Spin the wheel to open the way forward. When you are done, look directly in front of your face for a Statue that is attached to the chain. Break it for a key and head through the now open gate. Ignore the body on the path as you climb. Approach the next open area with caution.





An arrow launcher sprays the whole area from side to side every nine seconds (when it starts again). You need to sprint from cover to cover along the walkway to avoid the arrows. The first two cover spots, a fence and the rock are straightforward. The third spot however (a thin tree trunk) is what causes problems. There are Handgun Bullets ( ), Junk Parts (1) and objects to break behind the trunk. There is also a Freeze Bolt (1) stuck in the front of the trunk. You will need to time your looting between salvos.



Once you have the items, continue using the cover along the rest of the walkway. Once you clear the arrow launchers, you'll enter another narrow cave section. At the end you'll find a narrow gap to squeeze through.




Look on the desk to the left for an Audio Log. Ignore the wheel for now and look for a side passage nearby. When you pick up the Handgun Bullets (6) here, horrible deformed babies will begin emerging from the nearby woodwork (They're coming out of the walls!). They can be killed by simply walking or sprinting over them instead of wasting resources. So do this. After you are done, pick up the Flash Bolt (1) nearby.



After the baby-stomping hoedown (I can't believe I just said that), return to the wheel. As you near it another cascade of roof babies will happen and you will need to stomp your cares away once more. Once the second wave is gone, spin the wheel to get out of this infested room.


After the gate, you'll enter a body of water and need to wade on in. Thankfully, the game doesn't try any cheap moves here (I've had too many bad experiences with horror game water). Continue wading forwards until you see waterfalls up ahead to the right. To your left here, you should see boards covering a side passage. Smash them aside to find Handgun Bullets (3) and a Goo Jar (500). Return to the main watery path.



As you pass the waterfalls, look at the base of the second one on the right to see it dousing a Statue. Shatter away and retrieve the key. Just ahead you will see a half submerged fence. When you jump over another swarm of deformed babies will be swimming under the surface of the water. Thankfully the water is shallow enough for you to run around in, destroying them as usual. Don't run too far along the tunnel as you do so though.


After the swarm is taken care of, ready your weaponry for two headed haunted once more. Just up ahead, you will see a fallen cage on the right and a corner heading round to the left. As you round it, a two headed haunted and a crawling two headed haunted will both head in your direction along with another swarm of deformed haunted babies.



You need to quickly get rid of the walking enemy while constantly moving to kill the haunted babies. The crawling enemy is slow, but be careful not to get too close to it as it can knock you down. As long as you have a few shotgun shells (which you should at this point), this should be pretty simple. Finish off the swarm before entering the next narrow cave. A set of stairs will lead up to another narrow gap to squeeze through.




There are no enemies in this area, but there is one lone puzzle. We'll get to it in a minute. Looting first. Head up the stairs to the left to find an Explosive Bolt (1) and a crate. The stairs on the right side have two crates to destroy beside them and up them is another crate.



When you are ready, approach the impaled woman and look at the floor to find a Cave Note and a Bloody Relief Plate. You can examine the body if you want as well. The puzzle is pretty obvious but if you want to try it yourself, avoid looking down to the paragraph below like usual.



This is a simple logic puzzle. The plate has two sides, bloody and clean. The woman was stabbed, so her blood would have splattered over the side facing out. The wrong side. You need to face the plate so that the clean side is facing out. After the door opens, head on through.




On the linear path ahead are a couple of barrels to smash. Do so and climb the stairs beyond. As you do, distortions will begin flowing down the cave ahead. Keep pushing onwards until it looks like you are pushed backwards and your surroundings become a hospital corridor. When they do, turn around and look for Map Fragment 14 on the floor. At the end of the corridor you will trigger a cut scene after walking through a set of double doors.



After the scene, you will be alone in the room. A Journal Entry will be on the trolley directly in front of you. You can also find a Research Facility Note on top of a nearby monitoring machine. Look to the side of the room with a well lit pair of double doors blocked by debris (large pipes). Get a bit closer to find a Statue sticking out of the top of one. Shoot it and get your key.



When you are all good, head to the other set of doors. Get ready for a quick scene and then sprinting down the hallway towards the camera (like we did in the last mission). After the chase, a cut scene will take over and this short chapter will end.



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