Chapter 10 - The Craftsman's Tools

CHAPTER 10 - The Craftsman's Tools




 You'll begin this chapter in the hidden hallway at the back of the mansion. Descend the long ladder in front of you to arrive in the basement facility below. Directly ahead of you from the base of the ladder is a mirror room. As you enter the room ahead, you'll stumble into another ghostly conversation. Pick up the Freeze Bolt (1) and Mansion Basement Note and smash the crates in the corner before entering the mirror room.  


Enter the mirror room to upgrade and save. Grab the Newspaper Article: Car Accident; Two Dead from the newspaper stand. To leave, you will need to examine the door beside Sebastian's room and watch a short scene. Once you leave the mirror, return to the prior room and take the only path you haven't yet used out of the room.


This will lead to another small room with Handgun Bullets (2) on the floor and a ladder heading downwards. Descend the ladder to find a trip wire trap strung across the passage. The source point is invisible, but it can be disarmed by approaching the left side of the wire. Take the left door here into a side room to find Shotgun Shells (2), a Goo Jar (1000), an Explosive Bolt (1) and several crates covering a Statue. Once you are done, head back and take the other door out of the earlier room.



The first doors to the left and right you find along the corridor are locked, but you can pick up a Goo Jar (500) from the base of the left one. Leave the room through the far door.




You will emerge into a more open room with a haunted with a porcelain mask patrolling the area with torches. There is a trip wire trap directly ahead, and around the corner is another trap. Ignore the traps for now and concentrate on stealth killing the haunted. Once you do, pick up his dropped torch and disarm the traps in the area (there is a grenade trap stuck to the right wall as well).


Before going through the door on the other side, look for a part of the wall that has no barbed wire on top of it. You can hop over this section to find Harpoon Bolts (2). Jump back over and head through the doorway.


As soon as you walk past the first window in this new corridor, a shot will ring out and smash the glass in front of you. Sneak carefully around the corner past the window to see an approaching haunted. Use the torch you are holding to bring it down fast. In the large central room, the lights will flick on and the merry go round will begin spinning (isn't that nice?), with huge sharpened blades whirling around the room (ah, not so nice).



Duck past the next window and quickly move past the open door (we don't want to go back into the central room until we've taken care of the sharpshooter haunted above). Pick up the Sniper Bullets (2) off the nearby console and waddle around the corner to find a ladder nearby.


Ascend the ladder and sneak your way forward. An alcove to the right in the hall will have a Shotgun Shell (1) on a barrel with a cluster of crates next to it. A fat haunted, porcelain mask haunted with a pistol and a regular haunted will be in the hallway ahead, so back up down the hallway (avoiding the windows) before you deal with them. You will want to bring the pistol haunted down fast as they do large chunks of damage and can fire fast if left alone.


Now that the way ahead is clear, carefully round the corner (moving past the doorway quickly) and look for a grenade to disable next to the door. In this room you can find a Light Bolt (1) on a console, a Goo Jar (500) on a shelf and a Battery Pack on the desk. Picking up the battery will trigger the checkpoint.




Now it's time to take care of those sharpshooter haunted (since we just got a checkpoint). Head back to the other end of the room and quickly dash through the door and take cover. Pull out your sniper rifle and adjust the camera to look at the balcony opposite.


You should be able to clearly see two sharpshooter haunted there. Time your shot to hit the haunted rising up after the other one has fired. It may take a few shots, but take your time and you'll nail them both. Once they are dead, pick up the Handgun Bullets (2) off the sandbags behind you.


Head back inside and backtrack to the floor below. Now that the sharpshooters are taken care of, we can head into the central room again. Don't forget about the massive whirling blades though! You will need to remain crouched at all times while in the central room if you want to keep your head. The downside of this is that you can't fight while doing this.



This becomes a problem when you time your leap over the small fence and haunted begin coming out of the door in front of you. The first one is scripted to die from the blades, but it's the second one that will cause you grief. If he grabs you, both of you will stand up and be decapitated if you don't break free fast. You can either try to sneak past him through the door or retreat back over the wall (timing your retreat in between passing blades).


A pair of masked haunted (one with a pistol) will be waiting for you around the corner inside the doorway, so make sure you are ready to confront them. Pick up the Matches (3) off the barrel to the right next to where you entered. A grenade trap will be on the wall just past where the haunted appeared, disarm it and move on.


A scripted haunted will be lying on the floor here, so use one of your freshly earned matches to light it up. Break the nearby crates and wrestle the Harpoon Bolts (2) out of the wall before approaching the nearby machinery. Insert the battery pack into the large socket to open a set of double doors in the central room.



Now we need to head back to the central room to loot it before heading through the double doors. There are some trip wire traps to disarm here as well, so keep your eyes open. Sneak over to pick up the Goo Jar (500) and a Goo Jar (300) before sneaking through the doors.


Head along the new corridor, ignoring the door to the left (locked) and round the corner to the right. A small room here holds Goo Jar (500), Handgun Bullets (2) and Map Fragment 18. Leave the small room and descend the nearby ladder. As you descend you will see a trauma (large enemy) slipping away.



At the bottom of the ladder, start walking down the blood filled corridor, picking up the Shock Bolt (1) leaning against the barrel. You will reach a small room with a bloody sheet hanging up in it. Grab the Matches (3) and Shotgun Shell (1) from here before entering the next room.




To your left as you enter, you'll see a tiny room with a Statue inside. Make sure to shoot the statue before entering as when you exit the tiny room, the spike plate will drop and block off access to the key. Break the crates on the right side of the room, grab the Syringe (1) next to the large door and pick up the Handgun Bullets (3) off the nearby barrel before opening the blue door opposite.


The path beyond is a series of small rooms with a grenade trap on the right as you enter. Three haunted are scattered throughout the nearby rooms (including a masked pistol haunted), so you can either try to stealth kill them one by one or bring them down fast with a quick series of shots. Another grenade trap can be found in the room to the left of where you enter, along with a scripted fat haunted (one match will deal with it) and a Freeze Bolt (1) on a nearby barrel.



At the other end of this room is another grenade trap and a scripted haunted next to it. Sneak past the body and disarm the trap before turning around and burning the haunted on the floor. Another haunted will likely walk in from the nearby room, so make sure to keep an eye out. Pick up the Goo Jar (300) in the corner. On the nearby shelf is another glowing Battery Pack.


Explore the remaining small rooms in this area for a trip wire trap to disarm, Matches (2) on a bookshelf, the Grenade (1) from the central room and some scattered crates.Once you've cleared the small rooms here, enter the room with an iron fence stretching across one side.


In the room beyond that, the light will dim and turn slightly red. Smash the crates in the corner and pick up the Goo Jar (500) from beside the cabinet. Exit the room and search the long room beyond for Shotgun Shells (3) next to the large stationary blades, Sniper Bullets ( ) on the other side of the blades and Handgun Bullets (3) in a back corner. After this, take the doorway out of the roller door room.





To the right you'll spot a hole in a small section of wire fence with a trip wire trap just beyond. Disarm the trap and straighten up in the small office beyond. Directly in front of you is the slot for the battery pack you picked up earlier. Putting this one in will activate all the traps in the area and release several powerful enemies in the area (along with plenty of regular haunted) so make sure you are locked and loaded. Making some explosive bolts is also a good idea. It will also open up the door in the main room, but getting there won't be easy.


Crawl back out of the office and you will be rushed by haunted. Most of them will take the path to the left around the blades, making the traps really only dangerous for you. Maintain your distance and pick them off with head-shots.


When you take the left path, a set of blades will emerge from a roller door and another haunted will attack. Back up and blast her with a head-shot. Before moving on, make sure you have your most powerful weapons ready (explosive bolts and shotgun or better). As you walk out into the open room again, the roller door opposite will raise and you will be rushed by a Trauma.



These enemies are long-limbed, deal nasty damage and have a quick dash attack to cover short distances. Killing one typically requires three or four explosive bolts followed by several shotgun shells. So retreat down the side passages as you blast away at it. Get used to these enemies as you are gonna have to kill more of them in this level.


Pick up the Goo (3000) from it's body before returning to the now open roller door. Make some more explosive bolts before doing anything here and make sure your shotgun is reloaded. Pull the lever next to the scything blades to change the pattern of the blades to the left of your position. Read the next two sentences fully before following the advice: The blades will rise and fall in a pattern, so time your sprint underneath. As soon as you pass under them, a massive plate will rush across the room in front of you, so stop before it splats you. Behind it is a Statue to shoot and then crouch inside for the key.


When the plate retracts, run through the door beyond into the hallway. The door out of this room leads to another set of fiery plates, but these only activate once. Walking through the door will trigger the farthermost one. When you do, retreat back into the previous room until all the plates have moved. Sneak under them to pick up a Goo Jar (500), then climb the ladder out of the room.



You will be at the end of a catwalk overlooking the floor below. Pick up the Explosive Bolt (1) leaning against the wall to the right and the Handgun Bullets (2) from the barrel to the left before heading through the door at the end. This leads to a small room with crates to break and a duct to crawl into. In the duct, you can find Matches (3) and Map Fragment 19 before dropping through the hole in the floor. 




Pick up the Syringe (1) off the barrel in front of you before sneaking into the next room. There are crates here but you will want to wait until you are done with the nearby enemies to smash them. A haunted and Trauma will be wandering nearby. If you are skilled, you can back-stab the haunted before engaging the trauma (you can also just head-shot the haunted). As soon as you trigger the trauma, start laying explosive bolts as there is another trauma in the room beyond who will be attracted by the noise.



Lay down those bolts thick and fast, making more if need be. If you place the bolts well you can actually hit both trauma with the same blast, saving you bolts and ammo. Keep in mind you don't have much room to back up here, so you will need to be aggressive in taking them down. Swap to your shotgun to finish them off and both should fall. Nab the Goo (2x 3000) from the bodies. You can now return and break those crates we passed up earlier.


A grenade trap will be hidden in the room the first trauma was in so enter carefully and disarm it. Another grenade can be found in the larger area beyond, so look for it. Now you can stand up and loot the room. Harpoon Bolts (2) will be stuck in the wall, Handgun Bullets (3) are sitting in a corner, more Handgun Bullets ( ) are on a barrel and Shotgun Shells (2) can be found next to a wheel.


Spin the wheel to raise the gate dividing the rooms and head on through. A small room to the left here holds Goo Jar (300) and a Light Bolt (1). Pull the lever here to raise the spinning blades enough for you to sneak under them. You are now finally back in the main room where we were a while ago. Turn right and pull the lever beside the double doors to open them up.


You will be greeted by a long hallway stretching onwards. Head for the far end to encounter Amalgam, the huge cluster of bodies. After a quick scene, you will be in a new corridor. Turn around and grab the Goo Jar (500) off the ground behind you.



Keep following the corridors until you reach a room with an Audio Log on a hospital bed. On a nearby trolley is a Goo Jar ( ) to retrieve. Head through the narrow gap dividing the rooms.




Look left here to find a mirror room door next to the large metal double doors. Inside is a Journal Entry to nab before using the mirror. A new Missing Person Poster: Patrick will be up on the noticeboard for you to retrieve and a Newspaper Article: Home Destroyed By Fire will be sitting on the reception desk. Exit the mirror and head through the double doors when you are ready.


As you approach the wire fence ahead, the shrieking beast will show up once more but not engage you directly. Head to the far side of the room and descend the stairs. Pick up the Handgun Bullets (2) to the right from the base of the stairs before pulling the large lever. As soon as you do, the shrieking beast is free to attack you.




Now, I'm not going to describe this chase sequence room by room as that takes the suspense out of it, but I will give you a few tips for your running battle against the shrieking beast.


  • You can kill her by dealing enough fire damage (via vent flames, burning bodies and fire bolts from your crossbow). This actually nets you an achievement if you can pull it off.
  • Keep moving at all times, even if you are just circling an object as it makes it harder for the shrieking beast to hit you.
  • Items you can find during the battle in order are: Goo Jar (1000), Matches (2), Handgun Bullets (4), Shotgun Shells (3), Syringe (1), Handgun Bullets (3), Goo Jar (500), Handgun Bullets (3), Explosive Bolt (1), Handgun Bullets (3), Handgun Bullets (3), Goo Jar (500), Shotgun Shells (3), and Handgun Bullets (6).
  • You will get a few brief breath catching rooms in between chase segments, usually these rooms have items in them. So take the time to look around if the beast is gone.
  • Pull any levers you find and when it seems like a dead end with a wall of flame blocking the path, look overhead for pipes supplying the fuel. They often have a small lever you can shoot to deactivate the flames. It may take up to ten seconds for the wall to disappear after blasting the lever though.
  • The small levers on the pipes can also be used in some instances to burn the shrieking beast from above. Look to see if the lever is on an active pipe or inactive pipe. If it is inactive it will probably spurt fire straight downwards when activated.
  • There are a few grenade traps during this segment, so when you hear the telltale beeping go into stealth or sprint away.
  • If you want to obtain the Statue in this section you will need to kill the shrieking beast (Laura) so a cut scene doesn't force you past it. In the final corridor (with the elevator door open at the end). Turn right before entering it for some items and the statue sitting amongst them.



The segment ends as you escape the shrieking beast's clutches in an elevator scene (in more ways than one).



When you regain control in the elevator after the scene, wait for the elevator to reach the bottom floor and step out of it. OK, guess we're back at the mansion entrance. The save room is no longer present, but propped up against the door is Map Fragment 20 to obtain. The only way forward is through the large open doors, so head on in.


Work your way through the rooms bereft of items until you reach a corridor with a partially open door at the end. Cue cut scene. Ugh, back here again. This place is like a fractal spreadsheet nightmare. Watch the scene play out and Amalgam make his return.





Back in a the present once more. But this time, it's all you're in an underground parking lot. Huh. Pick up the Goo Jar (1000) from the floor next to you. Just ahead on the right is a mirror room. Open the door and you'll be back in the hospital hub. Grab the Missing Person Poster: Marcelo from the notice board and the Newspaper Article: Irregularities At Hospital from the newspaper stand.


To leave, you'll once again have to examine the room beside Sebastian's to listen to the person inside. After which you are free to leave in the usual way.


Leave the mirror room, pick up the Light Bolt (1) leaning against the marker and drop down the hole in the floor. You'll have to crawl along the shaft while Amalgam goes mental above. Emerge from the shaft and pick up the Handgun Bullets (3), Trap Parts (3) and Matches ( ) from the room before dropping into a new one.


At the end of the second crawl shaft, pick up the Goo Jar (300) directly ahead and keep pushing forward until you reach the underground carpark. Before going anywhere, make sure your supply of explosive bolts, grenades and shotgun shells are up to scratch. Pick up the Shotgun Shells (2) on the floor in front of you before heading left. It's time to take on Amalgam for real.


You can't outrun him here, so waddle forwards until he knocks you down. When you stagger to your feet, the real fight begins.





Two boss fights in the same chapter? Someone really sucks at pacing here. OK, Amalgam is quite vulnerable to explosive blasts. The only problem? He doesn't stand still. This isn't an issue with the explosive bolts but it can make landing grenade hits an issue.


You need to be careful with your grenades and only use them when he has just completed a movement. This means he is less likely to dodge them. The boss has multiple methods of attack, but he will only use his charge attack and melee during the first half of the fight.


There are two side rooms filled with loot which you can use to replenish your ammo or heal yourself, but lingering in them will result in the boss demolishing the room. This makes it inaccessible for looting later, so you will probably want to avoid using them if you can.


The best strategy is to use a medikit at the start of the battle to get your health to full and then go to town on him with all your explosives and follow it up with your shotgun until you reach the second phase of the battle. If you are good at aiming grenades, four or so grenades will bring you to the second phase.


The second phase involves the boss stopping and starting to glow purple. When he does he will open his mouth and start gaining the ability to fling cars around with his mind (like we didn't have enough problems!). The one good thing about this is he exposes his weak point. Use a sniper rifle to fire at the center of his purple maw. Two or three good shots should bring it down and the battle will end.


Now you can go around and loot the entire parking lot of items. There are quite a few and they should replenish your depleted stores a fair bit. When you are done looting, enter the elevator to end the chapter.



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