Chapter 11 - Reunion

CHAPTER 11 - Reunion




The chapter will kick in right where we left off in the last one. Still in the elevator. Watch the scene and you will arrive on ground level once more. Uh, I mean water level. You know what I mean. Look for an opening in the wall to the left and swim towards the ramp beyond. Clamber up out of the water.





Watch the rest of the city slowly sinking into oblivion before you. Turn right and trundle along the broken mass of bitumen and look at the still functioning merry-go-round. On the back of one of the rotating horses is a Statue you can shoot, and then use the red car in the water as a bridge to pick it up. Work your way through the debris strewn street, turning right at the end of it and walking along the precarious bridges across gaping holes in the ground.


You will eventually reach a hole in the wall with a flashing neon open sign next to it. Crouch through the hole and pass through the door to the left. A hole in the wall here shows a silver case on a table inside. We'll pick it up in a second. Head through the other door in the room to enter what looks like a bar. Nab the Sniper Bullets (2) from the red cabinet to your left before heading to the right and into the room with the silver case.


Open the case on the table to obtain the Magnum (better late than never). This thing packs a mighty punch, even at base strength. I would advise you to save every bullet you get for that gun for the final chapter however, it will pay off. Believe me. Grab Map Fragment 21 off the nearby wall and open the nearby cabinet for a Goo Jar (350).



Return to the earlier room and grab the Flash Bolt (1) off the table. Matches (3) can be found on a counter nearby. Exit through the hole in the wall when you are ready. This leads to a hallway where you'll catch a brief glimpse of someone running away.


Keep working your way along as the scenery changes around you. At the beginning of the alleyway first turn right next to the tv and computers to find a Medikit and a smashable crate with 300 goo jar or random itemnear the washing machine. Squeeze through the narrow gap at the end of the alleyway.




You can find Matches (2) and a Goo Jar (300) against the left wall here. As you approach the metal gate at the end here, a masked haunted will rush through and attack you. Shoot him in the leg and burn him with a match.



Past him you'll see a glowing object on the ground (we'll circle around to pick it up) and a haunted struggling against the wire fence. Take your time and line up the head-shot before moving on. Past the white van is a metal cage you can climb onto and leap over the fence.


You'll land with a haunted to your left. Sneak up behind him for a sneak kill. Another haunted will be chowing down to your right after dispatching the first one. Walk over and land the head-shot while he is distracted. Two more haunted in the area will converge on you after the shot, but due to the open area, they shouldn't pose much of a threat.


Additional strategy: A good strategy after killing the haunted with mask and the one on the fence with single bullets each: If you get on the ledge before jumping over the fence, two haunted will be standing still. Allowing to snipe them (they won't hear the gunshot, so they should remain still). That is if you have extra ammo. This leaves only the other two haunted. One directly ahead will walk towards your fence and double back making it easy to stealth kill. Climb the ladder and head shot the last haunted eating the corpse. 


There is a Grenade (1) to grab next to the wire fence ramp in the middle of the area and Handgun Bullets (2) on the shipping crate at the top of the ramp. There are also a few crates to smash in the area as well. At the rear of the area next to some corrugated iron barriers are some Shotgun Shells (2). When you are ready to deal with some more haunted. Approach the door at the rear of the area in the wire fence and try to open it.



Three haunted will emerge from a nearby door at the sound of the alarm. You will want to take care of them to examine the area they came from in peace. Take your time, use the shipping crates to force them to climb up and pick your shots.


Once they are no more, enter the door they came through. Ready your shotgun as you are going to need to knock down enemies fast as you leave the area. Here you'll find Matches (2) to the right, Sniper Bullets (2) next to the corpse and an Old Fashioned Key. Grabbing the key will trigger an ambush with spawning waves of three regular haunted and a haunted with body armour and an uzi at the doorway you came in by.



Run towards the body armour haunted and shoot him in the kneecap with your shotgun to knock him down. Another haunted with armour and a machine gun will appear on a shipping crate at the rear of the area next to the door you want to escape through. Ignore the second body armour haunted and sprint for the locked gate. Unlock it as quick as you can and sprint around the truck beyond to escape the gunfire of the armoured haunted. The regular haunted will follow you through the gate, so you'll need to deal with them before moving on.


Next to the flaming bus (on the side furthermost from the previous area) is a fire escape leading up and down. Walk across the narrow sign and head up to find Handgun Bullets (3) before making your way down.



Keep descending. After your little plunge, climb onto the floating car on the left for Handgun Bullets (3). You will see in the water nearby a floating Statue. You must carefully push it by swimming towards the tube and only break it when it is safely inside to retrieve the key.





Ah, here's the mandatory water based enemy. You will need to distract it by shooting the corpses hanging over the water. Shoot both and make a dash for it straight ahead. Climb over the car and keep swimming until you reach the road once more. For two seconds. Shoot the next dangling body and swim for the far side. Now you'll reach the real road. Wade out of the water and head up the slope.




After dropping down, continue up the slope to find some crates to smash. After which, you can descend to the flat road below. On the right side of the road is a Match (1) sitting on a crate. Pick it up before heading further down the road.


Arg, we all know what that colour means by now. Ruvik is in the area. But now he's sending doppelgangers at you instead. These enemies can summon a wake of shrieking beast claws that home on their target. This Ruvik clone will also be supported by regular haunted. The haunted on the ground in the area will all rise up when Ruvik summons it.



The clone does act like a source however, so once you kill it, the remaining haunted will die. The quickest way to kill it is to fire two shotgun shells into it's legs to knock it down and burn it with a match. Whoosh! Done. Once the clone is gone, a nearby roller door will open up. Pick up the Goo (1000) the clone dropped. On the left side of the road (as if you were first entering) theres crates that can be smashed. on the right side of the road are magnum rounds in a silver case next to babystroller that has matches (3) in it. There is also a Freezebolt in the windsheild of a nearby car. You can find a Shotgun Round (1) next to a police car's open door back at the other end of the street where you started and first jumped down from. When you're done head under the roller door.


Head left as soon as you pass under for Trap Parts (3) and a Syringe (1). Then continue along the precarious path to get sucked into a mirror. Note the degradation of the hospital hub before grabbing the Missing Person Poster: Inspector Brown from the notice board. The newspaper rack on the opposite wall holds the Newspaper Article: Body Found In Sewer to nab as well. You may want to use some locker keys to fill up on ammo at this point as there is a draining battle coming. Upgrade and save before leaving the mirror. Continue around the walkway.




Pass under another roller door into a large open area. Pick up the Matches (2) on the floor to your right. This area is a real test of your gunplay skills, so I hope you've got some ammo and weaponry stockpiled before you begin. The building ahead has a large number of haunted inside. These are released in waves of progressive strength. This means you are about to face a lot of haunted one after another with no breaks and little in the way of additional supplies.



Drop down an pick up the Sniper Bullets (2) from the ground. Approach the yellow fenced area ahead when you are ready to begin (there is a Grenade (1) on it to pick up as well).


Wave 1 - 3 haunted

Wave 2 - 1 haunted with a sawn off shotgun

Wave 3 - 2 haunted with crossbows firing explosive bolts

Wave 4 - 2 dynamite haunted and a regular haunted

Wave 5 - An armoured haunted with an assault rifle


The last two waves are the most dangerous and annoying. The dynamite enemies can kill you with a lucky blast. The best thing to do is back up as their throwing range does have a limit. Back up and snipe them in the head or knock them down so the dynamite blows them up. The armoured haunted is a real pain. He will emerge for a split second to fire and then the door will close. You need to either get close and blast him with a shotgun or get an explosive inside while it is open.



Once the waves are over, the roller door will remain open and you can pick up the remaining items on the side path to the right: a Shock Bolt (1) and a few crates to break. Once you have everything, head to the now open roller door, grab the Handgun Bullets (5) and Goo Jar (300) on the left and then climb up the ladder inside.




At the top of the ladder, follow the rickety path across and down the other side. You'll drop down into an open area filled with chest high walls. Uh oh. Well, you've got to trigger the enemies first. Pick up the Goo Jar (300) from inside the tube, and a Grenade from another tube nearby. You can also grab the Handgun Bullets (4) beside it the goo jar, a Syringe (1) from the small room and break the crates in the area before climbing the stairs nearby.



Up the stairs you'll find a lone Match (1) and a generator. When you are ready, crank the generator handle to begin the ambush (so unexpected!).




Two armoured haunted with assault rifles will arrive and try to make your life hell. Remember: Head-shots don't work on these guys (they have bullshit face masks). Knocking them down and lighting them up is your most efficient way to victory. Try and seperate them and take them down quickly when they do. The only real danger is getting caught between them or in the open. The regular and fat haunted that accompany them should be nothing but cannon fodder to you by now.


Once they are gone, head up to the platform they arrived from and approach the electric cable car. When you pull the switch next to it, the door of the car will open.





Pick up the Junk Parts (3x 1), Shotgun Shells (2), Handgun Bullets (7) and Sniper Bullets (3) from the base of the car. What follows is a series of trial and error memorization attempts. Enemies will appear on the sides surrounding the car and begin attacking. You will need to quickly dispatch them when they spawn to avoid being overwhelmed.


The order is as follows:


  • Axe haunted to the left (shoot in leg with pistol to knock him off)
  • Axe haunted to the left (shoot the explosive barrel next to him)
  • Molotov haunted on upper left (shoot the Molotov or his leg with sniper rifle)
  • Axe haunted to right (shoot in leg with sniper rifle to knock him down)
  • Armoured haunted to the right (shoot him in the leg with sniper rifle to knock him down)
  • Molotov haunted on upper right (shoot the Molotov or his leg with sniper rifle)
  • Armoured haunted to the left (shoot him in the leg with sniper rifle to knock him down)
  • Molotov haunted on left (shoot him with shotgun to set him on fire)
  • Axe haunted on right (shoot him in leg with pistol to knock him off)
  • Axe haunted on left (shoot the explosive barrel behind him)



Once you succeed, you will stop at the far end and have to get out. Before dropping down, circle to the right of the building. Crouch into a secret area from where you came from there you will find Goo Jar (1000). Drop down and circle round the edge of the room. You will see some Magnum Bullets ( ) sitting on a broken ledge. You will need to sprint and jump across the gap (I think, I've never actually tried this). Drop down again from here, turn around and look under the ledge behind you for Map Fragment 22 and exit through the window frame to the left. Cross the pipe bridge here to reach the building opposite.




From this point forward, you'll stumble across vending machines. These are equivalent to slot machines in normal games. You may get Goo Jars or you may get a live grenade. It's your choice if you want to check them or not. But, definitely use the first one on the right here as pushing the button twice will reveal a Statue.


Head around the corner into the large office area, find the Audio Log in the corner and look for a mirror door on the right. Pick up the Journal Entry off the shelf and watch the poster turn into a mirror. Enter, upgrade and save (yada yada). Exit the mirror room and turn right. You'll find a coffee table here with a Shotgun Shell (1) and Handgun Bullets (3) on it. Before moving on the vending machine against the wall should produce 3x 300 Goo Jars. The 4th time you press it will always be a bomb. if you need crafting parts you can disarm the bomb for it but beware the strips to disarm are about half the size they normally are, best not to risk if your low on healing items and/or are okay with the amount of crafting parts you have. Unless you want to keep reloading to try and get it since you're next to a mirror room. Get your goo and keep goo'ing moving on



A Sniper Bullet (1) can be found on a nearby desk before entering the next room section. Open the yellow door to the right before moving on through the hole in the wall. There is also a Match (1) in the corner here. The yellow door opens into a room with a Goo Jar (1000) inside. Head back out, grab the Matches (2) on next to the hole and then pass through the hole in the wall.




Oh great, water again. Don't worry about Kidman, she can hold out all day up there. Worry about yourself instead. You will need to carefully time your swimming to make it through timed gates to avoid being eaten. Watch the one to the right (next to the open sign) to see what I mean.



Time your shot on the hanging body and then swim for the opening gate. If you time it right, you should make it through without any fuss (or fish monster). Once you are through, swim straight ahead and climb onto the floating car.




Ignore the stairs to the left (they lead to a dead end). Instead, shoot down the body in front of you. Swim towards the rear of the car ahead (avoiding the feasting water monster) and climb up. Immediately pull out your gun again and shoot the body hanging to the left.


Once it hits the water, swim for the floating car to the left near the sniper haunted standing on the car. Climb up and shoot the sniper haunted in the leg to knock him into the water (free distraction). There's Sniper Rounds (2) on a car 10 feet before and to the left of where the Haunted Sniper you just took out was. Once he's down, watch the gate to the right and time shooting the body above it to when it starts to open. Drop the body and swim for that opening gate as fast as you can.



Once the gate slams shut behind you, you can breathe a sigh of relief and climb the stairs out of the water. Make your way to the top of the fire escape and enter the door here.




There are some Matches (2) and boxes to break in this first room. From here you should be able to see the haunted swarming your colleague. They will be pretty distracted until a shot connects, so be ready when they all turn to face you.



Once the door is clear, head into the room and disarm the grenade trap on the side of a pallet. Break the boxes in the room and pick up the Match (1) from the shelves. Head for the door Kidman is behind when you're ready.




As soon as she walks into the room, the nearby double door will burst open revealing three haunted. Stay back and let Kidman deal with it. After several shots, they should all hit the ground. When you approach the double doors again, an armoured haunted with an assault rifle will burst through the doors beyond. Once again let Kidman deal with the problem (make the most of her).



Once it is down, enter the room and pick up the Goo Jar (500) to the left. Press the elevator button to call the elevator and find a Statue sitting inside. After breaking it, head down the stairs. At the bottom is a Match (1) sitting on a trolley and a Goo Jar (500) beside the stairs to grab. Follow the hallway here and you'll emerge onto a catwalk.


Descend the stairs to street level and pick up the Goo Jar (500) directly ahead. There is a crate to smash in the corner as well. Cross over to the door and head inside. Turn left immediately after passing through to spot a narrow alley with a mannequin at the end. Head down it and dismantle the plastic body to find Map Fragment 23 on the ground behind it. Smash the crate on the linear path, pick up the Goo Jar (500) on the dumpster at the base of the stairs and the Goo Jar (1000) hidden behind the dumpster next to it. Ascend the stairs and enter the door for a cut scene to take over.



When you regain control, head for the white door in the room. Another scene will open the door here for you.




Descend the stairs here and go through the white door below. You'll walk into a warehouse full of mannequin parts suffused with flammable gas. This means you can't fire a shot with a weapon or burn bodies while the gas is present, except for the Harpoon bolt and Flash bolt. Those can be used safely without setting off the gas.



The first open section has a Syringe (1) next to a locker. The next corridor ends in a small area with a roving trauma. You need to use the gaps underneath the racks of parts and careful timing to make it through safely. There is a Goo Jar (1000) in the container next to the ladder leading up, but it's unlikely you'll want to grab it. You can make a dash for the ladder from under the racks, just make sure the trauma is behind you.


Alternative approach by Jonathan Wright - Just because you can use a weapon or two different types of bolts with your bow doesnt mean you really should have too. Especially with the traumas. It's fine that you can use harpoon bolts to take down the Haunted enemies, but it's not recommended to do so against the Traumas because he wont die but instead transform, and there are two traumas in here and you will not have enough harpoon bolts to kill them both, only make them transform! But one or two shots to slow him down if he's after you is fine, and wont transform him. But save the remaining bolts you have to take out the Haunted coming up in case you fail to silently kill them. That is highly recommended. Conserve bolts if you can for all the Haunted on the other side. After you get up the ladder. If your good you can do this without wasting a single harpoon bolt but if you mess up your harpoon bolts can be a life saver! 


IF YOU WISH TO GET THE 1000 GOO JAR WITH NO DAMAGE AND NO AMMO WASTAGE DO THE FOLLOWING: If you follow the first trauma as he comes past you where your waiting and watching him from the corner. Follow him when he's a solid 5 feet away from you sneaking and walking. as soon as he turns the corner, duck down into the vent in front of you straight down the middle path. stay down as he makes his round you shouldn't be spotted, if you're in a good area and not moving around that is. You should stay unseen. As soon as he spins the other way, Keep moving and go through the next duct and the container flies open!! Run past the newly revealed trauma as he's still waking up and wont hit you yet, quickly run past him on his right side and grab the 1000 goo jar from right side corner of the container, continue running around the other side of him getting outta there (left side of container, doing a circle around him after picking up the Goo Jar) and hang a quick right and you should be in front of the ladder and climb baby climb.. You should be able to do this without loosing any health, and saving your harpoons for any upcoming screw ups with the stealth kills.



Once you are up the ladder, the trauma can't follow you. Head along the walkway here and drop down on the other side. You'll see a keycard slot flashing next to a roller door. This is where you'll need to return once you find it. You will have to work your way through, sneak killing three enemies. At the right side at the rear of the room is a wheel you can turn to close off the gas. Note that if you fail to kill any of the haunted you have options here. You can Flash Bolt to stun enemies. Harpoon bolt them through the head if it's only one that has seen you, and inside a crate there's a place to run and hide underneath a plank of wood if you hit RB, so just because you get spotted don't give up and go gungho. You can easily become unspotted.. so retreat, flash, hide, sneak attack and harpoon attack your way to turn off the gas and finally use a gun to get your ID card Before leaving there is a Goo Jar (500) and Syringe (1) around the corner of the crate that your just got the ID key from, you should see a row of mannequins three rows deep, smash all of them and head until you see the blue of the container to find the Goo Jar and Stim. Then proceed to the ID Key switch and the ladder.




Now that the gas is gone you can head over to the shipping crate at the back of the room. Inside are two more enemies who will be activated when you near them. Kill the first with one of the dropped weapons and then the other with a gun before grabbing the Key-card. Head back to the key-card slot and use it. Climb the ladder to ascend out of this house of horrors. As you step out onto the balcony, you'll get a quick glimpse of Joseph running. Don't move after this, instead look up to a crane far above. Hanging from the end is a Statue. You will need to snipe this now and pick up the key shortly. Climb down the nearby ladder.




Smash the nearby crates and enter the mirror room nearby. Inside you'll find a Journal Entry on the floor. Enter the mirror. Pick up the Newspaper Article: Investigator Missing from the rack in front of you. Upgrade and save and head back out of the mirror.



Head along the path for more crates to smash. Besides the crates to the left of them is a blue container with an open door with Handgun bullet (1), Sniper round (1) and Shotgun shell (1). Climb the stairs and enter the building. Here you can grab a Goo Jar (500) off the table. Prep your weaponry before moving on. Pick up the Matches (2) off the stool to the right. Weave behind the cabinets and break the boards blocking the way forward. Carefully cross the precarious bridge across the yawning chasm and pick up the Goo Jar (500) on the right before heading for the open gate. On the ground just in front of the gate is where the key lands from the statue we broke earlier on the crane.


Should bring up the fact there's kind of a boss fight at beginning of next chapter and so instead of upgrading when you first get to mirror room, collect everything up to the key then head to mirror room to upgrade at that stage with everything collected to upgrade and save so you're prepared for fight in the next chapter. Then go back and cut scene to Joseph.


Head up the stairs to reunite with Joseph and end the chapter.



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