Chapter 12 - The Ride

CHAPTER 12 - The Ride




Watch the opening scene to see big trouble coming in fast. The giant spider will tear off the roof of the bus in an attempt to get to your juicy flesh. Use your sniper rifle or shotgun to unload in it's face. Look down occasionally to check to see it it has laid larvae. When it does, stop shooting the giant spider and shoot the larvae instead for ammo. They will attack otherwise, so shooting them is win-win. When the giant spider loses it's grip and falls behind, pick up all the items on the seats of the bus during the lull. The giant spider will slam into a wall and you'll be safe...for now.





Haunted will begin shuffling in above you, so use your sniper rifle (for distant enemies) and pistol (for close range and explosive barrels) to whittle them down. The main risk here is being hit by a stray stick of dynamite or being shot by sniper fire. So focus fire on dynamite haunted and sharpshooters when you see them.



Enemies will approach from the right first (right looking towards the front of the bus) and then straight ahead of the front of the bus and finally from both directions. You will get a brief breather between waves to reload and pick up items. Watch for masks on the enemies as you will need to snipe them or knock them down by shooting them in the leg.


After a certain point, Joseph will shoot a lone dynamite haunted who will blow up a tanker and clear the way for the bus. After the scene, pick up any items on the ground as the bus starts moving again.




After a short drive, the giant spider will return and engage you once more. Repeat the same tactics on it and make sure to take out any larvae it spawns. After taking enough damage it will fall to the ground. Pick up any ammo on the ground when the bus starts moving again. The giant spider will chase you again, but a cut scene will take over when it gets close.





After the scene ends, you will need to pick up some first aid from the nearby ambulance. There are a large number of haunted in this area, so use stealth (at least in the beginning) to thin their numbers. There is an Explosive Bolt (1) sitting next to a barrel in front of you and Matches (5) on the ground next to it. Note:To the left of this area you should see a bunch of flammable barrels and haunted walking. There is a 300 Goo jar next to a white car stuck in midair with the front end smashed into the ground, the Jar is next to the flammable barrel almost underneath the car, be-careful to retrieve this only after you killed any near by enemies).(Also 3 handgun bullets are between vehicles to the right of this Goo Jar between a circle of car's). Creep to the right and travel under the yellow bus. If you do get seen, you can use the explosive barrels here to cluster a the two pistol haunted here and detonate them all in one fireball.



Stick to the right side and push the barrel into the narrow gap between the car and the right side of the overpass. This will once again cluster up the haunted as they rush to attack you (and the grenade trap will help with the boom). Attract their attention and as they get close fire (you should be able to take out at least two pistol haunted here. A dynamite haunted should be nearby, so locate him and finish him off quick.


(Still staying on this left path just so you know what's there... you should be able to and can wedge yourself between two cars wedged together but leaving enough room for you to get through -but wait DO NOT GO THIS ROUTE UNTIL YOU TAKE OUT ALL ENEMIES AROUND HERE... stick to the right path and kill everybody in the following paragraph then come back to collect all this - to find a Syringe and 1 matchAnd there is 300 Goo Jar, just ahead past that in a corner formed by 2 car's in a 90 degree angle. It's before the flammable barrel you will see. Watch out if your spotted these guys are chucking dynamite at you and their's not very much room to run away from it. Best to take them down and come back around! Read the following paragraph and come back and get your supplies)


The last group of haunted before the ambulance has a sharpshooter haunted, pistol haunted and dynamite haunted running around. The sharpshooter haunted is standing on a truck past the ambulance, so make sure to look for him before walking out into the open.


A grenade trap is stuck to the left side of the overpass, so make sure to disable it before pushing on. There are 2 matches and 2 shotgun rounds if you sneak crawl between a car and a pillar just ahead of the gernade you disarmedHead straight looking to the right and you should see objects sparkling. Also 3 Handgun bullets on the right side of a white car and 300 Goo Jar next to a blue car that is in front of the matches and shotgun rounds. There is a Goo Jar (300) on the ground in front of the white vans before the ambulance. Climb the car ramp and circle around the truck carefully as there is a haunted around the corner with an uzi. Thankfully there is a red barrel next to him. Boom. Head into the ambulance. On the seat here you can find a Hemostatic for Joseph.





Pick up the Syringe (1) and Map Fragment 24 from the ambulance before heading back outside. When you start making your way back, a jeep with a mounted machine gun will squeal into view (who was driving that thing?). You CAN hit the gunner with a sniper bullet, but it is very difficult and requires pinpoint aim. Especially since the gunner can destroy all your cover. The easier way to do it is to use the cars to get close enough and then hit him with a shotgun blast. When you get close, the gunner will pull out a stick of dynamite. Knock him down then and he'll explode.


(Note: I was able to hit the gunner with 1 Ice arrow and he died after freezing if you aim just a little higher than his body your shot should be fine. I laid an eplosive bolt on where he was in case he came back or had any buddies spot me making my move only to retreive the arrow and killed them all... give it a try.)


When he does, hop onto the turret and start unloading on the approaching enemies. Several waves of haunted will happen and you should be able to merrily mow them down. The only danger here is a lucky haunted dynamite stick landing directly under you (there's no warning marker in this game which is a real pain). If you think one has landed, jump off as quick as you can and get back on after it detonates. Remember, you can blow cars up to remove cover. Once the waves end, Joseph will start calling out.



When he does, head for the bus.  A swarm of haunted will be at the door so pull out your shotgun and clear the way. When you get back inside, you'll automatically patch up Joseph. After a quick scene you'll be in control of the bus as you fly down the road. Weave between the cars and smoosh as many haunted as you can on the way to the end of the chapter.



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