Chapter 13 - Casualties

CHAPTER 13 - Casualties




Once you stagger to your feet (yet again), Take the time to explore the surrounding small rooms for loot before approaching Joseph. The Vending machine in the room you awake from will always give you 3 goo jars and always the same amount... 1x 500 and 2x 300, that's free help for upgrading don't just run by it and in the room beside the mirror room you can snipe a haunted in the head before having to face him. Kill him now and not have to worry except collecting your loot after you get back from the mirror room!!!).You should be able to find some crates to break and Shotgun Shells (2) in the rooms to the left of him. Head past Joseph to the right to spot a glowing Journal Entry and Matches (2) on the dresser next to it. After picking up the journal, the nearby mirror will shatter and you can use it to travel to the hospital hub (note the mirror room door on the floor in front of the mirror).


When you arrive at the hospital hub, things look even worse. Head for the newspaper rack to pick up the Newspaper Article: Mansion Burns Down. Upgrade and save before leaving the mirror. Head to the right of the mirror and drop down the rubble to the next level down.





Here you will be introduced to a new type of trap, the acid trap. These act as barriers that deal significant damage if you walk into them. They always have a control panel next to them for you to disarm but it may be on either or both sides of the trap. Fortunately, this one is on the side closest to Sebastian, so walk over to it and disable the trap.


Trap Parts (2) can be found on a vending machine to your right with some Goo Jars (500 + 300) on the floor in front of it. There is also a crate in the corner opposite the vending machine. Walk past the acid trap and pick up the Trap Parts (1) on the floor. Follow the linear hallway until you reach a hole in the wall and Joseph rejoins you.


Aha, "is that a subway sticking out of the ground?" Bet I know where we are heading at a later point. For now, head right to find Handgun Bullets (3) sitting next to a precariously swaying lift. Shoot the frayed wire holding the lift in place for it to snap. Descend the ladder here and cross over the lift to the crawlspace on the other side.



Oops, looks like the partners are split up again. Crawl into the vent and pop out the other side. Uh, oh. The Keeper has reappeared and is doing the rounds outside. The good news is that his visits are scripted and he will only move along a certain path unless he sees you.


Before moving out into the hallway, nab the Goo Jar (500) from the vending machine. Jump over the concrete barrier and look to your right for Matches (2). On the floor of the hallway you'll spot a barbed wire trap dropped by the Keeper. Sneak up to is to disarm it safely and waddle towards the hallway split ahead.





Turn left (opposite the flames) and sneak up to the first corner and then across the small gap into the locker room beyond. Inside are Goo Jar (1000), Goo Jar (300), Trap Parts (1) and Handgun Bullets (5) to collect. Sneak back to the doorway of this room and hide behind the trolley. Wait for the patrolling shotgun haunted to leave the hallway and then disarm the trip wire trap directly ahead of you.


When he comes back, he will patrol practically up to your position before turning around and heading back. Now is the time to sneak up and stealth kill him. A Ruvik clone will be circling the rooms and hallway nearby, so be very careful to avoid detection. Watch the nearby hallway as he makes his rounds. As he enters the doorway from the hall, sneak up behind him for a stealth kill and pick up the Goo (1000) he drops.



In the same room, head towards the window in the wall to find a Goo Jar (500) in a nearby suitcase and Matches (2) on a desk next to it. Continue sneaking into the adjoining room (through the hole in the wall) to see a shotgun haunted with his back to you on the balcony. This guy is difficult to sneak up on as he turns around pretty fast. Make sure to avoid the bear-trap when you make your move. You will need to carefully time your approach to get him safely.


Immediately after killing him, take cover on the balcony as a wandering crossbow haunted will walk into the room you just left, spotting you if you are in the open. No one else should be in earshot, so you can use your weapons freely if you are discovered (it's much better than blowing up). After that, disarm the bear-trap on the ground.



Head back towards the hallway and you should be able to disarm the acid trap from this side. Pass under the trap to find Trap Parts () on the ground behind it. Another Ruvik clone will be walking around ahead. Ready your shotgun and be ready to knock the clone down and burn it. Stealth killing him is impossible here as the scripted haunted on the floor nearby will activate when you get near to the clone. This will alert the clone, a shotgun haunted, along with a regular haunted from inside the room and cause all of them to attack.


Retreat back down the hallway and try to split them up (or at least get them away from the clone). The shotgun haunted should be your priority here as it can do the most damage. Once they are gone, return and deal with the clone and the second shotgun haunted (it will probably have joined him by now). Pick up the Goo (1000) from the clone.



Now, there should be a hallway stretching straight ahead and another going off to the right here. Walk down the right one first and sneak as you near the end. A grenade trap is stuck to the wall here. Disarm it and collect the Trap Parts (1) from the floor nearby. Head back to the hallway split when you're done.


Down the other hallway you'll see a hole in the wall to the right (just before an acid trap). Enter the hole in stealth to find another grenade trap stuck to the wall for you to disarm and a bear-trap on the rug. Look carefully past the body caught by a barbed wire trap to spot a Statue on a nearby ledge. Shoot it and exit this room (you'll have to collect the key from the floor below later).


Return to the hallway and look to the left to find another small room before the acid trap. Inside is a bear-trap, a Goo Jar (500), Trap Parts (2) and Trap Parts (1). Leave the small room and disarm the acid trap. Just beyond the trap on the left is a crate in an alcove. Walk through the double doors and head downstairs.




Sneak up to the glowing barbed wire trap at the base of the stairs. The Keeper is about to make another appearance here, but if you don't let him see you he will leave. Pick up the Shotgun Shells (2) next to the barbed wire trap. Sneak to the right at the first hallway split and disarm the trip wire trap here before carefully adjusting the camera to look into the lit room.



Watch the Keeper continue with his grisly business until he leaves the room. He will then walk to the end of a nearby corridor and vanish. This leaves you free to loot the nearby rooms. In the lit room the Keeper was in smash the crate, as well as picking up the Trap Parts (1), Shotgun Shells (2), Matches (2) and Goo Jar (1000). Look up through the hole in the roof to spot a Statue to shoot as well. Head back to the hole in the wall you came in from and look behind the cleaning trolley for a Goo Jar (1000).



Now we need to head down the same corridor the Keeper used. Disarm both barbed wire traps and the acid trap ahead. The mist past the trap is actually impenetrable, so you will need to crawl into the hole to the right instead. When you leave the chute, look to the right to find Goo Jar (500) and Goo Jars (2x 300). Turn around and head in the opposite direction after picking them up.




Follow the crumbling ledges around the edges of the room to find a Goo Jar (500) before dropping down. At the bottom, you'll drop down with a barbed wire trap body in front of you. Next to it is a silver case you can open for Magnum Bullets (3). Enter the hall to the left to see a mirror room door directly ahead of you. Approach the door to be sucked into the hospital hub after a scene. Grab the Missing Person Poster: Joseph from the notice board before upgrading, saving and leaving the mirror.



Behind you when you emerge are Goo Jar (500) and Goo Jar (300) to pick up. Leave the mirror room and look to the right for a crate to smash. Enter the now open door next to the mirror room and look in the red cabinet to the left for Sniper Bullets (4) before dropping down the hole in the floor.




Look to the right when you land for a Goo Jar (300), Syringe (1), Trap Parts (1) and inside a cabinet is a Magnum Bullet (1). Sneak out of the room and look left to see a haunted surrounded by a new (or old depending on how you look at it) trap type. He is setting up explosive bolt traps (proximity mines). Pull out your sniper rifle and shoot one of the bolts on his back to blow him to bits. Pull out your shotgun (or pistol if you are running low) and reenter the room you just left. A few seconds later, an explosive masked haunted will appear. Use your readied gun to blow it away (and apart).



Enter the hallway again and look right to spot a barbed wire trap to disarm with a crate behind it to break. Look to the top of the pallets (covered in plastic) to the right at the closest end of the hall and look on top of them near the ceiling to spot a Statue to shoot. When you are ready, head towards the other end of the corridor. The first door on the right in the corridor opens a laundry room and a desk with Map Fragment 25 on it. Look next to the door for Trap Parts (1). Goo Jar (500) and Goo Jar (300) can be nabbed off a nearby shelf. Circle round to the other side of the shelf to find Trap Parts (1) and Goo Jar (1000).


Enter the open double doors here to collect Goo Jar (2x 300) and Handgun Bullets (5) from a shelf. An explosive bolt will be on the floor where this room rejoins the corridor, so you will need to trigger it and run or shoot it to destroy it safely. After taking care of it, walk back into the corridor once more.


Head towards the end (breaking the crates on the way) and enter the chute at the end. This will lead you up to a kitchen storeroom. Collect the Goo Jars (2x 300), Trap Parts (2x 1), Goo Jar (500), Matches (1), Freeze Bolt (1) and smash the pair of crates before leaving the room. The next room holds Goo Jar (500) and more crates to smash. Climb the stairs into the next room (a massive kitchen) and you'll see a quick scene.





You'll now have to traverse the deathtrap of a kitchen. Look at the bench next to you to see a Shock Bolt (1) to grab. Disarm the barbed wire traps to your left and look at the bench next to them to see a Statue. As you circle the bench to smash it, bladed Roombas will emerge and begin patrolling the kitchen. They don't do much damage but the chip damage can result in death quickly if you aren't careful. Make sure to have a healing item set to a shortcut if you get trapped.


These Roomba's can be killed by a shock bolt and there should be another one in the room somewhere right in front of the first... You can kill multiple Roomba's at once with one bolt if they bunch together, but try conserve your ammo in case you face more or need them later, Also another shock bolt can be found against a wall and cabnit left of the acid trap at the end of the room.. so possibly 3 shocks in here. Roomba's will keep coming no matter how many you destroy so it's much better to kill them only as needed like in a tight pinch of defending you while disarming the acid trap at the end. So make sure you have at least 1 by time you get to that acid trap because the hole in the wall will not stop spitting them out... but if you fry them in front of the hole they come out of... they wont be able to get out LOL.


Grab the key and turn around. In front of you is a trip wire trap to disarm (there are several of these in this room, not disarming them results in various horrible deaths, so disarm them). Time your dash underneath the flame pipe. Immediately turn right and disarm the trip wire trap at chest height. Keep going straight ahead, but stop when spikes come out of the wall directly in front of you. Turn left in the aisle the spikes appeared and disarm the trip wire trap in front of the flame pipe. Time your passing again and pick up the Trap Parts (1) on the floor next to you.


Head to the left side of the acid trap to find the control panel to disable. As soon as it's off, enter the hallway beyond to leave the killer Roombas behind. Turn right as you leave the kitchen to reach an storage room. Pick up the Shotgun Shells (2), Goo Jar (500), and Handgun Bullets (5) in here and smash the crate. A Syringe (1) can also be found in the red cabinet here.


Leave the room and head in the opposite direction. Ready your weaponry before going through these doors (reload everything and craft some freeze bolts) and make sure grenades are on one of your shortcuts as they will be your best friend here. As you enter the meat freezer, you'll see another scene involving Joseph.





Trapped in the meat freezer with the Keeper. Just awesome. The idea here is to kill him twice and then flee into the dumb waiter that Joseph just used in the scene. Don't run through the hanging meat at all as it makes you easy prey. Circle round the outside of the room when you need to move. There are several items on the shelves in here: Goo Jar (1000), Handgun Bullets (6), Goo Jar (500) and Shotgun Shells (2).



A well aimed grenade will stagger the Keeper, when it does follow it up with sniper rounds or shotgun blasts to kill him. That's one down. Each time you kill him he will release a bladed Roomba into the small room, making your life more difficult. Repeat the process a second time when he reappears (or use two grenades) and when he dies, run for the now open dumbwaiter in the back corner of the room.


You'll emerge in a workshop with Trap Parts (1), Goo Jar (500), Goo Jar (300), and a crate to smash. Look at the other dumbwaiter to find a Statue inside. After picking up everything, leave the room.




Follow the hallway around and pick up the Match (1) on a crate at the top of the stairs. At the bottom of the steps, turn right for a crate to break. Go the other direction and enter the white door at the end of the hall. You'll emerge into a cut scene and the chapter will conclude.



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