Chapter 14 - Ulterior Motives

CHAPTER 14 - Ulterior Motives




Push the rubble blankets off that you were lying under and clamber to your feet. Looks like we're in the subway (shock, horror, gasp. How unexpected!). Descend the central immobile escalator and look behind the blue newspaper racks against the wall on the left for a Goo Jar (300). The lockers against the wall hold Shotgun Shells (2) and a Goo Jar (300). Trundle over to the nearby newspaper rack to pick up the lone Shotgun Shell (1). From the ammo you just picked up, turn around and look at the hole in the roof above the pillar behind you to spot a Statue to shoot.


Look for a white door on the right side and sneak your way inside. A grenade trap is stuck to the wall next to where you enter the office. Disarm it and pick up the Trap Parts (1) from the desk. The central red drawer holds a Goo Jar (300) to loot.



Enter the small locker room next door to pick up a Match (1), a Grenade (1) in the lost and found (ha, that is pretty funny), and Map Fragment 26 on the same desk. The red cabinet here also holds a Goo Jar (200) as well. Exit back out to the main path and walk past the turnstiles.




Look to your left here to see a mirror room and head inside. Pick up the Journal Entry on the toilet before entering the mirror to upgrade and save. Pick up the Missing Person Poster: Ivan from the notice board and the Newspaper Article: Fire At Office from the newspaper rack before you exit. Leave the mirror room and carefully approach the doorway to the right. Inside is a heap of explosive bolt traps. A crossbow haunted will also be wandering around inside. Wait until he gets near the bolts and then shoot one to blast him to bits. Carefully detonate the remaining bolts in the room and then pick up the Goo Jars (2x 1000) before heading back to the main path.


Break the crates on the trolley before descending the escalator once more. Prepare your weaponry before descending (shotgun and pistol). At the bottom, look to the right to see a Goo Jar (300) amongst the rubble. Behind you, a Ruvik clone will show up and a haunted will rise up from the ground. Dodge the claw wave and bring the clone down fast with your shotgun (hopefully burning the other haunted when you burn the clone). Finish off the other haunted with your pistol and pick up the Goo (1000) from the clone.


Walk down the stairs to find another haunted impaled to the wall with harpoon bolts. Pull out the Harpoon Bolts (2) to add them to your stock and burn the haunted if you can. If you can't you'll need to kill him in the usual way.


Look to the right from where the haunted was to see a grenade trap next to a roller door. Disarm it and open up the roller door to move on. A Goo Jar (300) will be against the right wall as you move down the tube.




Descend the stairs at the end and lift up the metal gate (man, Sebastian's been working out). To your left as you enter the station, you will see another Ruvik clone, a hanging (trap trigger) haunted and an additional pair of haunted (one with a gun) roving the platform. A sharpshooter haunted is in the train car to the right of the roving haunted, so remember to take cover once you've alerted the enemies. A final scripted haunted is lying on a small island on the tracks who will react when the enemies are alerted.



You can find Sniper Bullets (3) and a Goo Jar (500) in the closest train car. Taking cover behind the vending machines against the left wall and blasting the incoming enemies is an effective strategy here, but feel free to approach it in whatever way suits you. Pick up the Goo Jar (300) in front of the vending machines, another Goo Jar (500) can be found on the seats partway along the platform. Grab the Matches (2) off the seats at the far end enter the next train car.



You'll spot a bear-trap partway along the car so disarm it, grab the Goo Jar () to the left and look into the next car to see a sharpshooter haunted and fat haunted ahead. The fat haunted will likely rush you at this point. Legs, match and whoosh. As long as you stay in the same car, the sharpshooter haunted shouldn't notice you. Pull out your sniper rifle and pop his head.


Another bear-trap will be waiting in the next car, followed by a grenade trap on the right wall and Handgun Bullets (5) on a seat to the left. Drop out of either door on the left into the water. Sneak towards the other car (a crossbow haunted is patrolling inside). Quick players can lure him towards the door and then shoot the explosive bolt traps on the wall behind him to dispose of him.



Detonate the rest of the explosive bolt traps in the car and hop out the other end of it. A Goo Jar (500) will be in the rubble to your right. Just beyond this is another train car to enter. Before doing so, look at the rear window of the car to the right to see a Statue sitting in it. You will need to circle around inside the cars ahead to break it. Crawl inside the left car and walk to the end of it.




Oh look, my clairvoyant powers of cynicism are proven. We're going across the hanging carriages we saw last chapter (not quite yet though). As soon as the checkpoint triggers, turn around and pull your pistol. A haunted will enter from the adjoining train car. Blast it away and enter the door it emerged from. Remember to smash the statue we saw a little earlier.



Step out of the car to be confronted with a membrane stretched across the tunnel ahead. The Matches (2) sitting on the ground act as a subtle clue as to what you should do to it. The Goo Jar (500) to the right on the other hand has nothing to do with it. After clearing the path, tromp down the steps beyond.




A two headed haunted will be hitting the wire fence in front of you at the base of the stairs (you can safely ignore this one). Head around the corner through the narrow gap and look for a scripted two headed haunted lying on the ground. Hope you've got a lot of shotgun shells or pistol bullets and matches as you are gonna need them in this chapter. Blast it's legs out from under it and set it on fire. A trip wire trap will be on the floor to your right, so take the time to disarm it. 



The trip wire trap room has a Goo Jar (500) and Trap Parts (1) inside to pick up before moving forward. A hanging two headed haunted will being moving when you get close. Blast and burn. Pick up the Goo Jar (300) at it's feet. Keep moving past the fences and turn right down the stairs. Trap Parts (1) will be sitting on the ground in front of a massive electrical arc crossing the tunnel. Crouch under the first one (Sebastian's got some serious balls to do this), burn the scripted haunted body in front of you and flip the switch on the left wall to deactivate them.



Continue on a short way until you arrive at another set. There are Handgun Bullets (6) on the floor in front of them and a switch on the left wall to clear the way. Crouch through the gap and move forward to see what happens to the rat. Enter the mirror room to the left and collect the Journal Entry inside. Enter the mirror and look at the notice board for an odd Missing Person Poster: Titiana. Look on the floor behind the reception desk for Newspaper Article: Hospital Case Sealed. Upgrade and save before leaving the mirror (now might be a good time to stock up on some shotgun bullets at the lockers if you have a few spare keys).


Leave the room and crawl into the opposite crawlspace for Goo Jar (500) and Goo Jar (300). When you back out, look up the hall (where you came from originally) to see a two headed haunted emerge out of the crawlspace. Dispose of it and crouch into the tunnel it came from. Inside you'll find some Sniper Bullets (2) and the way onwards.


Drop down into the sludge and deal with the two headed haunted around the corner.. Or not. An unseen attacker will take care of him for you. Head in the only direction you can.




At the next intersection, pick up the Match (1), Goo Jar (300) and Harpoon Bolt (1) before heading left. A trip wire trap will be half submerged here, so look carefully for it to disarm it safely. Through the wire fence to the right, you can see a statue, we'll get to it shortly. At the first opening on the right is a hanging two headed haunted. Deal with it the usual way and enter the corridor behind it.



Another membrane will be waiting for you to light up here. Round the corner after it crouched as there is a grenade trap there. After disarming it, pick up the Goo Jar (1000) and smash the Statue for a key.


The first opening on the left leads to a Goo Jar (300), grenade trap and Freeze Bolt (1). Under the water just beyond the grenade trap is a bear-trap, so be careful. The second opening on the left has a hanging two headed haunted to destroy. The second on the right also has a hanging two headed haunted to get rid of.


Once the haunted are gone, head for the end of the corridor to reach a large waterlogged room. To your right is a crate and a Grenade (1). Circle round the walkway and pick up the Matches (2) in the corner. Look to the fuse box on the wall here for your first Junction Box Fuse. Remove it to disable the arcing electricity. Past that on the ground are Trap Parts (1) and a Goo Jar (500). Look for the nearby wheel and turn it to drain the water from the room.



Cross the lowered water and enter the tube beyond before picking up the Goo Jar (300) embedded in the wall and climbing the ladder at the end. You'll rise up to see a two headed haunted feeding on a corpse. Approach it to watch it disappear like the earlier one. Collect the Handgun Bullets (4), Shotgun Shells (3) and Syringe (1) from the right side of the room before ascending the second ladder.


Directly ahead is a Goo Jar (300) and Matches (2) next to a large pipe with a hole in the side of it. Walk into the broken pipe and burn the barrier in your way. This will expose a narrow gap for you to squeeze through (gotta love how Sebastian looks completely unfazed. Considering what happened to the rat earlier).




This section can get a bit nasty if you don't have plenty of ammunition for you shotgun and explosive bolts due to the confined space and number of enemies. Make sure you are as stocked up as possible before moving forward.



You'll be in a large pipe with two hanging two headed haunted directly ahead (you can one shot these hanging haunted with a single sniper rifle shot to the left head - left when they are facing you) and a scripted one on the ground to your left which will rise up quickly. Deal with the one on the ground first, then try and kill at least one of the hanging ones before another two headed haunted will emerge into the pipe a little way away.


If you are fast enough, you can snipe the remaining two before they get too close. Once the fourth enemy hits the floor, move forward. Look for any remaining bodies on the ground and check them to make sure they don't back attack you. At the far end you'll find Handgun Bullets (6), Shotgun Shells (3) and a Goo Jar (300) embedded in the pulsing ooze.


Nab the Fuse out of the box to turn the pipe into a far more dangerous place. Three more two headed haunted will have appeared down the length of the pipe, so be very careful while moving about. Partway down the pipe is a wheel you can turn (with a Goo Jar (500) beside it) to lower the water level in a side passage.



When you do, another two headed haunted will appear and attack. When you head for the now clear of water way out, you'll encounter yet another two headed haunted. You really need a decent stockpile of ammo to get through this lot successfully. Descend the stairs to leave this hell pipe.





A Goo Jar (300) is stuck on a pipe partway along the corridor. After picking it up, keep strolling down the tunnel to initiate another trap sequence where you have to shoot the beast in the head. Say hello to the chapter boss. We'll be dealing with him later. Get up and look to the left up ahead for a barrier to burn. Behind it is an Explosive Bolt (1), Goo Jar (500), Goo Jar (300) and Trap Parts (1).


Leave the small room and climb the stairs. A Goo Jar (300) will be in the ooze to the left of the vent with Matches (2) beside it. Finish climbing the stairs and pick up the Handgun Bullets (8 + 6) on the trolley, Shotgun Shells (3) off another trolley, more Shotgun Shells (4) and a Syringe (1) off a trolley next to that one. Enter the mirror room to the left here and pick up the Map Fragment 27 off the machinery. Upgrade and save (picking up some grenades from the lockers if you can) and leave the mirror room. Head left and around the corner.




Here you'll find a generator, an electrical board, an elevator and at the far end is the final Fuse you need. Pull it out and return to the board. You need to align the fuses correctly here to provide power to the elevator. If you want to do the placement yourself, avoid looking at the paragraph below.



From left to right the fuses are: T-shape, straight line and corner. This will light up all the systems and activate the elevator. Leave the board when they are all done and head over to the generator to start cranking it up.





Ah crap, time to take on the chapter boss. He is a fast moving tentacled creature who has ridiculous amounts of health. When you regain control, keep these things in mind:


  • Explosives deal the most damage to him (grenades especially)
  • Shotgun rounds work well too but do less damage unless at point blank
  • The boss will begin by sliding around or trying to strike you with it's tentacles, keep moving to avoid it.
  • Every now and then after taking damage it will hide in one of the overhead chutes and start spawning exploding larvae. These can be shot for handgun and shotgun ammo.
  • After taking sufficient damage it will start to camouflage itself and spawn exploding larvae. Look carefully at the walls and floors to spot it.
  • Once it reaches the camouflage stage, just keep pounding away at it with explosives (it won't move when it's camouflaged making it an easy target) until it drops.



I know it sounds pretty simple, but trust me it's harder than it sounds. When it eventually dies, pick up the Goo (10000) it drops and run around the area collecting all the ammo on the ground.



Climb out of the pit and crank the generator a second time to activate the elevator. Before heading inside, look to the right to see a newly created hole in the ooze from the electricity. Head over and crouch under the arc to reach a Statue and some other loot. Step inside and pull the switch to ascend. When it stops, exit the lift and follow the tunnel. There will be a couple of Goo Jars (2x 300) to pick up  and a Statue sitting on some rubble in the open just past them before you reach the dangling subway car bridge we've seen many times before.





Enter the car and start to make your way across. Watch the events and keep moving until you arrive in a hospital corridor. This one is all new and shiny though. What's wrong with this place? Enter the double doors at the end, watch the ghosts argue and prepare to take on the umbilical haunted yet again.





Shoot in the leg and press B to disconnect. Repeat until they are all dead. There is plenty of handgun ammo in the room to pick up as well if you are running low. After they all fall, watch the scenes as the chapter ends. Nearly there folks!



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