Chapter 15 - An Evil Within

CHAPTER 15 - An Evil Within




Congratulations on making it to the final chapter. Now things really get difficult. Watch the opening scene and afterwards you'll wake up in the hospital hub. Leave your room and head for the notice board to find an enigmatic Missing Person Poster: Missing Woman. On the reception desk nearby is a Journal Entry as well.


Take heed that this is the last time you can spend your locker keys, so use them now to fully stock up. You're going to need it. Upgrade and save before heading back to the corridor of patient rooms. Here you'll find Leslie warping the world again and a scene will take over.



Huh, coherent speech from Leslie? Follow Leslie down the hall (the doors behind you are locked or don't contain anything). Keep following the linear path until another cut scene takes over. You'll wake up on the rubble out the front of Beacon mental hospital where this all began.




Pick your way through the debris towards the hospital (Leslie will help you cross the gaps). After the first jump from Leslie, look to the right to find some crates. After the second jump, head up to the door of the hospital and walk through.



Unlike the first time you were here, this time there is loot to gather: Goo Jar (500), Syringe (1), Goo Jar (1000) and Handgun Bullets (3) before going into the security camera room. Turn right into the storage room (which was locked before) and in between the shelves is a Syringe (1) to collect. Open the wire gate at the far end of the room and open the switch door to find stairs leading down. Follow the linear path once more until you reach the bottom of a long and smoky ladder.


When the path splits in the narrow corridor, head straight ahead first for a Goo Jar (300) and then backtrack to the left path you just passed. At the end of this one is an Audio Log. Turn around and take the path directly in front of you to fall down a hole and wind up in the hospital basement. Head through the door on the far side of the pool of blood and head left when you can. Some Trap Parts (1) and a Goo Jar (500) should be glistening nearby.


Turn around and go the other direction along the path we've traveled before. You'll encounter Leslie on the way and skip over the ooze to reach the padlocked doors from the first time we were here (and couldn't open them as we had no weapons). Do a one-eighty and head back to the bridge behind you. Open the door (which is now unlocked) to find Trap Parts (5) inside. Return to where you were and look at the ground to find Newer Note From Sewers.



Walk up to the first padlocked gate on the left and break it open. Follow the long walkway to the end and you will discover Sniper Bullets (2). Return to the gate and enter the open doorway (where we used the ladder to leave this area in the past) to find the ladder gone and a Goo Jar (1000) sitting in it's place. Now that you have those, break open the remaining padlocked gate and pass through the double doors.


Follow the linear path and climb the spiral staircase at the end. At the top are two doors. Enter the first one for an Audio Log and Handgun Bullets (4). Retreat to the balcony and try the other door. Follow the linear path once more until you arrive outside in the hospital gardens in the rain.


Look to your left to spot a door and head down the stairs beyond it. All the way down the bottom is Map Fragment 28 and a Goo Jar (5000). Return to the surface and head directly ahead to find a Goo Jar (500) on a seat. Now return to the main path and a scene will take control. After the scene, head around the hedges to the right to find Trap Parts (1) on a seat. Pick them up before heading through the doors Leslie passed through.





Three doors will be at the end of the short corridor. Enter the right one first. Inside is the upgrade chair from the hospital hub and the save sheet as well. Pick up the Matches (2) from the desk. This is the last time you can use your collected goo to upgrade Sebastian, so spend away. When you're done, leave the room and walk through the double doors.



These will open up to a long hall with patient rooms along the right wall. Head for the far end and examine the last door in the hall. A short scene will take place where you will be given some advice for a later point in the chapter. You'll arrive in the room with the corridor you just left all new and shiny outside. Try to head for the end of the corridor again for another scene. After the scene plays out you'll enter the real final chapter of the game, with tough gunplay, traps and boss fights galore.





This arena will test your gunplay to it's limits. Reload everything you have and brace yourself for the a heap of enemies.


  • There is a large amount of ammo and other items scattered about, so when a wave is nearly over you can run around and restock
  • The eyes in the arena have no effect on the battle, so just ignore them.
  • Before the first wave arrives, you'll see several waves of power/ distortions flow through the area
  • The first wave enters from the top of the towers to the left and right, and will climb down the ladders before attacking you.
  • The group of enemies consists of: three regular haunted, a crossbow haunted, a pistol haunted, two fat haunted, a masked fat haunted and a masked haunted (just a few, eh?).
  • Once the enemy group is or is nearly defeated, a lunatic will burst through the double doors with a rocket launcher and open fire on you. Take cover behind the spike walls immediately.
  • The rocket launcher has a very large blast radius and deals massive damage, so "absorbing" a hit is impossible. Cover is necessary.
  • You can actually shoot through the spike walls with a sniper rifle to force the lunatic to drop his weapon and pull out a chainsaw. When he does this, he turns into a normal chainsaw lunatic. Explosive bolts and shotgun shells will bring him down quickly.



Once the lunatic is down, pick up the Goo (5000) he drops and scour the room for any ammo or other items before entering the now open double doors.




You'll stumble into another test of gunplay, but this time it's focused on taking cover. Two sharpshooter haunted and two dynamite haunted are hiding behind walls at the top rear of the area. You need to pull out your sniper rifle and splatter their brains across the wall (or shoot the dynamite haunted to blow both up in one go). You can also use explosive bolts as well if you are running low on sniper ammo.



Grab the Sniper Bullets ( ), Harpoon Bolt (1) from the lower level before picking up the ammo from where the haunted were. Climb the stairs here and enter the double doors above.





Now, this is where all that time hoarding magnum bullets will pay off. Remember when I told you to do that all the way back in chapter 11? Now is the time. Why? Because you are about to face two keepers at the same time. These Keepers have also been beefed up from the previous versions. They take around six explosive bolts and multiple shotgun blasts to take down just one. Luckily, you should have at least ten or twelve magnum rounds by now and can just blast away at both of them quickly until they die. It should only take a few seconds and require little to no movement on your part.



If you didn't pay attention to me earlier in the game you will have to fall back on the freeze bolt and sniper rifle or shotgun strategy. You can separate the Keepers in different sections if you are willing to risk pulling the switch with two keepers next to you. The keepers have their normal melee attacks, a charge and a sprint in their repertoire until they are nearly dead.


When they are, they will sprint constantly and try to smash you to bits. Don't be stingy with ammo here as this is the last time you'll really need it in the game. Once both keepers are dead, disarm the grenade traps and loot the place for items (there are lots here). When you're ready, leave through the double doors.





Ruvik will appear in front of you and create a maze of light. This is the eye you were warned about earlier in the chapter. If you are caught in the light, you die and are booted back to the checkpoint. Simple as that. Use all your stealth skills to work your way through (watching out for traps and switches as you go). This is one of the most stressful and satisfying sections of the game, so I'm not going to spoil the experience with a step by step guide through. Just take it slow, watch the light patterns and you'll be fine.





Immediately after the checkpoint, a massive spinning set of blades will descend and try to cut you down. Sprint towards the screen to escape and find yourself back in the hospital garden. Enter the double doors, use the save point on the right and enter the elevator to ascend to the final battle.






Approach the cluster of flesh and wires and watch the long scene until you are confronted by Amalgam (with Ruvik inside). As soon as you regain control, you'll have to sprint straight ahead while dodging Amalgam's scything arms as they drag across the path ahead. Watch the angle of the arms to work out which way they will move as they drag towards you. After entering the building the chase will begin again.





The fists won't hit you here, but you will have to weave to avoid the holes they create in the floor. Keep moving towards the end of the room until another scene takes over. When you gain control of the turret, whenever a red target icon appears aim for that (usually a hand reaching for you). At all other times, blast Amalgam in the top of the skull. After a bit of this another scene will happen.





The final section of the fight involves you firing a rocket launcher a Amalgam's head. Body shots don't do sufficient damage, they need to be head-shots. Every two hits or so, Amalgam will be stunned, allowing you time to line up a head-shot on a big red target so make sure to be accurate. Nine or ten head-shots will result in Ruvik trying one last attack in person. Watch the short scene and ready yourself to put a final slug in Ruvik's brain. When you do, the battle ends and the final scenes roll.



Enjoy the end credits and the rewards of your labour. Beating the game on survival difficulty gives you 75000 Goo, a Rocket Launcher and a Machine Gun. You also unlock the model gallery and New Game +. Good game and good luck folks!



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