The Evil Within is a real survival horror game. Ammunition is scarce, enemies are plentiful and you will constantly be worried about what is around the next corner. Make sure to follow these tips to make your life in this game a little easier.


Some additional item locations have been provided in contributions by Jonathan Wright. These have been highlighted in bold green text throughout the guide. Thanks for the help Jonathan.


  • Save, oh dear God save - throughout the guide I mention each checkpoint and save (mirror) room. Use these opportunities to save your game to avoid extreme frustration from lost progress. You can often backtrack or revisit mirror rooms to save again if need be after a difficult section. The mirror rooms also emit a specific piece of music, so listen for it if you know one is in the area and can't find it.
  • Upgrade - Goo is used to upgrade Sebastian and can be found in jars or in puddles dropped by enemies. It should be used when possible as it makes life easier (unless you are saving for a specific upgrade). Make sure to buy at least the following: Sprint (two levels), Pistol (Crit % to 20) and as many stock increases as you want. This will ensure you aren't wasting ammo on weaker haunted and can pick up everything you find.
  • Healing - Your health recovers up to around 30% by itself when you are standing still. This can be increased (not the percent but your max health) by upgrading your health or using medikits found during the game.
  • Traps - These are common (I call them out in the guide, but be alert anyway), they can also be disarmed for parts to use in crafting bolts for your crossbow. Make sure to disarm and collect each trap you find (unless you want to use it against enemies).
  • Make sure everything is reloaded at all times - Dying because you forgot to reload your shotgun is a real pain. It's happened to me on more than one occasion.
  • Melee weapons - These include hatchets and torches - you will find these scattered throughout the game. Swing them at a regular haunted for an instant kill. Just be careful it's mates don't surround you.
  • Statues - statues are collectibles in this game that can be smashed to obtain keys. These keys are used in the hospital hub to unlock lockers for additional supplies (you can reload the game to try and get different items if you want).
  • Matches - Matches are one of the most useful resources in the game. They allow you to instantly kill any knocked down enemy, no matter how much health they have left. This is particularly useful against alteregos (two headed haunted) and fat haunted as they have lots of health.



Keep those in mind and you'll enjoy the game a bit more.


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