Gold Bricks & Other Collectibles

Gold Brick 1 - Million Stud Brick


This brick requires you to collect one million studs while in this room. 


***IMPORTANT*** - Turn off ALL multipliers and extra effects (that Stud Attract is nice, but will stop you from getting this brick as well).


None of the multipliers work in this room anyway, but turn them off to be safe.  The Stud Attract is nice, but also seems to stop it from spawning.


We managed to do this with no extra effects on, and all in the same run (not leaving the room).  There are enough studs to do this.  To help out a bit, collect all the other Gold Bricks in this room, and then leave and come back.  Where a Gold Brick was, a Purple Stud will spawn instead.


Feel free to try other methods and or combinations, but this way we know works.



Gold Brick 2 - So Grating


This Gold Brick can be found inside the wall vent at the side of the room at floor level.  A heat ray character is needed to get through the screws.



Gold Brick 3 - SPARKLE!


Near the door to the room (not the area portal) is a lego rainbow cylinder and book forming a ramp (this will be used later).  Inside the cylinder is a Gold Brick.



Gold Brick 4 - Cloud Cuckoo


Next to the area portal on the left is a box with a grapple point on it.  Bring it down to and complete all the builds to spawn the Gold Brick inside the box.



Gold Brick 5 - Eject


To the left of the area portal is a computer tower.  At the bottom of that is a hack point.  Successfully hack to open the CD tray and spawn a Gold Brick.



Gold Brick 6 - Fishies


On top of the computer desk, and to the left, is a fish tank.  Inside the fish tank is a Gold Brick.



Gold Brick 7 - Swingers Only


On top of the computer desk, and to the right, is a series of acrobatic points which lead upwards and at the end is a Gold Brick.  Alternatively, just fly up and get it.



Gold Brick 8 - Mouse Trap


To the left of the computer up fairly high, is a shelf.  On top of this is a sound system with a car on top.  Push the car down and it will knock down some books, which will fall into a bin.  Inside the bin a Gold Brick will spawn.



Gold Brick 9 - Bugatti Veyron (No Seriously, It Goes Faster Than Superman)


After the car is on the ground (see Mouse Trap just above), get into it and travel clockwise around the room.  Not too far from the car is a line on the ground.  This line will start a one person race with studs spawning to show you where to go.  Going clockwise will allow you to navigate the jump.  Once you have completed the circuit, the Gold Brick will spawn not too far from the starting/finishing line.



Gold Brick 10 - We Know What To Do


In the corner of the room, near the bed, is a toy box.  On top of the toy box, is the Gold Brick



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