Level 12: Broadcast News


Level portal location (hub access): Octan Tower - From the portal room, head through the jaw shaped doors, head right and then left along the hallway and at the end turn left to see the TV studio entrance and level start point.


Ah, the filming location of the epic family show: Where's my pants! You get to take over the sound board for the studio as the episode is recorded. Before that though you must deal with the four robo thugs that try to stop you. When that is done, turn your attention to the soundboard. As the images appear on the screens above, press them in that order (left to right) to proceed. Repeat this two more times to successfully finish the episode. If you mess up, the reset button will appear at the bottom of the board.


Once that is a wrap, more robo thugs will try to stop you so pound them into dust. To proceed to the next area, you need to organize the studio (3 lights, 2 cameras and the sound mike). First, take Unikitty over to the rainbow pants and smash the rack apart. Rebuild it into a butterfly and it will set up the sound microphone for you. Next, head left slightly and kick out the red and white supports behind the right wall of the stage.


This will cause the panel to fall to the floor and you can use this to push the camera on the right all the way over until it is in front of the stage. Turn both cameras into position. Swap to Batman and throw your baterang at the light overhead. The last two are on the upper level, so swap to Wyldstyle and climb up the audience seating on the far right of the room.




Pants - Flight (Superman) - Unavailable until Sound Board Minigame Completed


Floating in the air in the middle of the room at the back, are pants.  PANTS!



Minikit 01/05 - Acrobatics (Wyldstyle) Or Flight (Superman)


In the back right corner of the room, up on the gantry is a Minikit.  Use a flying character or climb up using a female character.



Minikit 02/05 - Construction Worker (Gail)


To the right of the room is a repair point.  Use a construction worker character to fix it and reveal the door at the back, which was hidden behind audience seating.  Go through the door.

At the end of the table is the Minikit.



Minikit 03/05 - None


To the right of this room are coloured keys which you can jump on.  The screen behind shows a man jumping in a certain order.  Copy him.  If you fail, just start again.  If you get stuck, just wait and he will keep repeating, and so long as you don't move, you won't fail while you wait.

The correct sequence is (for Xbox One at least) is:

5 Blues and 1 Green for the first wave.

6 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Orange, 1 Green and 1 Yellow.

At the end they will play the tune you have made.  Sound familiar?

Once the wall goes down, the Minikit will spawn.





Use the jump point on top of the seating to reach the climbable wall and climb up to the gantry. Push the lights to the end of the tracks and the setup will be complete. Robo thugs will burst through the door on the right and then a micro manager will arrive too. Have Batman deal with the problem and use the remains to construct a laser machine. Use the machine to melt away all the gold objects along the back wall. This will give Benny access to the terminal in the back room. Complete the hack to begin recording.


After Bad Cop joins your party, use his heat ray to melt the gold objects at the back of the stage. Melting the vases on the right gives you the pieces to fill in the push track underneath the back wall. Push the large yellow wall to the right and a handle will appear. Attach it to the winch on the left side of the stage and the backdrop of the stage will rise into the air. Have Bad Cop melt the gold frame on the rear door and the area ends.


The new area you have reached is the server room. The goal here is to have Metal Beard skewer three servers and throw them down into the lower area for the parts to make a spaceship. If you are achievement hunting, have Benny complete all three builds and a cheevo will pop.




Minikit 04/05 - Flight (Superman)


On the back wall on the opposite side of where you started, in the center, floating in the air, is a Minikit. 



Minikit 05/05 - Metalbeard


Around the room are six containers that look like four missiles stuck together.  Only Metalbeard can destroy these with his explosive cannon.  There are two on the level that you entered on, two in the lower level (which he cannot walk to, but can fire at), and one on each of the platforms at the end.  The ones at the end can only be reached when the bridges are extended.  Both can be reached from one platform.

Once all six are destroyed, you automatically get the Minikit.





First off, take control of Metal Beard and wander over to the first cracked and smoking server. Complete the quick-time event and it will be flung down to the lower area. Take a master builder character down to the lower level and swap to Bad Cop to melt the nearby pylon. Construct the first third of the spaceship (stunning the jet pack robot if need be). Stay as Bad Cop as you jump up the newly made stairway to the left platform and laser the three micro managers that appear (so much quicker than Batman).


Swap to Benny once you are done and use the nearby terminal. Once complete, the bridge nearby will extend, allowing Metal Beard across to the second server. Travel ye across as Metal Beard and throw it down below. Swap to Bad Cop and laser the golden pylon on the right. Swap to a master builder and create the second part of the spaceship. Complete the same process you just did on the right platform and the spaceship is complete. Hop in and the level ends.




The Special - 100,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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