Level 13: Back From Reality


Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - In the rear of the construction site in a hole.


When you arrive at the flaming construction site you will be introduced to a new ability. Blaze firefighter has a fire extinguisher that can put out flames. Unfortunately the only water source is electrified. Drill the cracked panel into a hole first, Use the nearby master build point (yes, Emmet is now totally a master builder) to raise the electrical tower out of the water. Swap to Blaze and top up his extinguisher (it empties between areas so there is no point wasting time filling it up if you are about to move between them). Then put out the nearby fire and run through the collapsed structure to the right side of the area.


Gail will be stuck up some scaffolding but to get her down you need to deal with the treaded micro managers. Drill out the central pit and lure them into it. Once both are no more, Gail will drop down and join you.




Minikit 01/05 - Acrobatics (Wyldstyle)


In the back left corner, use a purple jump point to jump up the ledge and get the Minikit.





Swap to Gail and use the purple jump point to the left of the flying micro manager to demolish it. Head out of the area to the right.


Robo swat will try to stop you when you arrive but they shouldn't be a match for anyone. Swap to Emmet and drill the back of the water truck to give Blaze some ammunition and then get to work on the fires.




Pants - Lord Business


In the lower part, swap to Lord Business and use his legs machine to summon the police.  Your police.  To stop you.  Yeah.  Kill eight of them for pants.  PANTS!





Jump onto the conveyor belt when you can reach it and swap to Gail. Use the nearby climbable wall to reach the upper platform. A rolled up ladder is nearby so kick it down for the guys. The water cooler up here can be smashed for more water for Blaze. Keep clearing out those flames as you move on.




Minikit 02/05 - Heat Ray (Superman)


Use a heat ray character to break through the gold wall to get to the Minikit.





When you reach the top area with the golden pillar, robo swat and micro managers will appear and begin firing lasers. Deal with the bots and hide behind the pillar until they bring it down, then swap to Emmet and use the master build spot to make a dual catapult. Fire away at the micro managers and the building will collapse.


Now that the building is down, use the nearby repair spot to move the elevator slightly. Then push it along its tracks until you reach the right side of the area.




Minikit 03/05 - None


Push the elevator all the way to the end of its track to allow the Minikit to leave.



Minikit 04/05 - Grappling Hook (Batman) Or Flight (Superman)


In the front left corner, above in the air, is a grapple point to a ledge with a Minikit on it.  Use a grapple character, or fly, to get it.



Minikit 05/05 - Acrobatics (Wyldstyle)


On the right side, above in the bathroom (where the toilet is for the water in story mode), at the base of the climbable wall (where the purple jump point is), walk left into the stall to get the hidden Minikit.





Three robo swat will stand in your way (of the valiant quest of toilet smashing) so beat them apart. Swap to Gail and head as high up as you can with the jump points and climbable wall. Smash the toilet up here to fill up the hole below for Blaze. Use him to put out the fire on the right and enter another area.


More robo swat await you in this new area so be ready. Deal with the next wave of robo swat and drill out the cracked panel on the water tank to the left. Swap to Blaze and deal with all the fires you can reach. Then change back to Emmet and repair the lift on the right and drill out the cracked panel. This frees the wrecking ball from the wall and smashes the micro manager.


More robo swat arrive and have to be dealt with. Swap to Gail and use the jump point and climbable wall at the back of the area to reach the crane. Lower it down as much as you can. More robo swat. Smash. Use the green handle on the far left of the area on the cement mixer and pour the slab. The nearby steam roller can be pushed along the track (wow, these lego are strong). Once all three parts are in place, use the master build spot and the level will end.




The Special - 100,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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