Level 14: Bricksburg Under Attack


Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - In the construction site, as far to the right as possible (next to the row of porta loos).


Take control of Emmet's mech and superman (well that team seems a bit overpowered). Superman's heat vision is the best way of dealing with any micro managers who get in your way. Laser all of them in sight and head for the far end of the street.




Minikit 01/05 - Put out four Fires - Extinguisher (Blaze Firefighter) OR Ice (Yeti), Heat Ray (Superman)


Note:  If using the Blaze Firefighter, if you run out of water, swap to another character and swap back.


Directly left from where you start is the first fire.  Put it out.


The second fire is on the right from where you start.


The third is in the far back corner, next to the Kragaliser tentacle.


The last fire will only start once you use a heat ray character to destroy the gold blocks on the Kragaliser tentacle at the end of the street.  The fire will start where the cylinder lands (shown in cut scene), on the left side of the street.


Once you put out the last fire, you will get the Minikit.



Minikit 02/05 - Mech


On the right hand side wall, past halfway down the street, are two vertical neon signs (saying Fish and Hotel).  Destroy both of these to automatically get your Minikit.



Minikit 03/05 - None


On the right hand side wall, past halfway down the street, is an alley between two buildings.  The Minikit is sitting in there.





At the far end of the street, a Kragelizer tentacle and more micro managers will appear. Laser the micro managers first and then melt the gold panels on the side of the tentacle. This reveals a weaker under body. Micro managers on the roof above will drop down, dislodging a fuel container. Laser away and have Emmet throw the fuel container at the crack in the tentacle to clear the path. You can ignore the final wave of micro managers by flying past them into the new area.


Now that Superman is gone, Emmet is the better character for taking down the micro managers so start hammering away. Smash open the truck near the Kragalizer tentacle to expose a heap of green blocks. Swap to Green Lantern and use the blocks to crack open the tentacle's shell. Then have Emmet throw part of the truck at it. After damaging the tentacle, the rest of the squad will arrive on the building above. Change to Wonder Woman and deal with the two flying micro managers and their ground based buddies. Pimp the plumber's ride with Wyldstyle and it will put a row of plungers on the wall.





Minikit 04/05 - Master Builder (Wyldstyle)


To the right of where you start are some blocks that can be built into a statue of Gandalf.  Build the statue to get your Minikit.



Minikit 05/05 - Heat Ray (Superman)


In the middle of the area is a subway entrance blocked by two gold block gates.  Use a heat ray character to break one, walk down the stairs, and get your Minikit.



Pants - Flight (Superman), Lord Business, Rainbow Blocks (Unikitty)


After creating the flying plunger wagon, fly up to the top of the back right building.  Swap to Lord Business and use the legs machine at the right of the area.  Flip the switch in the back left to turn off the electricity protecting the rainbow blocks.  Go back to the legs machine to get rid of extendo legs and swap to Unikitty to break the rainbow blocks and enter to get your pants.  PANTS!





But wait, we have Wonder Woman. Simply fly up to the radio dish above and knock it down. Build it up into a terminal and have Benny access it. This allows him to take control of a rocket robot nearby and shoot off the silver block armour of the Kragelizer tentacle. Once the armour is off, have Emmet throw more of the truck at the tentacle. Once he does, the way is clear and Emmet skates into the sunset.




The Special - 120,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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