Level 15: The Final Showdown


Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - The back right corner of the construction site, underneath a target.


The giant micro manager of Lord Business will arrive and begin taunting you. Swap to Unikitty and use her laser to deal with the micro manager army.




Minikit 01/05 - Mech


On the left side of the area are two white small statues.  On the left is another one.  Destroy all three to get your Minikit.



Minikit 02/05 - Flight (Superman)


On the right side in the middle is a small balcony with a switch on it.  Flip the switch and it will spawn blue studs and a Minikit.  Use a flight character to grab the Minikit.





Once the micro managers are decimated, the giant micro manager will turn around. This exposes his gold plated back for Unikitty to melt off. After about half of the panels are scrap he will turn around again and two more waves of micro managers will try to stop you. Unikitty's laser is just as effective as before so burn everything in sight. Once both waves are gone you can melt the remaining panels on the giant micro manager. Once it is clear, swap to Emmet and use Gandalf's contribution by hurling it at the cracked rear panel. This forces the giant micro manager to flee to a new area. Guess where you're going.


In this new area, the pair will be on separate rooftops.




Pants - Flight, (Superman) Heat Ray (Superman)


Use a flight character to fly across the gap in the buildings to the left side.  There is a billboard with a gold block frame.  Use a heat ray character to very slowly cut the gold blocks.  Behind the billboard are pants.  PANTS!



Minikit 03/05 - Flight (Superman)


On the left building, at the front, floating in the air is a Minikit.  Use a flight character to get it.





Unikitty's laser can rip through the micro managers and Business's golden armour in a matter minutes. There is next to no strategy here, just laser everything. Until the Magician provides some ammo for Emmet. Fling the container at the cracked panel and Lord Business will retreat again.


Now on the upper rooftops you have to overpower Business one more time. The giant micro manager will stomp the ground but occasionally get a leg stuck.




Minikit 04/05 - None


To the right of the area at the front are three exhaust fan sections.  Destroy all three to get your Minikit.



Minikit 05/05 - Explosives (Demo Man)


On the far left and far right at the front, are two silver block scaffolds.  Destroy both with an explosives character to get your Minikit.





When it does, damage that leg as quickly as possible (Emmet is best for this). Once the leg takes enough damage it will break off. Emmet can then throw the leg at the giant micro manager. Repeat this process on the other leg and Lord Business is defeated, watch the ending cutscene and the game is over. Everything is awesome!




The Special - 30,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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