Level 2: Escape From Bricksburg


Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - Above the entrance to the police station (requires female character or flight).


A very Bond-like opening awaits you as the level begins. Emmet is strapped to a rack while a laser is inching towards him. Luckily Wyldstyle is on hand to save his bacon. Once you gain control of your characters, deal with the robot security force and rebuild the laser with Wyldstyle. Once it's rebuilt, hop in and first melt the golden door on the left. Afterwards turn your attention to the missile launching security camera directly ahead. After they are disintegrated, more robot security will arrive.


Stay in the laser (or re-board) and disassemble them into component parts. Jump out and head through the now open gold doorway. Inside is the first instruction page and a cracked panel for Emmet to drill. This knocks down a support beam which Wyldstyle use (via the purple pipes) to reach the roof of the small room. More robot security await above so deal with them.


The blue and purple machinery up here can be smashed and rebuilt into a wall-running panel (Prince of Persia too? Is there any mechanic that doesn't end up in lego games?). Sprint across with Wyldstyle and push the machine on the far right side of the new roof down to get the parts for a jump pad for Emmet. Once Emmet has reached the roof it's time to bring the house down by drilling the roof open.


Once the robot security are flattened and you are inside the small room, grab the second instruction page. Pull the switch inside the room and knock down the fan on the wall as well. Rebuild the fan and float up out of the room and return to your trusty laser. Sear open the gold panel and flip inside to find the final instruction page. If you are looking for collectibles, now is a good time to read the section below as after climbing the ladder, you cannot return to this floor.




Pants - Hacking (Benny), grapple (Batman), Blue Blocks (Emmet), Rainbow Blocks (Unikitty), Acrobatics (Female character)


To gain access to the pants (what a weird line), when you obtain the third instruction page (in the office with the gold window that must be opened with the laser) you can see a computer console to hack with an astronaut or robot character. Once the hacking is complete a door to the control room opens at the back of the room. Once you are in the control room on a nearby door you will spot a grapple point. Wrench the door open with a grapple character and use a character who can repair blue blocks to fix the machine inside.


Swap to a female character to shimmy across the purple poles and reach the central platform. On this platform is another blue block machine to repair. Fixing this one raises the missing panels between the platforms, allowing you to push the nuclear rods along the checkered path to the green spot. Once the rod is in place cross the newly raised bridge and follow the edge along to a computer made out of rainbow blocks for Unikitty to destroy. Reform the blocks into a butterfly and it will place a purple pole for a female character to climb on.


Jump on and then climb up and cross the hanging bars to reach a higher ledge. Follow it along until you reach a set of open doors. Inside this small room is a block with a swing pole that you can push along. Once the pole is in place (the game lets you know) swing across the gap and hack the terminal in the small room on the other side (Very cute, the board spells out the word lego). Once the hack is complete the large doors stopping entry to the pants will open and they are yours (sounds like a shopping spree gone mad). Quite a lot of work for a pair of pants.





When you are ready to move on, take Emmet over to the instruction build machine and create the giant ladder. Climb up it to the next floor and your means of return will be destroyed. Head to the left most side of this platform and smash the machine against the left wall. This can be rebuilt with Wyldstyle into a bounce panel. Have Wyldstyle hop onto it to be bounced up to an overhead set of bars. Travel along it.



Minikit 01/05 - Acrobatics (Female character)


After building the giant ladder and jumping up to the overhead hanging bars, move along until you see studs below you and a place you can drop down. On this narrow ledge is the minikit.





Once you reach the top level and try and take the right path, the catwalk will be destroyed by a rocket wielding robot. Swap to Emmet and remove the problem so Wyldstyle can spin across the poles uninterrupted. When you reach the far side, deal with the robot security that arrive and kick down the ladder (in case the next jump section does not go well).


Wall jump up to another level and then wait. A rocket robot will break the junction box. Swap to Emmet and repair it so Wyldstyle can wall-run across the gap in safety (relatively). Wyldstyle will knock down a fan for Emmet to repair, allowing them both to reach the upper level quickly. A quick drilling on the exit door by Emmet and the pair are outta there.


When the duo arrive in the back alley, Emmet tries to imitate Bucket-head. Without the guitar. This is the first taste of "master builder" power. Stand on the green circle on the floor with Wyldstyle and hold X. Drag the cursor that appears over the green outlined objects to meld them together. A wave of robo swat will arrive but making short work of them should be easy. Swap to Emmet and drill both panels you can see (one on the left, the other on the right wall). Swap back to Wyldstyle and jump up to the fire escape, then onto the purple rail overhead.




Minikit 02/05 - Heat Ray (Superman), Hacking (Benny)


After reaching the next area there will be a gate with a large golden padlock at the back of the area. Melt it off with a heat based ray and move through it to find a terminal to hack. Completing the sequence successfully turns off the nearby electrical storm and allows you access to the minikit.



Minikit 03/05 - Heat Ray (Superman), Rainbow Blocks (Unikitty), Blind Courage (Vitruvius)


Head all the way to the opposite end (front end) of the alley. On the left hand side will be another golden padlock for heat rays to melt down. Inside is a rainbow block flower for Unikitty to destroy and rebuild into a catapult. Get flung across the alley and use the ladder against the wall to reach the upper platform. Use Vitruvius to move along the beam and reach the third minikit.



Minikit 04/05 - Acrobatics (Female character)


From the last collectible, drop down and head back towards the alley, a set of stairs and series of acrobatic jumps will let you reach a tightrope above the alley. Waddle across, jump onto the nearby purple pipe. Head along it (dropping down where necessary) to reach the minikit on a balcony.





Assemble all your parts to exit the building. Well the alley... you know what I mean.


On the road you should regain control as Wyldstyle clinging to the back of a dump truck. Hop onto the top and then over to the crate laden semi in front (dying from the 3D perspective here is really easy to do, I must have totaled 10 deaths on my first run through for this whole sequence). Once she reaches the front, a police van will arrive and start harassing Emmet. Swap to him and start firing away at them.


After the van is destroyed, Wyldstyle will have to jump across a car to another semi. Once again a police van will arrive and it's back to Emmet to blast away. Once the van is toast, Emmet will ram the semi Wyldstyle is on so she can master build three construction vehicles into a crane and then jump onto the small pipe dangling from it  (does this seem excessively reckless to you too?).


Once you are back in control, drop down from the pipe on to the side of the petrol tanker. Swap back to Emmet and shoot the rear of the fuel tanker (wait, what?) and then follow Wyldstyle down the road as Emmet.




Minikit 05/05 - Destroy 4 police vehicles


During the police chase sequence there will be a point where you are on the motorbike moving through traffic. Immediately after blowing up the back of the fuel truck a series of police vehicle (one at a time) will come right at you, as long as the fire button is held down during this you will get all four easily.





Once the prompt appears (the fuel tanker should be next to a pink and blue block wall of bricks) jump onto the wall with Wyldstyle and move away from the tanker towards the front. Swap back Emmet when the police van appears and blow it sky high. Once the van is destroyed, shoot the tow truck to give Wyldstyle a path to move forward. Several car jumps later and a wall of police vehicles will block your path.


Vans can be taken out easily with the Super Cycle (Emmet's vehicle) and the helicopter is best take down by Wyldstyle's cannon. Swap to Emmet first, destroying the vans and blowing up any rockets that come your way until only the chopper remains. Swap to Wyldstyle and after a few seconds the chopper will rotate slightly and expose it's weak point. Blast it with the cannon and four more vans will arrive. Repeat once again to clear the road. So to speak.


Swap to Emmet again and shoot the back of the yellow semi in front to release a string of trolleys. Swap to Wyldstyle, jump across them and then onto the green semi. When the semi moves up, hop over to the blue semi (follow the stud path if you are having difficulty). A lone robot swat will try to stop you here. Acquaint him with the road before jumping onto the black semi, then wall-running across the billboard.


Another robo swat will appear. Turn him into a skid-mark on the road then swap back to Emmet. Shoot the semi in front to nearly decapitate everyone. Change back to Wyldstyle and slide down the newly arrived pole. The final police blockade will arrive shortly afterwards. The goal here is to shoot all three cars off the transport truck to create a ramp, then swap to Wyldstyle to master build the Super cycle into a suitable vehicle. You can attack the vans as well to clear the way for the master build. Once the master build is finished the level ends.




The Special - 80,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.




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