Level 3: Flatbush Gulch


Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - In the alley containing the area change portal (between the police station and the train station)


Still faaaaaaaalling, guide the character you want to control (Wyldstyle is normally easier as she doesn't flail madly like Emmet.




Minikit 01/05 - Catch while falling


The minikit can be found during the fall sequence at the beginning of the level. The kit is in the center of the fifth circle of studs (after bouncing off the second corner). It may take a few attempts to get this as bouncing off the wall and away from the minikit is pretty easy to do.





Pick up the studs as you go until the pair reach the ground. Once you land, if you are collectible hunting for this level, pause and read the collectibles section before attempting to get them. Otherwise keep rolling on (or sliding). The sloped sequence is pretty simple: move to grab studs, avoid cacti, dynamite (in the mine) and crevices in the ground. Other than that just keep moving until you reach the outskirts of Flatbush Gulch.




Minikit 02/05 - Destroy 5 hanging lanterns



As you surf or roll down the slope there are five lanterns along the path. I would advise using Wyldstyle for this as her movement pattern isn't as difficult to follow as Emmet's. Three before the mine shaft and two afterwards. The layout is: Left side, right side, center (mine entrance), none in the mine, as you exit the mine stay on the mine carts for the fourth. The fifth one is tricky as you need to go up a ramp on the left side (after the mine tracks end) and jump a gap to the right side to reach the final lantern. Have a look at the video above to get a better idea of what needs to be done.



Minikit 03/05 - Grab while sliding/ rolling


Immediately after exiting the mine shaft, follow the mine tracks all the way to the end (yes, over the jump) and you will find the minikit. The jump can be very annoying and getting back to that point takes time so this can be a very frustrating kit to get.





After reaching Terra-firma once again (not terra-slide and roll all about the place) you will be huddled behind a tombstone. Four cowbots will be nearby around a fire. Give them a short, sharp lesson in hand to butt-stomp combat.




Minikit 04/05 - Extinguisher/ Ice (Yeti)


After defeating the robot cowboys who were sitting around the fire (immediately after landing), extinguish the fire they were sitting at to find the fourth minikit.



Pants - Flight (Superman) or Acrobatics (Female character) + Drill (Emmet) + Heat ray (Bad Cop)


In the area you landed in on the far right side is a gate with a golden padlock. Melt this away to reach a large barn. The easiest method is to fly to the top and drill open the cracked plate to reach the pants. You can also use acrobatics and the lift system to reach the roof instead.





When you are ready, cautiously approach the windmill to the right. The base is made of silver lego (which can only be destroyed by explosives). Unfortunately if you are playing through the story you won't have an explosives character available. Thankfully though a crazy explosives robot at the top of the windmill will be happy to oblige. Move close to the silver bricks at the base until you see the red targeting reticle, then move out of the way of the arriving dynamite. After the second blast, the windmill should crumble, allowing Wyldstyle to reach the top and kick down the ladder.


Now that Emmet can reach the top, repair the turbine to detach the instruction page. Grab it and then swap to Wyldstyle before heading to the left side of the area. A rickety shed has a crate suspended in front of the doorway. Jump up and raise the crate to clear the way. Deal with the onrushing cowbots and snatch the instruction page inside. Now you have all the pages, return to the construction panel with Emmet and build the horse cart.


Cue a costume change and cowbots will appear with a taste for your six shooter's hot lead. Once the smoke clears, shoot the side of the cart for studs, then the target on the fence to the right for the parts to a master build. Swap to Wyldstyle and Build the treadmill. Now you need a horse to power it. Two can be found on the left side of the area so mount up and power up to enter Flatbush Gulch proper.


After the cut-scene you should be in the saloon, which is packed to the brim. The objective here is to clear the debris out of the way of the piano player (Vitruvius). To do that you first need to destroy the five cowbots that appear. Then another crazed dynamite thrower will appear and block off the stairs. Lure him into destroying the silver table on the left to create a jump point for Wyldstyle to reach the second floor.




Minikit 05/05 - Secret Knock (Vitruvius)


After entering the saloon and goading the explosives robot into destroying the left silver table, you should be able to reach the upper area. When up there, swap to Vitruvius and perform a secret knock on a door on the left side (the blue circle will indicate where). When the door opens, grab the minikit inside.





Circle around to the right side (beating up the dynamite thrower in the process) and master build the ladder for Emmet. Swap to Emmet and climb up to find the machine holding the lights up. The lights will fall and open the path to the piano player. Approach him to end the level.




The Special - 110,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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