Level 4: Flatbush Rooftops


Level portal location (hub access): Old West - In the center of town, next to the construction platform


The level start off with the trio on a rooftop (funnily enough). Head right to see the rockets blow up the dynamite below.




Minikit 01/05 - Release 3 skeletons - Projectile (Vitruvius)


When you start the level there should be two skeletons locked against the wall of the building. Use a character with projectile attacks to break their shackles. The third becomes available quite a bit later when the three swat ladders are along the back wall (the ones that need to be drilled to be destroyed). When you reach this point, there is a silver gate on the right side of the area that can be blown up to reach the final skeleton.





A pile of pieces will land on the ledge next to you. This can be made into a special type of ledge for Vitruvius (Blind Courage). Some of the lines he has when crossing these things are the funniest in the game so i advise you put the subtitles on if you want a laugh as his voice is pretty quiet. When he reaches the other side, smack the skeleton holding the water tower up to put out the flames below. The tower also provides the parts for a bridge across the gap.


Swap to Emmet and drill the cracked panel on the right side of the area. This reveals a wall jump tower for Wyldstyle to navigate. Bounce up the panels and reach the upper area. Grab the first instruction page and then climb up the pink and blue wall to drop down on the other side and find the second. Drop down to the lower level once again and take control of Emmet to build the totem pole. Once you're done, drill the cracked panel at the base to provide a ramp to the upper floor.


Take Emmet up the ladder and over to the climbable wall and drill the cracked panel underneath. Pieces of a block will land on the pushable floor so once it is constructed move it over to the green patch and hop up to the other balcony. Head over to the right for another rocket bridge demolition. Swap to Vitruvius and throw your staff into the socket on the wall. This allows Wyldstyle to swing up and kick down the ladder. Swap back to Emmet and climb the ladder to find a cracked panel.


Drill away to get the parts for another blind courage bridge. Swap to Vitruvius and cross to reach a master build point. Construct the chicken launcher (....? This reminds me of the chicken cannon from Mythbusters) and fire it into the building opposite before wrenching it down and using the pieces to make a bridge across. Swap to Emmet to repair the rope line and swing into the next area.


The gang will land in a large square area with swap ladders attached to the roof above. The first task is to collect all three instruction pages (one in the chicken coop on the right, one on the left hand balcony at the front and the last one in a box at the front of the screen. Once you have all three, head to the construction pad to create a barrel launcher. Once it is in place, barrels will start arriving up the conveyor belt. To get them to the launcher, you have to jump on them and roll them to the throwing arm before jumping off.


Once the barrel is in place, fire the launcher and it will automatically hit one of the ladders. Repeat this two more times to clear the roof of ladders. Once that is done a master build point will appear, along with a jet-pack robot. Use him and the two other green objects to make a bridge across (you may need to stun him first with the staff of Vitruvius to prevent him stunning you). Bridge done? OK, head across to the next rooftop.




Minikit 02/05 - Rainbow blocks (Unikitty), Grapnel (Batman) or Flight (Superman)


After defeating the first three swat ladders, you will move over to a point where you have to stick Vitruvius's staff into a hole in the wall. If you move towards the front of the screen and look down you should be able to see a balcony below with a bricked off wall of rainbow bricks. Swap to Unikitty and bust it open to enter the building. Inside, the minikit is on the upper landing. Either fly or grapple up and nab it.



Pants - Guns (Emmet - Old West)


In the same area as the above collectible, you should be able to see a interact point next to the window. Activating it begins a target range minigame (a very easy one) in which you have to shoot ten robots. Complete this successfully and the pants will appear nearby.





Now you are on a new rooftop, you should see a point for Vitruvius to put his staff into the wall, Do so and then swap to Wyldstyle to reach the upper area. Kick the ladder down and change to Vitruvius to cross the blind courage ledge. Once he is across, the panel should fall, allowing everyone else across. Smash the crate on this side to get the parts to fix the nearby roof and travel across it. Slide down the other side to find another large area with three more ladders to destroy.




Minikit 03/05 - Explosives (Metalbeard), Acrobatics (Female characters) or Flight (Superman)


In the area where the swat ladders appear, head to the far right side to find a silver gate. Swap to an explosives character to blast it open. This is also the area with the final skeleton for an earlier collectible if you are trying to locate that as well. Flip or fly up to the roof to find the minikit.





To wreck the ladders, Emmet must drill the cracked panels on them. The last ladder is missing a panel though. Break the nearby cage to get the pieces for the cracked panel. Destroy the final panel and Sheriff Not-A-Robot will take you on himself. Don't bother approaching him directly as his bullets will knock you back and cause rapid damage.


Destroy the first three gunslinger robots that appear on the roof and after a few seconds a jet-pack robot will appear along with a master build spot. Stun the jet-pack robot with the staff and build the blade thrower. This will stop the Sheriff in his tracks and bring more gunslingers into the fray on a lift. Use the objects on the lift along with the master build point to create the glider. Hop on it to speed away.


When you regain control all three of you are on a "stagecoach." Who gave Vitruvius the dynamite? Really? Anyway, Emmet will be controlling the mini-gun while Vitruvius uses the dynamite (sigh...). The mini-gun is most effective on the horesebots but does work on the wagons. The dynamite is especially effective against the wagons so swap around as you need to. 



Minikit 04/05 - Shoot 3 Robots with rocket launchers


Thankfully the path is a circuit and you can loop round as many times as you need to (as long as you don't destroy all the chase force). The robots are scattered around, on ledges and in one case on a water tower. Just keep circling around until you get all three.




Minikit 05/05 - Destroy 3 wagons


These are a bit easier to spot than the robots, they are large wagons on the side of the trail with a target on the side (like the one you built earlier in level 3). Blow them up and get the final minikit for the level.





All you have to do to finish the level is destroy the quota of enemies on the screen. Blast away folks.




The Special - 210,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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