Level 6: Welcome To Cloud Cuckoo Land


Level portal location (hub access): Old West - In the graveyard (towards the Old West sign in the air)


To the sky! Say hello to your first superhero character, Batman. Batman has the ability to grapple objects and either pull them down or pull himself up onto them. This is signified by a sparkling golden grapple point. Just a heads up as you will be using this skill a fair bit from this point onwards.




Minikit 01/05 - Rainbow blocks (Unikitty), Grappling hook (Batman), Blind Courage and Secret knock (Vitruvius)


When the level starts, head to the right to find a rainbow block cloud (partially transparent). Break it up and get Unikitty to turn it into a catapult platform and get flung into a new area. The dark cloud you land on also hides the invisible jet if you are trying to collect the achievements (the sparkles in the air where it is raining give it away). When you land, head to the cloud wall at the back of the area and then use Batman's grapple to bring down a small cloud with a bounce panel on it.


When you try to bounce upwards, blocks will fall out of the cloud that can be made into a ledge for Vitruvius. Shimmy along until you reach the other side and use the secret knock spot to reveal two jump panels on clouds. Bounce your way up to the top level and circle up to the floating grapple point attached to some rainbow blocks. Wrench it down and get Unikitty to construct the catapult and the minikit will finally appear. Use the catapult to reach it and get returned to the starting area.



Minikit 02/05 - Destroy 5 pinwheels, Projectile (Batman)


On the starting cloud bank you can find the first three pinwheels. Swap to a character with a projectile attack and hit them. The fourth is on the cloud you have to grapple down (the one with the kite stuck in it) to move off the initial cloud bank. The fifth pinwheel is to the left of the cloud supported by balloons (not on it, to the left of it). Spin the final wheel for the minikit.





Head left to the trapped cloud and use Batman's grapple to bring it down. Use the pieces of the fallen kite to create a grapple point on the cloud above. This grapple point can be used to lower the whole cloud so the group can jump on board. A pink and blue jump point will appear so swap to Wyldstyle to jump across and lower the next cloud.


Swap back to Batman and use his baterang (hold X and target then release to throw) to pop all the balloons holding up the next cloud. Jump on and look at the small cloud in the center that is tinted green. Underneath is a master build point so dissipate it and build the sail. Unfortunately it is pointing in the wrong direction to catch the wind so use Batman's baterang to hit the target on the sail and float your way across the gap.




Pants - Rainbow blocks (Unikitty)


After floating across with the cloud with a sail and arriving on the cloud with the grey staircase, look to the left of the stairs for a rainbow cloud. Break and remake it into a catapult with Unikitty and it will fling you up to the pants.





After arriving at the grey cloud with the massive staircase, swap to Wyldstyle and use the jump point at the base of the stairs to climb up. Head to the top and then push down the block. The pieces of the block can be made into a grapple point for Batman. Pull on it to release the missing stairs and the men can join Wyldstyle in the upper area.




Minikit 03/05 - Build 3 snowmen


On the cloud with the grey stairs, there are three piles of clouds with coloured pieces all over them. Smash and rebuild these into snowmen. One is at the base of the stairs on the right and the other two are at the top.



Minikit 04/05 - Acrobatics (Female character)


At the top of the grey cloud staircase, there will be a series of cloud platforms along the back wall. Jump up to the top level (using the purple jump spot) and grab the minikit.





Swap to Vitruvius and take a look at the blue tinted cloud in the center of the upper area. Break it apart to find a secret knock point. Complete the series of three prompts and a secret door will open to the next area.


Swap to the newly acquired Unikitty. She has the unique ability to break rainbow block constructions and build using the same blocks. To that end, break down the two rainbow block flowers in front of you and build the rainbow bridge. Frolic across to the large dance cloud with the giant robot on board. Swap to Batman and use the grapple point at the base of the robot to open up its base panel. Swap to Emmet (Oh? We use him do we?) and repair the engine inside. This activates the robot and brings a second pink robot onto the dance floor.


Notice the target on the pink robot's hand? Batman can use his baterang to swivel the top half of it around, revealing a wall-jump panel. The blue robot also has a socket for Vitruvius's staff so stick it in there and swap to Wyldstyle and swing up. Push down the teacup for Unikitty to destroy and rebuild into a catapult, allowing everyone to reach the top of the blue robot and get a lift.


Head to the right side of the new area and swap to Batman to grapple the cloud to the far right. A pink and blue jump point will appear, allowing Unikitty and Wyldstyle to jump onto the toaster's lever. Once the rainbow block toast pops out, break it apart with Unikitty and turn it into a catapult. This exits you to a new area.




Minikit 05/05 - Destroy 5 black/grey clouds


Once you reach the area with the giant cuckoo and the rainbow arch in front of you, look to the left to spot the first cloud to destroy. After building the rainbow bridge, cross over to find the second cloud near the giant teapot. The third cloud is to the left of the giant cuckoo on the upper level. The final two clouds are on the last cloud platform at the back of the upper level.





First things first. Use Batman's grappling hook to bring down the rainbow arch. Then have Unikitty turn it into a rainbow bridge (looks like a bridge made out of lifesavers candy). Cross the bridge and head all the way to the right to a giant teapot. Change to Batman and grapple the teapot (Wait... did I really say that?). The tea inside will water three nearby flowers, with sockets for Vitruvius's staff and a path for Wyldstyle to swing to the upper area.


You will have to pull out Vitruvius's staff from the first plant after Wyldstyle is past it (press the B button when controlling Vitruvius), Then plant it in the second socket in the plant (does that even make sense?). Once Wyldstyle is in the upper area, she can run up to the rear cloud and beat up the flower on the right hand side for a handle. Grab the handle and return to the cloud with the giant cuckoo. In front of it is a box that the handle can be attached to. After winding it up a toy will walk forwards and stop on the edge of the cloud.


Swap to Batman and grapple your way up. This will give him access to the grapple point on the underside of the giant cuckoo's beak. Open it's mouth and hop inside with Wyldstyle (wow, these lego people have no fear). The cuckoo will lay and egg with Wyldstyle inside. Roll down to the lower level and break the egg with Unikitty. This gives you the parts to make another catapult so everyone can reach the upper level. Swap to Vitruvius for another secret knock point. The wall will open and another area will beckon.


Before using the master build point you need to reveal the missing two pieces. They are to the left and right of the pink elephant face. Use Emmet's drill to reveal the left one and Batman's grappling hook to open up the right. Use the master build point to make a mouse mobile (Reminds me of the old show, Barbar). Hop in and drive it around until it is right under the elephant's nose/ trunk, whatever.


Make sure to grab the instruction page as you follow the stud trail. The elephant head will rise up away from you. This provides the perfect path for Wyldstyle to reach the upper area. Grab the instruction page at the top and then cross the rope to the right to find a hole in the floor. Drop in for the final instruction page. Swap to Emmet and build the rocket and get out of this level.




The Special - 75,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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