Level 7: Attack On Cloud Cuckoo Land


Level portal location (hub access): Cloud Cuckoo Land - Next to the large center arch on the main cloud platform (upper area)


Everything's on fire! No! Unikitty! Come back. Ahem, anyway. Robo swat will constantly attack you in your starting area and you should get out of there ASAP. Swap to Vitruvius and put his staff in the wall socket to the left. Swap to Wyldstyle and use the newly appeared jump point to reach the swing bar. Flip over to the climbable wall and jump up to the waterlogged area.




Minikit 01/05 - Douse 6 fires, Extinguisher/ Ice (Yeti)


In the starting area there are six small fires scattered around. The first is immediately to the right of the starting point. The second is in the water filled area on the balcony above (there is a fountain on the left side. The third is to the right of Batman (who is stuck in a box with a cracked panel on it). The fourth is further to the right of Batman. The fifth and sixth are in the topmost large area where you are tasked with fighting micro managers and robot swat.



Minikit 02/05 - Flight (Superman)


Between Emmet and the flower platforms, floating in the air. Swap to a flying character and snatch it out of the air.



Minikit 03/05 - Heat Ray (Bad Cop)


On the right side of the topmost area (where you fight the micro managers and swat cops) is a golden wall. Melt it down and the minikit is inside.





In the center of the water filled area is a golden based statue with a frog (or something... not really sure) on it. Hide behind it so the micro manager destroys it. After this Abraham Lincoln will fly by and put a missile in it's tailpipe, leaving you free to assemble the clown water sprayer from the pieces. Deal with the robo swat and jump on the plunger to put out the fire below. Drop back down and head through the now flame free path on the right to find Batman.


Well, to get him out we need to find Emmet first. Defeat any enemies you run across and head to the right to find a secret knock spot for Vitruvius. Once the wall opens up a series of wall jump panels will let Wyldstyle reach the upper level. When you get there, head to the right onto the spinning flower platforms. At the end of these you will find Emmet in the clutches of a micro manager. Swap to Emmet and break out of its grasp. When you do, two micro managers will drop onto the flower platforms and begin spinning lasers.


Run back on the platforms, jumping over the lasers and drop down to reach Batman. After he is free, change over to him and use the grapple point above to pull down the parts for a flower fan to the upper level. Use Emmet's drill on the wall here to lower a socket for Vitruvius's Staff. Once that's done, swap to Wyldstyle to reach the top area. Once you are up there, head to the right side of the area and jump up to a floating rail to lower it down.


This gives you all three pieces for the master build spot. Once the cloud lift is made and everyone is at the top level, robo swat and micro managers will arrive to make life difficult. Swap to Batman as he is most effective against both of these threats. Use a batarang to stun micro managers and then use your grappling hook on the back to destroy them. Once the waves of enemies are dealt with, your transportation will arrive. Hop in and exit the area.


Well, looks like Wyldstyle is out of commission until we rescue Unikitty so let's go. If you want to have fun with the robo swat that drop down, swap to Wyldstyle and roll over them. When the dust has cleared, swap to Emmet and drill the cracked panel on the back wall to get the parts for a blind courage ledge for Vitruvius. Swap to Vitruvius and toddle along the ledge to the other side. Some of Vitruvius' (voiced by Gordan Freeman) dialogue is golden on these ledge sections.


Once you are on the far side, move towards the screen to spot a secret knock circle on a flower. Throw your staff at the two swat robots shooting down at you from above and then knock away to create a path for everyone else (except Wyldstyle). Once everyone is across, swap to Batman and deal with the micro manager first. Then over to Emmet and repair Lincoln's flying death chair and he'll return the favour by creating a path over the lethal pink river (What is that stuff anyway? For some reason I keep thinking creaming soda...hmmmm, the mysteries of videogames).




Pants - Flight (Superman), Heat Ray (Bad Cop), Green Blocks (Green Lantern)


When you reach the pink stream, fly to the left and you will find six golden doors. Melt them all down to get a heap of green blocks. Swap to Green Lantern and Assemble the jet and the pants will appear nearby.



Minikit 04/05 - Put out 3 fires, Extinguisher/ Ice (Yeti)


After crossing the pink stream, extinguish or ice the three fires in the area (two before the flame wall and one up the steps behind the silver spinner) to get the minikit.



Minikit 05/05 - Explosives (Metalbeard - minifigure)


From the final fire in the last collectible (past the flaming wall) shoot the silver fan nearby for the final minikit.





Ford the river and start crushing the robo swat that are mixed into the panicking crowd. Ignore the master build spot for now as we must focus on the task at hand. Rescuing Unikitty! Head to the right to find her cage and she will free herself (with your controlling help). Go berserk and stomp all the arriving robo swat (exactly twenty which is the amount needed for an achievement). Once she has calmed down it's time to flee as a walking micro manager arrives.


Have Unikitty smash open Wyldstyle's egg and use the parts to make a catapult back to the upper area. Swap to Wyldstyle and jump onto the purple rail attached to the walking micro manager's back. Hop from there onto the roof and turn the valve up there until it falls over. Once it is down, swap to Emmet and drill it's electronic brains out. It will drop the pieces for a laser machine. Build it up and then aim it at the golden panel on the rocket nearby. This will give you the final piece for the master build spot we passed earlier.


Head back there and build the two water cars, these can be used to put out the wall of flame blocking your path forward. Once the stairs are clear, Head to the head (um I mean the top of the giant dog like head with the massive gold part in the middle). Ten robo swat will arrive and try to spoil your party. Spoil theirs instead. Once they are gone a micro manager will appear. Swap to Unikitty and hide behind the golden dome. The micro manager will destroy it, revealing a rainbow block dome underneath for Unikitty to smash. Once she does, build the catapult and get flung out of the level.




The Special - 75,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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