Level 8: Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land


Level portal location (hub access): Cloud Cuckoo Land (upper area) - On a small island to the right looking out from the inter area tunnel (use the small blue spaceship to cross over)


Things just keep getting weirder in this game. The group have half constructed a massive submarine, which is hurtling towards the sea and need to finish construction before it hits the water (don't worry, there isn't an actual time limit).




Minikit 01/05 - None


On the front of the submarine (the pink swimming bear part right at the tip).



Minikit 02/05 - None


At the far back of the submarine on one of the fins (the black part of the far back of the sub).





First up is Batman's section. To deliver the parts he needs, take control of Wyldstyle move slightly to the right. This will make robo swat units appear, as well as a pink jump point right next you. Use the pink jump point in the center of the area to jump all the way up to a red plunger piece.


Hop onto it and the police vehicle will be unable to see, crashing into the island of blocks running parallel to the sub and forcing it forwards. Swap to Batman and grapple up to the ledge near the newly moved island of blocks. Use the master build spot to construct Batmans section of the hull (love how a banana is part of his design).


Next up to bat is Vitruvius. A bridge will stick to the front of the sub and that's where you need to get his pieces from. The hard part is getting him up there. Swap to Wyldstyle and use the nearby (near the bridge) jump point to reach the rails on the side of it. Sidle all the way to the end and jump up to take down some robo swat.


Once they are done, four more will be dropped in on the right side but we can leave the others to deal with them for now. Use the newly spawned master build point (it may take a few seconds to appear) on the bridge to create a computer terminal for Benny to use. Complete the hacking minigame to take control of a micro manager and lift Vitruvius up to the master build spot. Finish of his section and we're left with Unikitty's section.




Minikit 03/05 - Smash 3 Flags, rebuild them into rockets and launch them. Rainbow blocks (Unikitty)


Once the cloud area (Unikitty's area) attaches to the submarine, travel onto it until you reach a white wall over a gap. Head left from here to find the first flag. Demolish it, rebuild it into a rocket and launch it. The second one is on the far right side of the area. The third and final flag is on the upper level (not up the stairs) the area that is the same height as the clock tower. Reconstruct and lunch this one for the minikit.



Minikit 04/05 - Destroy 3 golden fans/ flowers, Heat ray (Superman)


Two are found next to the while wall gap that separates the left and right side of Unikitty's area. The third is hidden behind the top of the clock tower. You will probably need to demolish the clock tower to get a clear shot with your heat ray. Once all three are melted, the minikit is yours.



Minikit 05/05 - Drill (Emmet)


When you knock down the wall, bridging the gap between the left and right side of Unikitty's area a cracked panel should be visible where the wall fell from. Drill it away and a box next to you will open, revealing the minikit.



Pants - Heat ray (Superman), Green blocks (Green Lantern)


On the far right side of Unikitty's area, next to the clock tower is a wooden box with a golden padlock. Melt the lock down and construct the green blocks with Green Lantern. The pants will appear nearby to your right (they blend in pretty well). Look to where the drop ships position themselves, to the right of the wooden box.





Head as far right as you can into Unikitty's area and you will see a large white wall over a gap, next to a rainbow block tree. Dismantle the tree and have Unikitty build it into a snail. The snail will leave a trail of gunge Wyldstyle can hand from as she crosses over to the right side. Once you are across, break the three flower machine next to the wall and build a massive lever. Turn the crank and the lever will push down the wall, allowing everyone else across to the right area.


You will almost immediately be tasked with destroying twenty robo swat so swap to Unikitty and go berserk or just butt stomp them to robo oblivion. Once they are all taken care of, a lone rocket wielding robot will drop in from above and start taking pot shots at your team. Hide behind the silver objects and you will get the parts to make a terminal for Benny to hack. Succeed and take control of the Rocket robot. Drop him down to the lower area with the rest of you and shoot the base of the clock tower.


A rainbow block bird will cuckoo out as well as two waves of two micro managers arriving. Use the rocket robot to shoot them down is a single shot each. Have Unikitty smash the cuckoo bird and make a butterfly out of it, that lifts her to the upper area. When you get there, have her deal with the four robo swat and climb the massive spiral stairs and jump down to the large circular platform below. The master build point in the center allows her to finish her section and the level ends. Dive! Dive! Dive!




The Special - 30,000 studs


Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.



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