Beginners Tips

Whilst Watch Dogs 2 isn’t the most difficult game ever to grace the gaming world, it has its fair share of challenges, so here’s a few tips to help you along the way.


First thing to note is that stealth in this game is useful, but unforgiving as the enemy AI is hyper-aggressive. As soon as you’re spotted, the guards will go into full on kill mode and will try to swarm you from all sides, along with throwing grenades. If you get into a firefight, keep moving at all times and stay in cover.


Second is that whilst all the skills in Watch Dogs 2 are useful to some degree, there are a few that are invaluable no matter the situation and we’d recommend getting them ASAP.

  • The number one skill above all others would be Distract. Get this one as your first purchase and watch your operations get easier instantly. It’s a dual use skill that can, as it says on the tin, distract an enemy when you’re still sneaking. No matter how close they are to spotting you, hitting them with this will instantly stop them. This makes sneaking a dawdle as you can effectively distract anyone who looks your way, and it lasts a good few seconds. As an extra bonus, any distracted guard will stand still and straight whilst they check their phone, setting them up for a stun shot or melee. Even when you’ve been spotted it’ll cause an ear splitting shriek of feedback in their ears, stopping them shooting and giving you some respite. The upgraded version of this skill, Mass Distract is well worth aiming for as it is damn near essential for the late game operations.

  • Environmental RC will allow you to take control of scissor lifts, forklifts etc which can greatly boost your potential routes into and out of restricted zones, and also gives you a few more tricks up your sleeve when it comes to any problem solving you might need to do.

  • Robot Exploits and Security System Shutdown, whilst not immediately useful, you should try to have by the time you hit Haum Sweet Haum in your main operations. They will render all but useless patrolling robots and any laser gates or motion sensors, making your life a lot easier. As a bonus, you can hit the robots with the “love” hack, which will make them aggressively try to love any humans they see, normally leading the guards to attack them and sowing some chaos you can use to sneak by.

  • Vehicle Hacking is also incredibly useful, even if you just get the first level of it. Being able to move cars without needing to get into them is part of solving a good number of puzzles in the game, as well as a useful distraction technique. One bonus is that you can use this to instantly stop any fleeing vehicle dead, making any chases in the game almost pointless. Hijacker is also incredibly useful as it allows you to open any vehicle remotely, stopping the alarms going off when you steal cars.


Lastly, saving for the quadcopter as early as you can is one of the best moves in the game. Being able to deploy it as a scout and highly maneuverable hacking platform will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and allow you to plan your routes into areas a lot easier.


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