Driver SF

This part of the game isn’t necessary to get any achievements, but it does help break up the game a bit, and can earn you some cash and followers on the side. There are a list of orange missions you can take from the app, which are unique, here’s how to get that all important 5 star rating.


Just Making a Living

A quick muscle car is a good choice for this one. Pick up the fare, then when the ambush happens, get the hell out of dodge as fast as you can. They’re normally easy to lose, but having a strong car can help as they’re aggressive drivers.


This one is all about how quickly you can lose the police, so something fast and agile is a good bet. Take your fare to the first two locations then as soon as the explosion happens, hit the gas and get out of there. The shorter time you take to lose the police and get him home, the higher your rating.


Gone Phishing

Again, an off-road vehicle will make this one easier. Stay on the beach and try not to run over anyone as you follow the boat.

Late Wedding

Same as the expectant fathers again. Get a fast car, and keep that pedal floored.

Lost in Translation

More frustrating than difficult, just follow the markers until you finally reach the actual destination the guy wants.

Get Back In the Game

This is a trickier one, and a fast, agile car is recommended. Use your map to set waypoints to each of the three destinations, head to them, then pedal to the metal back to the stadium to complete.

Treasure Hunt

An easy mission, although you need to be quick. Take your fare to all the locations she wants asap.

Daredev!l Liv! and Liv Again

Our car of choice for this mission was the Unique vehicle Dangerzone. It’s perfect as it’s fast and light, so you can get some serious air off the jumps. So long as you hit the jumps properly you shouldn’t have any problem filling the air time bar high enough to get 5 stars.

Johnny, Where R U?

Any car will do to be honest. Take the fare to the 3 locations and that’ll be you.

HAUM's Dirty Laundry

Another easy one, just bring something reasonably fast and you should be fine.


You’ll be racing against the self-driving Nudle cars, which aren’t particularly quick, but bringing a faster car can’t hurt.

Expectant Fathers

Bring the fastest car you can as you’ve got limited time to get this guy to the hospital. It’s a short journey at least.

Fragile Cargo

You’ll be using the provided truck in this mission. There’s no time limit so drive carefully and you’ll be fine.

A Hoopless Situation

Much like expectant fathers, bring the fastest car you can and keep the gas floored on this short trip.

Every Day is Friday

This one is super easy, pick up the guy, go at a leisurely pace and get him to his destination.


An off-road vehicle will make this one a lot easier. Follow the drone until it crashes.

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