Ekart Challenge

This will unlock after you hit a certain number of followers.


Stanford Challenge

All you need to do is win the race. As all of the other cars are slightly faster than you in a straight line, the easiest tactic to use is to cut across every corner you can and ram any racer you can off the road whilst passing.


Pimpin’ the Ekart

Head for the waypoint, which is a restricted area with a few guards, but also plenty of cover. Sneak or distract your way in (watch for the dogs) and grab the battery to complete this part and also get an achievement.


Castro Challenge

Another race on a different track. Despite apparently being upgraded, the Ekart is as slow as ever, so cut the hell out of those corners to win.


Need More Pimpin’

Another part to grab. Follow your waypoint to the Nudle campus, head inside the building, send the Jumper up the slide and grab the chip to complete.


Downtown Challenge

The final race. This one is trickier due to the AI being more aggressive, and there also being a lot of debris at the side of the track that you can hit to slow you down if you mess up your corners. Cut corners as much as you can, and if you get a chance, try to ram your opponents into the debris. When you win, that’s this operation complete.




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