Gnomes and Gnome Outfit

This is a hidden treasure hunt in the game that, if you complete it, will unlock the very fashionable gnome outfit. Here’s the locations of all the gnomes and how to start, and end, the quest.


To begin: Head for Fisherman’s Wharf and find the octagonal restaurant building. Under one of the stair cases you’ll find an opening you can send the Jumper through. Do so and you’ll find a Gnome in front of a laptop. Hack the laptop to start the quest.

 We’d also advise taking a picture of the screen of the laptop as it is the map of all the (rough) locations of the gnomes.


These are the locations of the gnomes in the order we picked them up, but you can do it in any order you like.
  1. Blume Arena - Oakland. Head around the side of the arena until you see this tunnel.


Go along the tunnel until you hit a dock with a couple of boats in it on the left about half way down. The Gnome is on top of the dock in a deck chair.

2. Restricted Zone north of the Palace of Fine Arts. Easy location to find. The gnome is in a dog house to the right of the gate.


3. Roof of a Health Food store north of the Embarcadero Centre. This one’s a little trickier. Find the Health Food store with the travel agent to the right of it and the WKZ ad to the left.


Go around the back, climb up to here and drop the Jumper through the hole in the grate to unlock the vent on the roof.


Climb up onto the roof and put the Jumper through this vent and you’ll find the gnome at the end inside.


4. The Pawn Shop in Tenderlion. It’s just sitting on a shelf, walk in and take it.


5. On the roof of the bakery south of the Haum Data Centre. There’s a scissor lift nearby to get you onto the roof, the gnome is with a bunch of other toys on the roof.


6. In the garden on top of the Transbay Centre. The gnome is inside a small section of the garden walled off by a tall hedge. You can either use the upgraded jump on the Jumper, if you have it, or you can drive a nearby scissor lift up the stairs and into the garden to get over the hedge.


7. In a bathtub in the restricted area south of the Transbay centre. This area will be familiar to you if you’ve already done the Infected Bytes side op. Either send the Jumper in or go in yourself to collect him.


8. On the roof of the Taqueria west of the SF MOMA. Opposite the SF MOMA is a small paved area, around the corner to the right is a Taqueria, use the nearby scissor lift to get yourself onto the roof and find the gnome.


9. In the hot tub on the roof of the grey building opposite the Stach and Vine near the first HQ at Dolores Park. There’s a nearby scissor lift you can use to get yourself onto the roof and grab the gnome.


10. In the Garden of Peace and Love, to the west of the park in Painted Ladies.


Enter the centre of the block from the west and take the stairs on your right. Follow them up to find a bunch of people tripping out and dancing and also the last gnome of your quest.


To finish the quest, head for the WKZ station building on the map then go to the park just south-east of it. There will be a tent hidden in the bushes that you can send the Jumper into to pick up a package full of clothing and that’s you got the gnome outfit unlocked!

It’s pretty stylin’!




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