Hidden Clothing Items

Are you a fashion victim? Well if so, Watch Dogs 2 has got everything you need to pimp out Marcus in any way you want. Whilst there’s a huge array of clothes to already buy, there are some that are going to need some exploring to find. As with the other collectibles, just scan in the rough area of the item and it’ll appear on your map for good!

The locations are as follows:


Long Sleeve T-Shirt Lombard - At the Scout X location Tree Houses north of the Auto Elite


Twin Peaks Mask - On a pillar in the restricted area on the coastal path heading north west from the Alcatraz Kiosk

Castro Mask - Under some scaffolding in the restricted area on the northern tip of the island.



Cap Legs - On a balcony to the west of the pawn shop near Jack London Square

San Francisco

Sleeveless T-Shirt Foggy - In the restricted zone south of the Pawn Shop near South Park

Cap Oakland - Just north west of the Hackerspace, under a crate

Sausy Mask - On a roof north west of Castro Theatre

T-Shirt Skyline - On a hill in the green area north of the New Dawn

Sweater Fisherman’s Wharf - On a roof south west of the Embarcadero Centre

Cap Lake Merritt -  On the ground north of the North Beach map text

Cable Car Mask - On a roof east of the Japantown map text

Sweater Japantown and Sutro Tower Mask - These two items are in the north and south blocks respectively, east of Hook Motion pictures

T-Shirt Ferry Building - On a roof on the north side of Lombard Street

Cap Crossroads -  On a roof north east of the Palace of Fine Arts


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