High Price to Pay

This mission is activated by scanning and then talking to this guy in Dolores Park during the Walk in the Park main mission.


In this mission you’ll be scamming an evil Pharmaceutical company CEO into paying millions for a fake rap album. The mission is split into two sections:


Sneak Peek

First you need to steal Bobo Dakes’ new track from his phone. Head around to his place, hack into the camera that overlooks the pool and use it to hack his phone and steal the track.


Whilst there, we’d advise taking advantage of all the cash transfers you can steal from all the strippers and other people at the party.


Chump Change

Second you need to head over to Gene Carceni’s house. When there, hack the ctOS junction box to get a view of his living room, with him in it. Hack his laptop and his phone, then watch the fireworks happen.


When it’s all said and done head out of the area. As an added bonus, you can steal his car if you really want.

Go on, he deserves it.


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