Key Data Locations

To unlock the best skills in the game, you’re going to need to find Key Data. To that end, here’s a list of all the locations and how to get at the data itself.


Massive System Crash

Where: The Gates Houseboats on top of the Torque shop


How: RC a forklift, get a pallette on it then climb on top of the pallette and raise it up as high as it will go to get onto the roof. Use the Jumper to unlock the vent and get access to the data.



System Crash Upgrade (Blackout)

Where: Jack London Square on the roof of a restricted area.


How: Much like any other infiltration you’ve ever done in the game to be honest. Get in, either grab the data yourself or send the Jumper, try not to die before you get it.


Expert Tinkering

Where: Horseshoe Bay/Vista Point in a restricted gang area under the main road


How: When you get to the area, go around the right hand side to find a bunch of cars and a dirt bike parked there. Grab the dirt bike, take it a little ways away and then jump it up the piled dirt in the skip onto the shipping containers, then jump from there onto the higher level of scaffolding to get to the data. Careful, the gang members are armed and armoured heavily.


Stun Amp Up

Where: Stanford University campus, on the top of Standford Tower

How: Go around the side of the tower to find a tiered area you can climb up to get onto the tower itself. Run around until you find a vent, open it and send the Jumper through to hack the security Router to start a hacking puzzle. You’ll need the quadcopter to make this manageable, but the actual puzzle isn’t difficult. Just remember, before you start trying to solve it, move the two vans out of the parking lot below you as they’re both sitting on junctions you need to access. Once you’ve finished the puzzle, run around and go through the unlocked door to get the data.


Explosive Optimisation

Where: Galilei Campus, in the restricted zone around the back


How: Climb up the shipping containers at the back of the restricted zone, hop onto the wall to the left to get over the fence, then drop into the zone and climb up the tower to reach the security terminal. Hack it to unlock the transmitter on the tower beside you, then hack the transmitter to get the data.


Botnet Savings

Where: Swan Leavitt Observatory on the roof in the middle of the complex


How: This is just a simple smash and grab. Get into the area, climb the ladder onto the roof of the building and grab the data. Try not to die.


Tweaked Blast

Where: Lombard Street on a roof


How: Simplest way is to just send you quadcopter up to hack it and bingo, there’s the data.


Massive Vehicle Hack

Where: Chinatown, in a vent on the roof


How: Climb onto the roof from the alley nearby, hack the security terminal to unlock the vent, then send the quadcopter up to hack the data.


Fast Trigger Finger

Where: Prescott, in a restricted area just under the Prescott text on the map


How: If you can’t be bothered fighting your way in, just send the Jumper to pick up the data for you.


Botnet Savings: City Hacking

Where: Fort Point


How: Find the small building on the bridge side of the Fort, hack the security router in there to start the puzzle and use the quadcopter to complete - inside the building is the data. The actual ins and outs of the puzzle are simple join the dots stuff, the only tricky part is keeping track of where the next junction you need to change is as the girders will be constantly getting in your way. Move around a lot to make sure you’re moving the right one.


Expert RC Engineering

Where: Crystal Spring Dam, in the building site.


How: The key data is in the building beside the cliff, closest to the bridge. To get at it you have to destroy some wooden boards covering the hole in the roof you’ll use to get in. If you have deployable explosives, use those to save time. If not RC the crane, which has an explosive on it, until you can drop the explosive on the boards, then detonate. Jump inside to get the data.


Remote Gadgets

Where: Ferry Building, on the roof


How: Simply fly the quadcopter up to hack the data, easy.


Chopper Retreat Exploit

Where: SFMOMA in the restricted zone


How: Go to the south-east side of the SFMOMA to the alley entrance into the restricted zone. Take out the lone guard there and head in. In the top shipping container will be a van, hack it to move it out of the way, then climb into the container to get the data.


Botnet Savings: Vehicle Hack

Where: Yerba Buena Island in the restricted zone.


How: Simplest way is to send in the Jumper, distract your way to the data, pick it up.


Enhanced Spring

Where: Palo Alto, on the roof of the domed roof building


How: Send your quadcopter up to attempt the hack, then follow the line to the security terminal in the bin shed in the car park. Climb up onto the crates, drop the Jumper into the gap, hack the terminal then hack the antenna for the data.


Strong Grip

Where: Coit Tower, south of the park in a restricted alley

How: Either send the Jumper or go grab it yourself as it’s just sitting in the open, watch for the gang members.


Target Weakness

Where: Cliff House on the west coast


How: Park yourself just outside of the restricted zone and send the Jumper into grab it. Mass distract works great here.


Steady Hands

Where: Kirby Cove, on the ground floor of the concrete building

How: Facing the building, send the Jumper in from the right, through the hole in the fence, to get the data. Again, Mass Distract works great here, just watch for the dogs.


Keen Eye

Where: Nudle Park, restricted zone


How: RC the nearby forklift and use it to move the two palettes out of the way then either go in yourself or send the Jumper to pick up the data.


Engine Boost

Where: Embarcadero Centre, underground car park.


How: It’s in a restricted area garage with a couple of guards. You can either send the Jumper or just grab it yourself. You’ll need to do this as part of the CyberDriver main op anyways.


Speed Boost

Where: Alcatraz Prison, in a cell


How:  Find it through a vent opening in one of the top floor cells. Easiest way is to use your quadcopter to nab it.


Gang War

Where: Elmhurst, in the restricted area around the back of one of the houses


How: It’s not particularly heavily patrolled, so either run in yourself, or send the Jumper.


Expert RC Engineering

Where: Sutro Tower, in a small building at the back of the complex


How: Don’t go into the restricted zone yourself, just trace your way around the fence until you find an opening to put the Jumper through. Do so, then head for the Key Data, which is in an outhouse in the corner.



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