Main Op 1 - Wipe Your Profile/Walk in the Park

These first two missions act pretty much as tutorials. The game will hold your hand throughout, and all you need to do is follow the button presses essentially. Having said that, there are a couple of bits that you can learn some useful skills from early on, so we’ve been nice and laid everything out for you.


Wipe your Profile

You get dropped in behind the fences of evil super-corp Blume’s server farm building with the task of getting inside and wiping your ctOS profile. Follow the waypoint and head up the ladder to your right, watch the cutscene then take out the guard with a melee attack.


Hop down into the parking lot on your left and take out the two other guards with your stun gun or melee again. Be sure to grab the money bag in the shipping containers beside the staircase.



Head up the stairs and follow the instructions on screen to complete your physical hack then head through the door to start a cutscene.


Once you’re back in control, head along to the locked door then activate NetHack and look around for a camera you can hack into. Once you’ve done that, jump between the cameras until you get to the camera that you can hack the laptop from to get the door access key. Use this time to get used to using cameras to get a sense of your environment and to tag guards, this is invaluable as the game progresses.


With the passcode in your possession, open the door and head up the floors of the server farm until you reach the waypoint. If you’ve tagged all the guards with the cameras, this is a fairly simple process as you’ll be able to see them through walls, and there’s plenty of cover.


Hack the server then stay out of sight until the progress bar on the hack completes. When it does, head up one level, up the ladder, head left, then up the ladder again and initiate the next hack to start the cutscene. Back in control, head into the central room, scope out the computer to initiate your first (very easy) puzzle. It’s the same as many other hacking minigames where you’re redirecting the flow of energy to complete a circuit. In this case, turn them both until you’re matching the screenshot.

Complete the hack and gain access to the computer which will start a new, interactable cutscene. Delete your profile, choose a new one (we went for nude model), then more cutscene.

Back in control, and with your first Achievement/Trophy of the game (Who Am I?), follow the tutorial to take out the guard with the wall panel and head into the server farm. This will be crawling with guards and they will kill you if they spot you. The guards in Watch Dogs 2 are hyper aggressive (often thrown grenades without a second thought) so it’s much easier to not get spotted. The simplest way to avoid that is to just jump down the various barriers until you reach the bottom level, through the door and activate the next cutscene.
Once the cutscene has finished and the titles have rolled, you’ll get control back. Follow the tutorial, download the Nudle app, get yourself some new clothes (which will get you the Put Your Damn Pants On Achievement/Trophy) then head to the hackerspace. Remember that fast travel is unlocked from the very beginning in Watch Dogs 2, so if you can’t be bothered driving there, just jump to the nearest fast travel point and walk.

Achievement/Trophy Opportunity:

When downloading the Nudle app,  go ahead and download every available app on the store whilst you’re there to net yourself the App’ing Around Achievement/Trophy.


When inside the Hackerspace, follow the instructions and talk to each of the members of DeadSec. Doing so will get you the Research App (for leveling up), the DeadSec app (for tracking your missions), the Jumper (RC car for getting into tight spaces) and a 3D printed pistol (to kill people, duh). Use the research app to level yourself up however you wish, then use the DeadSec app to activate the Walk in the Park operation.


Walk in the Park

This is both literally and metaphorically, a walk-in-the-park. Head outside, follow the instructions and finally talk to the highlighted NPC to unlock your first side quest, which you don’t need to do right now. Once you’ve done that, that’s this operation finished and you’ve been let loose on the open world to hack and progress however you see fit.


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