Main Op 10 - Hack Teh World

Get Cray With Ray

Follow your waypoint, talk with Ray to start the cutscene, take him back to the Hackerspace and head for Galilei

When you’re there, there’s a fairly simple hacking puzzle to solve to unlock the ctOS box. Easiest way to see is to send your quadcopter up to the roof.

  • Turn the T piece until the angled part is facing towards the main building

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow to direct flow towards the switch

  • Turn the T to face to the right

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow to direct current down the right hand side of the wall

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the T to face left

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the newly unlocked T to connect at 3 points

  • Turn the elbow on the roof to direct flow to the left

  • Turn the right hand T on the wall to face downwards

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the T until the circuit completes

  • Unlock the final switch

Hack the ctOS box to start the next section


Hanger On

Head through the doors to enter Galilei and take a right past the gift shop. There will be two laser fenced gates with a guard behind them, another guard who patrols through the gates and up stairs and a robot sentry. Wait until the patrolling guard is upstairs, then disable the robot, distract the guard, then shut down one of the gates and head through and take out the guard.

Head through the door, take cover against the wall then send out the Jumper or Quadcopter (doesn’t matter here). There will be a robotic guard patrolling the hanger floor, hit it with the love hack to sow some chaos, and use that to head for the hackable laptop that will give you access to the doors.

Once you have the code, call back the drone, go around the corner and through the first set of doors in front of you and up the stairs. Go all the way to the top then activate NetHack again and take control of the crane. Bring the crane over to you then hop on board and take yourself over to the objective. This way you’re screened from sight from all the guards on the floor and can traverse the whole area easily.

Once you’re at the objective jump off the crane, disable the laser gate then drop the Jumper and head into the room with the objective to hack the terminal and unlock the door. Head on through and modify the motherboard.


With that done, go back out to where you left the crane, hop on board once again and take yourself up to the rocket.

Change out the motherboards. When you’re back in control, head left, hack the laptop for a little bonus footage and then jump down the piping, watching for patrolling guards as you do.

When you’re on the floor, head left, out the doors, down the stairs and back through the laser fence you entered the area through. Be careful for the guard who patrols through here, be ready to distract or take them out.

When you’re through the gate, leave the area and that’s mission complete.

The Waiting Game

You literally just have to wait a while. Do some side quests, find some collectibles, the next part will ding soon enough.


All-Seeing Eye

After you get the notification about the launch, head for the Hackerspace to start the cutscene.


When you get back control, you’ll be looking down at Earth from the satellite chain. Look to your left or right to move satellite and find the next target.

You’ll be bouncing between several locations doing small hacks in each, here they are in the order we did them:


Seoul Power Plant

Move to the camera behind the operators and hack their terminals to turn the whole board red. It’s a bit of a trial and error game but it’s simple enough.


Dubai Server Farm

Activate NetHack and hack the server to your left to gain access to all the other servers. Bounce between the cameras to hack them all.


Dublin Blume Office

Move between the cameras until you can see the alarm. Hack it to get the guy out the room, then move cameras until you can hack the woman’s phone, then her desktop.

Doing all of that will give you access to:


Delaware Data Centre

Activate the drone and head for the waypoint. Jump into the camera to see the security router and hack it. Go back to the drone to complete the puzzle.

The puzzle looks hard but it’s actually just big and not very difficult at all. Pretty much all of the unlockable switches have only one way to unlock them, which essentially will tell you where to direct the flow. Once you’ve unlocked everything else, jump back into the camera to complete the puzzle and start the download from the servers.

Once that’s done that’s operation complete. This one will open up access to the last trifecta of operations before the big finale - Power to the Sheeple, Shanghaied and Robot Wars.


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