Main Op 11 - Power to the Sheeple

Social Media and the Congressman

Talk to Sitara at the Hackerspace and watch the cutscene.


Mark Up

Head for the waypoint, then take control of the crane and bring it to ground level to get on board, then take yourself up to the building with the billboard on it. As a side note, be careful when using this crane, in our playthrough it bugged out a few times, one time dumping us in midair to fall to our deaths. Once you get on the roof and the locked gate, send the Jumper through to unlock it, climb up to the billboard and have at it.


A Tempting !Nvitation

Head for the waypoint and activate to watch the cutscene then trot on up to the 1Nvite HQ, again.

There’s a lot more security here than before, and getting caught is very easy. Activate NetHack and jump into the camera system until you can get a view of the hackable laptop that has the access key. Once you have it, jump back into Marcus and head through the door you went through last time, up the stairs and along the corridor.

Now here’s where you need to be careful, there are a few guards patrolling here and there’s also hidden blindspots where they can see you but you won’t see them until it’s too late. If you have the mass distraction skill, now’s the time to use it then make a run for the objective in the control room on this floor. As it has a keyboard you couldn’t have sent the Jumper, annoyingly. Hack in and tap the phone then carefully make your way back out the way you came.


Now for the easier part. Head back into the building on the ground floor and take a left. Activate NetHack and you’ll see there’s a door that requires a terminal hack to unlock. Do that, then follow the now blue energy line to the door, open it and head downstairs into the server room. When inside, hack the security router to start the hacking puzzle, which is honestly a bit of a head spinner.
  • Head to the door and turn the elbow until it connects to the circuit.

  • Follow the energy flow and keep it going through 2 more elbows

  • Turn the T closest to you until the angled part is facing the door

  • Angle the straight pieces either side vertical

  • Unlock the switch

  • Angle the first T so it’s facing away from the door

  • Angle the second T on the floor so it’s facing the first

  • Angle the T on the roof so it connects at 3 points

  • Unlock the next switch on the roof

  • With your back to the door, turn the T closest to the back wall on the roof to the right

  • Turn the elbow towards the switch

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the T closest to the back wall towards the door

  • Head across the corridor to the other server room

  • Unlock the switch on the back wall

  • Head right and turn the switch on the wall until it connects at 3 points

  • Do the same on the other pillar on the left of the room

  • Back to the T at the door angle it towards the left wall, and unlock the switch on the left pillar

  • Do the same thing but angle the T at the door to the right

  • Angle the elbow on the floor to the right

  • Unlock the switch on the right pillar

  • Move the elbow on the floor back to the left

  • Unlock the final switch

  • Head back through to the first room and unlock the final switch to complete


Install the back door, then head back out into the corridor and follow the exit signs to get away, avoiding, distracting or taking out any guards who cross your path along the way. Leave the area to complete.


Compromised Candidate

Head for the waypoint, watch the cutscene, then head for the penthouse with Wrench.

When you get there, climb up to the ctOS box on the roof and hack in. Watch the cutscene, then climb aboard the crane and wind your way over to meet Wrench on top of the building opposite the penthouse.

Watch the cutscene, then hop aboard the crane again and get yourself over to the penthouse building. Climb up until you get to the locked lift, send out the Jumper to hack the terminal and ride the lift up to the second crane. Take control of it and ride it over to the top of the penthouse. Before you get off the crane, send out your quadcopter to grab the access key from one of the guards at the far corner of the building.

Jump off the crane onto the grass on the roof, then head for the openable roof windows. Pop them open, take out the guard below then drop in.

Head for the double doors, cover up beside them, open them up and drop the Jumper. Distract your way across the floor then hack the terminal to start the download. The guards will be looking for you now, so keep your head on a swivel and be ready to hit them with a distract/shoot combo if they find you. If it goes pear shaped, use the group distract to slow them down. When the download completes, the escape route will be just behind you. Head out the door and climb up to the waypoint to escape in a way Indiana Jones would be proud of. When you’re back on terra firma, grab a vehicle and scarper as fast as you can. Get out of the circle, find somewhere to hide to lose the heat and that’s mission complete.


Voting Machinations

Head for the waypoint and speak to Josh to start the cutscene. Once you’re back in control, time to make your way to the building. Much like the mission to destroy the Tezca’s drug stashes, this is a lot easier if you can drop explosives and shockers (also destroy the voting booths) with the quadcopter. Just drive in, drop the bombs and boom.

If not, there are a few ways you can make it easier but expect to at least have a bit of a fight on your hands. The best place to start off from is the roof as there aren’t as many guards and plenty of places to hide. For the group in the courtyard there just so happens to be a van pointed directly at them that you can hack and crash into them. If any are left undestroyed, take control of the scissor lift and crash it into them.

For the group in the corner closest to the bridge, take control of a scissor lift and bring it to the ledge. Push it up as high as it’ll go then jump in. Lower yourself to the level of the machines, throw shocker bombs in and detonate to destroy the machines. For the other two, you’re going to need to head in unfortunately. Fortunately, as soon as you are (almost inevitably) spotted, you get some Creedence Clearwater Revival to listen to as you play cat and mouse with the guards. There’s a lot of cover and places to hide in here, so use it to your advantage. The other group of machines on the bottom floor have a transformer in the centre, detonate it to destroy them quickly.

Once they’re all destroyed, get out any way you can, jack one of the cars in the parking lot and get yourself out of there to complete the operation.

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