Main Op - 13 Shanghaied

Spinal Tap

Go to the Hackerspace to start this one off.


Down by the Docks

Go to the waypoint and use the crane to move the crate out of your way. When that’s done, open the crate to start the cutscene. Once it’s over, leave the area to complete.


Chinatown Shuffle

Follow the waypoint and speak to Sitara’s contact in Chinatown. When the conversation is over, follow the waypoint to the restricted area. Look for the red brick on the sidewalk and head up the stairs there.

Take a right and vault over the fence then drop the Jumper. Take it through either one of the vents accessible from this spot and carefully head upstairs. Distract any guard that looks your way, hop over the wall, past the sofas and into the safe room.

Before you hack the safe, distract all the guards in the next room as the hack takes a little time. When you’ve got the documents, recall the Jumper and leave the area to complete.


Nice View

Go to the lighthouse and climb up to the marker, cue cutscene. When you’re back in control, move between the satellites until you can see the barge, then hack in.

Move between the cameras on the barge until you get a view of the hackable guard with the access code, grab it. Move around until you can take control of the drone, then head for the boxes and such that it’s facing when you first take control.

Jump up the boxes and follow the ventilation ducting until you come out right beside the door you need to be at. Unlock it, go inside and hack the laptop for the admit password, then jump out the drone back into the cameras. Head for the hacking room itself, and jump into the camera on the guy patrolling the room, eventually he’ll go past the computer you want to hack, when he does, hack away.

Once that’s done, go back to the camera in the control room for the ship and hack the fuel gauge. With that done, that’s mission complete.


They’re on a Boat!

Meet the DedSec contact on the pier to start the mission off. Get in the provided speed boat and head for the barge. Pull up alongside and get yourself onto the barge. Hole up somewhere secure and drop the Jumper. Send it upstairs to the first objective and hack the terminal to get the server location.

Now that you know the location of the server, you need to get it onto the deck. Simplest way is to simply activate NetHack and take control of the forklift that’s carrying the server by seeing it through the walls. Drive it to the lift and send it up on deck.

Now it’s a waiting game. The server coming onto the deck will spook the guards and they’ll start searching for you. The best place to hide is around the very back of the barge as it’s a bottleneck that’ll stop you getting surprised by a random patrolling guard.

Hole up until Josh gets there, then just sprint for the server. If you have the shutdown and group distract skills, use them both to create chaos and stun any guard who gets in your way. If you get overwhelmed, lead the bad guys on a chase around the outside of the ship. You’re faster than them and you can easily lure them into a slow conga-line around the edges of the ship whilst you head for the server and freedom. When you get to the server, climb on top to initiate the cutscene and also, operation complete.


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