Main Op 14 - Motherload

This is it, the final mission, everything you’ve been working towards. Note that even though the game warns you that it’s the final mission and asks if you want more time, you can carry on playing afterwards with the same save, so don’t panic.


Blow it Wide Open

Head to the Hackerspace to start the mission.

During this one you’ll be controlling different members of DedSec as they hit various points, but the controls are basically the same. The only thing to note is that you might not have access to certain skills or any of your RCs.


Head for the waypoint and hack the security router to start the hacker puzzle. Despite this being the last mission of the game, and it being timed, it’s actually another simple connect the dots variety puzzle. Connect the dots and complete the circuit in time to unlock. When you’re into the system, download the data and listen to Dusan’s assistant getting a verbal beat down and that’s you.



Wrench is heavily armed but is just as squishy as Marcus, which means that, at first at least, you don’t want to be using that grenade launcher you’ve got there.

Head right past the antenna tower and along the wall until you get to the guard who patrols back here. Distract then take him out quietly. There’s another guard who’ll be patrolling up the stairs a little further ahead, do the same thing to him. Take a left and go into the building with the other guard patrolling in it, take him out too. Go out the back and around towards the objective. There’s an armoured guard facing you, distract him to move up closer.

When you’re close, distract and take him out, then hack the objective. If you get spotted, just hole up here and keep firing grenades and/or stun grenades, which if you have the upgraded stun ability can take out whole groups of guards at once, armoured or not. Once the hack is complete, follow the marker downstairs.

When you get to the room with the objective, plant the dynamite and step away so you don’t get caught in the blast. Once you're through, head downstairs and plant a grenade firmly into each of the generators.



Back in control of our main man, head into the Blume building. There are a ridiculous number of heavily armed and armoured guards here, so avoid a fight at all costs. You’re not going to survive a prolonged engagement here. Go down into the restricted zone, take cover against the wall closest to the entrance and slide your way along to get closer to the right-hand router you need to hack. Send the Jumper out to get the job done.

Scoot along to the left and do the same thing then call the Jumper back. Now you need to get into the door under the floor in the middle of the room. It’s locked by a terminal you need to hack. Use NetHack to see where you need to go (it’s in the back left hand corner of the room) Send the Jumper towards it and you’ll see a vent in the floor you can send it through.

Head through the vents and take the second exit out of them. This will bring you out into a room patrolled by an armoured guard, with the stairs up to the router on your right. Distract him, head upstairs and hack the terminal to unlock the door. Now you need to get to the door without being seen. Best way is either to use mass distract, or, if you have it, blackout. Or both. Whichever, when you make your move, move fast across the floor and get to the door.

Once inside go downstairs to the AirGap computer. When there, you’ll notice there’s a control room with locked doors, it’s definitely worth unlocking this with the terminal hack as it can be invaluable when making your escape later. Once it’s unlocked, head up to the AirGap computer itself and begin the hack.

There’s no puzzle here, just press the buttons when prompted. As soon, and we mean as soon, as the hack is done, get down the stairs and hidden as a whole boat load of guards is about to fill the room. The best option here is to use the mass distract again and just make a run for it as there’s no point in fighting them. Make sure to head right, not left, as left is a dead end and could result in your death. Get to the elevator and head up.

As soon as you get up to the top level again, a whole platoon of guards is going to come filing into the room. The best strategy here is to hide yourself and wait as they come in and bunch up, then hit them with the blackout then mass distraction. If you’ve done it right, you’ll be able to run right past them as they’re recovering.

Get upstairs, activate the keypad and that’s you, operation, and game, complete.

Congratulations! Although there’s a lot more to be done if you want to properly complete this game. That's what the rest of the guide is here for though.

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