Main Op 2 - CyberDriver

This is the first non-tutorial, story mission proper in the game and it will activate on its own shortly after you finish Walk in the Park. The whole premise here is that to attract followers to DeadSec, you’re going to mess with the production of a terrible hacksploitation film - called CyberDriver - currently being filmed in SF. As with all the missions in the game, it’s split into multiple parts, some trickier than others.


Hack and Run

The first stage of this operation is actually the hardest, but if you use your brain, much of that difficulty can be bypassed.

Head to the Hackerspace and watch the trailer. When it’s done, head outside, grab the car parked across the street and follow the waypoint to the movie studio. Once you get there, ditch the car, open the gate and head on through to activate the short cutscene. Follow your waypoint until you get to where you need to be. Now, you’ve got a choice of how you want to approach the situation, and Watch Dogs 2 won’t penalize you for not being stealthy, so if you want to go in guns blazing, feel free. There is another way though, and it’s by far the easiest and quickest way to complete this mission.

Head around the back of the studio until you get to a paved, garden area.




You’ll notice there’s another level above you, to reach it head over to the vending machines on your left, hop up on top then jump across onto the building.


From there, drop the Jumper drone. Move towards the door, open the vent and move carefully inside the room.



First things first, place yourself where you can see a camera you can hack, but the drone is unlikely to be discovered by the numerous guards who are patrolling around. Once you’re in position, hack into the camera. Now you can hack the laptop in the train carriage to gain the access code to the doors, but there’s not much point. You can get some bonus footage of Jimmy Siska badly saying his lines if you jump into the camera beside the carriage and hack the orange highlighted phone. The aim here though is to get the script, which is in a room at the back of the studio. Bounce around the cameras until you can jump into the one shown. 

When you’re in, hack the door into the room, and download the pages. Once it’s done, jump out of the camera back into the drone.

Back in the drone, head over to the room with your other objective, hack the vent (be careful as the guard who patrols here may hear the vent open) and head inside. Hack the objective, recall the drone and leave the area for mission complete.


Get Smart Car

Follow your waypoint (or fast travel) until you reach the building with the icon on top. Go around the back and use the conveniently stacked crates to reach the roof, then talk to your contact to initiate the cutscene. Once you’re back in control, hop off the roof (trust us, it’s fine) and head over to the waypoint. Now you can stealth your way in, but as all hell is about to break loose when you steal the car, there’s not a lot of point. Sprint past the guards and activate the objective to get the cutscene and steal the car.


Your goal now is to shake the police, a task easier said than done. The police in Watch Dogs 2 are as aggressive as the guards, but twice as tenacious. Losing them requires a little luck, but there are a couple of things you can do to help yourself. Try not to drive in a straight line as the cop cars seem to have some kind of super powered catch-up enabled and they’ll be ramming into your rear even when you’re at top speed. They can't corner so well though. So keep your speed up to lose the chopper and take plenty of turns to lose the patrol cars. When you’re out of sight, try to find an alley, or just park up at the side of the road and use the “hide” option to wait out the cool down as even if a patrol car goes right past you, they're unlikely to realize it's you. When you’ve lost them, head to Wrench’s garage to complete the mission, cue cutscene.

Not So Smart Car

So after finding out the movie smart car is actually as dumb as a bag of bricks, you’re sent out to find some Key Data to help hack it into being smart. Key Data is used in Watch Dogs 2 to unlock certain abilities and tiers in your leveling up, so if you see it around it’s definitely worth picking up.


This key data is in an underground parking garage. Just follow your waypoint and head down into the garage.


You can use NetHack to access the camera in the room containing the data before you open the garage door and use its point of view to set off a few traps to soften up the guards before going in and mopping up whatever’s left. Nab the data and escape the area to complete the mission.


Cyber Stunt Driver

This is a fun and pretty simple little checkpoint race through the city. All you need to worry about here is avoiding any major obstacles and making sure to hit the boost before jumps and you’re pretty much never going to run out of time or have a problem. Follow the markers, try not to crash until the game tells you to and enjoy a bit of Judas Priest whilst you do it.


Once you finish, that’ll be your first Main Operation complete, and a whole bunch of followers in the bag.


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