Main Op 3 - False Profits

Newly Dawned

Head to the Hackerspace and speak to Sitara to start the cutscene, watch it then head for the New Dawn building to start the mission proper.


Sunday Schooled

The goal here is to get inside the building and download the data. There are a few ways to do it, almost all of which will result in a lengthy firefight with the typically over-aggressive security guards.


There is another way though, that with a little patience, means you can bypass most of that.

First head around the left-hand side of the building until you reach a grassy part with a tree in it.


There will be a vent you can access with the Jumper there, so go ahead and drop that out, open the vent and head into the building. Watch for the security guard that patrols past the vent, then go straight across the floor to the next vent, open it and head inside, then take the right. You’ll see there’s a computer you can hack at the end of the vent tunnel, move forward until you can see it, hack it to gain the door access code then call the Jumper back.

Now you want to keep heading around the building where you’ll find a scissor lift you can control. Jump into it, take control drive around the corner, through the car park to the balcony area that juts out at the back of the building. 


Drive up to it, raise the platform and hop off of it onto the balcony. Activate NetHack and jump into the camera on the wall closest to you, it has a perfect view of your objective, and all the guards patrolling around it.


There are two guards who patrol in a U shape from one side to the other and then one guard who stands right beside the objective at all times. There’s a lot of open sightlines and not a lot of cover, so getting into a firefight isn’t advisable as you’ll be too easily flanked. Also, taking out the guard beside the objective is relatively pointless as the patrolling guards will see he’s down and sound the alert within 30 seconds of your downing him, and you’re going to need to be around a lot longer than that.


The best tactic is as follows - Wait until the two patrolling guards are on the other side of the building from you, and the guard in front of the objective is facing away from it. Take that opportunity to head inside and take cover against the bookcase near the objective.



Keep an eye on the patrolling guards, if they come around and you’re there you will be spotted. If they do come around, shift cover to the smaller bookcase behind you until they leave.


Once you’re safe, go back the bookshelf, drop the Jumper and head over to the objective. Make sure the guard beside the objective is facing away, and if you want to make doubly sure, use the phone distraction hack to keep him busy as you hack in. Once that’s done, you’ll need to stay within a certain range of the server to download its contents, which takes a little while. Stay aware of the guards as they patrol and shift yourself as needed. Once that’s done, head back out the door, down the scissor lift and out of the area to get out scott-free.


Mind F*cked

Head to your next waypoint, talk to the contact, watch the cutscene with Jimmy Siska, then follow your waypoint again to find Miranda, talk to her to start the next phase.


Missing Persons

This place is crawling with security, so if you’re going in guns blazing, you need to be careful. Either way, use the cameras to jump around the compound and tag all the guards you can before making your move. Also, there is a laptop on a balcony that you can access from one of the cameras which will give you access to the doors in the compound.

There are a few ways into the compound itself, with the simplest being using the rocks on the left hand side. Climb up them and then slide down into the compound to put yourself near the objective without needing to do a lot of legwork.


Once inside, head for the orange objective. Luckily there’s a lot of cover to use in hiding from the guards. The best way to go is through the back door as it has a junction box you can trap, so if a guard wanders near, he’ll automatically get zapped for his troubles.


Head inside the building using the access code from the laptop earlier and download the registry to find that your old pal Jimmy Siska is being held here. Turn on NetHack and you’ll see him highlighted in green.


Head over to where he’s being held and release him, just watch for the 3 guards who are patrolling around the entrance to his building.


Once he’s gone it’s simply a case of leaving the area however you can, and trying not to die as you do so. The rocks make for a good escape route once again. Get out of the area and that’s you and onto the next phase.



Follow your waypoint to meet with Jimmy, watch the cutscene then head down to the New Dawn Temple. There are only a couple of ways in, one straight through the front which is not advisable. If you follow the fence around though, you’ll reach a second gate that’s not guarded, much easier.


Once inside, head for the underground parking garage, hole up and then jump into the camera network to tag as many guards as you can see. Above the garage is a hackable laptop with an access key. Drop the Jumper and head inside, avoiding the two patrolling guards as you do so. The one who stays inside you can distract with a phone call as you hack the computer.


After you’ve done that, head around the back of the desk and go through the vent in the wall.


Follow the winding vent system until you drop into the parking garage, activate NetHack to see the terminal you need to hack to unlock the garage doors. Head over, hack it and you’ll have just opened up a way to avoid a lot of the guards in one fell swoop.


Recall the Jumper and then head through the garage and up the stairs on the other side, then across the flower bed to your left.

Stick close the the fountain on your right to avoid being seen by any patrolling guard, open the door to the temple right in front of you, distract the guard to your right then head inside. The guard you just distracted, you’ll need to do that again as soon as you can as he can still see you through the window. Once he’s not paying attention, head to the back, up the stairs and activate the objective.


This will start a similar hacking puzzle to the ones you’ve seen before, only slightly more complex as it has 4 separate parts on 4 columns.


First left as looking at it from the balcony:

  • Turn the top T section 180 degrees so the small part is facing upwards

  • Turn the elbow once

  • Unlock the switch

  • Rotate the new elbow twice

  • Rotate the first elbow 3 times

  • Unlock the switch

First right as looking from the balcony:

  • Turn the right hand T once

  • Turn the left hand T twice

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the left hand T twice

  • Unlock the switch

Right as looking from the altar:

  • Turn the T twice

  • Turn the elbow twice

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow 3 times

  • Unlock the switch

Left as viewing from the altar:

  • Turn the T at the top 3 times

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow twice

  • Turn the T twice

  • Unlock the switch


Unlock the three further switches on the floor to unlock the altar, activate it to descend into the basement. Approach the tablets to start a cutscene. After it’s done, head back up and escape the area however you wish. If you’re going through the garage, you can always steal a car if you want.


Once you’re out the area, that’s operation complete and a load of followers for DeadSec.


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