Main Op 4 - Haum Sweet Haum

This is the next in line after False Profits and to make this easier we’d recommend having both the Quadcopter drone (which if you’ve been following this guide, you should already have) and the Security Shutdown skill as these will make this operation a lot easier. The guide is written using the quadcopter, but assumes the lack of the security shutdown skill.

Talk to Wrench in his garage to start things off.


Head for the waypoint on the waterfront. Once there, head inside the building and up the stairs until you hit the locked door. Drop the Jumper and head through the vent to unlock the door. Head inside and nab the data to start the next phase.


Heist Sweet Heist

This is actually an incredibly simple mission if you have the quadcopter. If you don’t it’s simpler to treat it much like the steal the car mission from CyberDriver and assume that all hell is going to break loose as soon as you steal the truck. Swim across the bay towards the truck, let the guard beside the truck set off the alarm, then take him out and steal the truck. The guards will open the gates for you to allow themselves access, saving you the need to hack your way out.


If you want to keep it stealthy though, here’s how you do it. Deploy the copter and activate NetHack. Head for the building with the hackable phone in it.

Open the garage door, head inside, hack the guard’s phone as fast as you can to get the access key then recall the drone before any guard notices you. Once that’s done swim across the harbour to where the van is. Climb out, take out the guard and get into the van. Use the access key to unlock the gates and you should be able to get out of the compound before the alarm is sounded.


Then it’s just a case of following your waypoint and delivering the van to Wrench, mission complete.

Zero Days All the Way Down

Head back to the Hackerspace and activate the objective to start the cutscene. Cue arguing, a lot of caffeine and finally, success. When you’re back in control, head for the waypoint and cut the power once you get there.


Lord of the WiFis

If you have the Security Shutdown and Robo Hack skills, this is a walk in the park, just shut down everything that gets in your way and complete the objectives. Without it, you need to be more careful, but nothing drastic.


Head around the back of the house until you come across a vent.


Set yourself up outside of the restricted area so even if the patrolling robots see you, they won’t do anything. Drop the Jumper and head in through the vent, be careful for the patrolling robot, wait until it’s in the other room.

Hack the terminal to reset the house, then head carefully upstairs with the Jumper, avoiding the robot patrols as you do so. Head through the bedroom to the terminal behind the wall.



Once the download is complete, call the Jumper back and leave the area to complete the mission.


Swimming Upstream

Follow your waypoint, hack into the network and then head into the Haum building. First things first, jump into the camera network and hack the guard’s phone with the access key to make everything else easier.


There are a few ways to get inside to the objective, but one of the least tricky is to use the lift on the side of the building to access the roof.


Once you’re up, use the other lift to take yourself directly into the courtyard. Use your vantage point to stun gun or kill all the guards patrolling around, then let yourself out on the same floor as the objective.


Head inside the server room, be aware there is a guard inside the server room so be ready to take them out as soon as you enter. Hole up inside, activate NetHack and use the cameras or your quad drone to complete the hacking puzzle up the side of the building.


When it’s complete you’ll be given a camera view into the secure server room. Download everything available to start the transmission of the data. This will kick the hornet’s nest, so to speak, so be ready to defend yourself as you need to stay within a certain range of the server to complete the transmission. Once it’s finished, head back out to the courtyard, taking out any guards you come across. Control the lift again, jump into it and head back up to the roof, get in the other lift, lower yourself back to the street and leave the area for mission complete.


The Ups and the Downs

Head to Wrench’s Garage to start the mission and cutscene. Once you’re in control, follow your waypoint up the hill. When you’re there, head over to the compound. As usual, there’s an easy way to do this with the minimum of muss or fuss.


Head to the entrance of the compound and on the right of the road there’ll be a security hut. Park yourself beside that, drop the Jumper, and head in through the vent.


There’s Key Data available in this place, so first head out of the building towards that. Watch for the patrolling guard, wait until they’re past you, and keep going. There will be a guard leaning on the building that you can distract with a phone call to get past.

Head to the building with the Key Data and pick it up, then go back the way you came. You passed a vent beside the leaning guard, and it’s this you now want to go through. There’s a guard inside, distract them with a phone call and head up the stairs. Take cover until the guard patrols down the stairs, then hack the closed circuit terminal to gain access to the door further up the stairs.


Head past the civvie at the desk and hack the objective to reboot the system. Once that’s done, recall the Jumper. Head right along the fence, climb the scaffolding and jump into the compound.

There’s one guard patrolling here, and some civvies. Either take out the guard or wait for a break in their patrol then head over to the lift and activate it. Once back in control, use the cameras to complete the puzzle which is pretty straightforward. Just keep climbing until you get to the dish, align it and bingo, operation complete.


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