Main Op 5 - Looking Glass

Trouble at Home

Head for the hackerspace and talk to Sitara once you get there to start the cutscene.


!Nvite to Mayhem

Go to the !Nvite HQ just up the road from the hackerspace and activate the icon when you get there to start the mission.


Head up the stairs into the courtyard outside the building, don’t worry it’s not a restricted space. When there, activate NetHack and jump into the camera system until you get to the hackable laptop with the access key, hack it and jump back out.


Drop the Jumper and ride it through the door to the left hand side of the courtyard, then up the stairs and across the connecting corridor to the main building.


This will put you on the second floor with the objective. There aren’t many/any guards, but be aware. Make your way to the hacking waypoint, hack it to unlock the elevator, and then recall the Jumper.


Make your way into the building, distracting anyone who might look at you funny and get into the elevator to start the cutscene.


After an uncomfortable revelation, you’ll be surrounded and very quickly dead if you don’t move fast. You can either make a sprint for the main doors right in front of you as soon as you have control to try to move faster than the AI, or you can go right and head for the courtyard. Either way, make your way through, hit any police in your way with the distract and get to the street where the most convenient vehicle to steal will be a police cruiser.

Use the same tactics you did with CyberDriver and you should be fine. Once you’ve lost them, head for the hackerspace to start the next phase.



DedSec is in a bad way, so you all have decided to head for Burning Man proxy Swelter Skelter festival. Talk to the members of DedSec who are scattered around the place, taking in the sights as you do so, then when you’re ready, activate the icon to start the hacking challenge.


The lines of the challenge make up a (simple) picture of a man in a top hat throwing up the devil horns with his left hand and the (middle) finger with the right. We’ll use this as a guide for how to solve this puzzle:

  • Adjust the Elbow at the finger hand side twice until it’s pointing the flow towards his head

  • Adjust the elbow on the same side of his hat until the switch unlocks, you’ll need to move quick as the elbow is on a timer

  • Unlock the switch

  • Adjust the elbow at the horns hand the same way you did at the finger

  • Do the same with the hat elbow

  • Unlock the switch

  • Adjust the finger side hat elbow to point down towards the beard

  • Adjust the straight piece to go in the same direction

  • Adjust the finger side elbow in the same direction

  • Wait until Sitara fixes the spinning elbow for you, then point it up towards the switch

  • Unlock the switch

  • Adjust the newly unlocked elbow to point towards the finger hand

  • Adjust the horns side beard elbow to point up towards the hat

  • Adjust the finger side hat elbow towards the switch

  • Unlock the switch for completion


Watch the crew get their minds “expanded” and that’s Operation complete.


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