Main Op 6 - Limp Nudle

Second Wind

Go to the hackerspace to start this one off.


Alphabet Soup

Head for the clothing store nearby to meet Horatio and talk to him to initiate the start of the mission proper. When you’re back in control, head outside, grab a car and head for the bus depot. Get in the highlighted bus and follow the prescribed route, trying not to crash or kill yourself from the “enlightened” conversation of the Nudle employees.



Once you get to the Nudle campus, follow Horatio inside and watch the cutscene. When you’re back in control, time to get sneaky. There’s a restricted area to your right that you want into. Best way is to go for the door with the motion sensor (provided you can disable it) as it’s not within the patrolling guard’s sightline.


Disable the sensor and head in through the door, taking cover behind the shelves. Deploy the Jumper and take it over to the terminal box, distracting the guard if needs be. Once it’s hacked, disable the security, exit the door then go up stairs. That terminal controlled the door into the room that contains a very valuable hack for you. Hack the newly opened door, deploy the Jumper again and head on through, distracting the guard as you do so.


Hack the laptop in the room and you’ll get a Nudle Maps employee’s ID which will make everything else you need to do much simpler.

Head over to the Nudle Maps building, take the door on the right and you’ll be met with a big open plan office. In the far corner there’s a raised area that’s restricted and has a guard patrolling it. Deploy the Jumper once again and head over to that area. On floor level there will be a vent you can enter which will take you out at a vent beside the security terminal controlling the doors.


Hack the terminal then call back the Jumper. Now you want to head through the door you just unlocked, but you can’t disable the motion sensor from your side. Wait until the guard patrols away from the door, then send the Jumper through the vent to disable the sensor and open the door. Head inside, quietly take out the guard and climb up the ladders. At the top, drop your ever trusty Jumper once again and head through the vent. Once you’re out, you need to get into the room opposite and hack the terminal that will unlock the door to the elevator shaft. Head through the vent, watch for the patrolling robot, and hack the terminal. Now the door’s open, just head casually through the room to the elevator shaft, hop on board and ride it down.



Go through the door and hop down to the locked keycode door, try to hack it to start the conversation with Sitara and to be given access to the camera feed where Horatio is. Once you’re in the camera, move to the TV camera first and hack both the Nudle bot and telephone to get the first set of reactions. Once they stop talking, jump to the camera on the computer tower and hack the speaker to set off the next section. Go to the camera Horatio is pointing his sign at, then look left to the lightswitch to hack it and let him know you’re there, once he knows, he’ll tell you the code to the door.



Back in control, open the door with the code and enter the server farm. Hack the security router to show up the hacking puzzle, but the hot tip here is that you don’t need to complete the whole thing, just the one that has the server you need in it. With that mind, jump into the camera network and hack every server you can until you reach the correct one (it’s in row 6).



The puzzle may look tricky, but it’s deceptively easy. Follow the blue path from the router at row 5, turn the elbow once then the straight line once, unlock the switches and you’re in, easy. Head over to the server, hack it and wait for the transfer to complete, then watch the cutscene.


Follow the waypoint into the cooling room at the end of the server rows, opposite end from where you came in, and keep heading towards it to the open hatch. Climb out, and head over to meet Horatio and that's another Operation successfully complete.


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