Main Op 7 - Hacker War

After Limp Nudle finishes, you’ll notice that a pixelated cat begins wandering across your screen, turns out DedSec has been hacked, and you’re going to war.


Nine Lives

Head for the hackerspace to start the cutscene and the operation.


Lenni’s Demands

Go to the club and speak to Lenni to find out her demands, of which there are many.



After a lot of cutscenes, you’re finally heading out on a proper mission. Head for your waypoint and talk to your contact when you get there to start things off. Once you’re back in control, you need to take out the ATMs. There are a lot of heavily armed bikers who will rip you to pieces if you get caught, so combat isn’t advisable if you can avoid it. Easiest way is as follows:

First, deploy the Jumper and head right towards the closest ATM. The civvies here won’t bother you and there’s only one guard who you can distract whilst you sabotage.

Recall the Jumper then from your starting point, head left around the edge of the compound until you reach the garage and climb onto the roof.

Once again, deploy the Jumper wait for the patrolling guard to be looking away and drop through the hole in the roof. There is another guard ducked down behind the shelving beside the ATM so be ready to hit him with a distraction as soon as you see him. When he’s looking the other way, take out the ATM.

Either recall the Jumper or just drive it away, but either way, head for the last ATM down at the docks. Be careful for the patrolling dog as you can’t distract him away from you unlike the human guards. When you get to the dock, be careful of the two patrolling guards. Wait until they move outside, then disable the motion sensor and hack the final ATM. Once that’s done, recall the Jumper and head out of the area for mission complete.

Bunker Bust

Go talk to Lenni again and steal her access code to the bunker, then head for your waypoint. When you get there, head up the side of the hill to avoid the guards down at the entrance proper then jump into the camera to tag the 3 guards at the waypoint. There are a plethora of junction boxes to use to take them out, do that, then head up and enter the bunker.

Once in, hack the router to start the event, which in this case is you have 5 minutes to defuse a bunch of bombs or you go bye-bye. Don’t panic though, despite 5 mins seeming not very long, you actually have loads of time to complete this.

Starting from facing the security router, we’ll begin with the grouping to the right.
  • Turn the first T so the angled part is facing up

  • Turn the elbow until it’s facing upwards

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the straight piece down

  • Turn the T until all 3 parts are connected

  • Turn the elbow back to facing downwards

  • Unlock the switch. When you do this, all your junctions will be reset, so just go back through putting everything back into place, no worries.

  • Turn the T you just unlocked so that all 3 parts are connected

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow towards the computer bank

Moving around the room clockwise to the next section

  • Turn the T piece on the roof until all parts are connected

  • Turn the elbow to face downwards

  • Leave the straight piece where it is

  • Adjust the next elbow along to face upwards

  • Adjust the next elbow to point towards the switch

  • Unlock the switch. Doing this will reset everything again, just put it back and carry on.

  • Adjust the T piece you just unlocked to connect at 3 points

  • Adjust the straight piece to be facing downwards

  • Adjust the elbow nearest the switch to point towards it whilst taking the flow from the straight piece

  • Adjust the first wall elbow to be facing upwards

  • Adjust the next elbow to complete the circuit

  • Unlock the switch and turn the new elbow to face downwards

Continuing clockwise around the room

  • Adjust the T on the roof to connect at 3 places

  • Adjust the elbow to complete the circuit

  • Adjust the next elbow to do the same

  • Unlock the switch, once again, everything will reset - put it back

  • Adjust the elbow immediately to the left of the T to point downwards

  • Unlock the switch on the floor

  • Adjust it to complete

Last one now, plenty of time still

  • Adjust the T piece on the wall to connect at 3 points

  • Adjust the straight piece on the roof to be vertical

  • Adjust the T piece on the roof to connect at 3 points

  • Adjust the straight piece on the wall to be vertical

  • Unlock the switch, put everything back when it stops moving

  • Adjust the straight piece you unlocked to point towards the floor

  • Unlock the final switch at the router

That’s you, enjoy the satisfaction of Lenni’s rage and the fact you just unlocked a new Hackerspace! When you’re ready, see you in the next Main Op.


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