Main Op 8 - W4tched

Peeping Toms

Head for the bar to start things off. Once the cutscene is done, activate NetHack to find the spy and head for the marker. When you get there, the best place to stick yourself is on the roof nearby:

It’ll allow you to download the data, and hide effectively once the alert goes up, without needing to engage in a running battle with the FBI troops. Hopefully they won’t find you there, but if they do, it also acts as an effective bottleneck that stops them swarming you during combat. Once the download is complete, drop down to the beach and get away.


Cafe Culture

Meet Wrench in the cafe, watch the cutscene.


Cabbie For Hire

Use the DriverSF app to take Miranda’s job then go pick up the indicated vehicle and drive to the waypoint. Take Miranda to her mother’s house and listen to the conversation, try not to to do anything that’ll attract police interest whilst driving and you should be fine.


Dellum’s Towers

Head for your waypoint at the FBI building, and answer the payphone to get the code you need.

When you get inside, don’t go straight to the objective. Instead, activate NetHack and look to your left where you’ll see a locked door and a terminal to access to unlock it.

This is your escape route at the end of the level, and unlocking it now will save you hassle later. Send your Jumper through the vent to unlock it then go to the lift your waypoint has marked and head on up.

Once you get to the right floor, leave the lift, go past the receptionist and through the doors that your waypoint is behind. Don’t worry, none of the civvies here will bother you so be as casual as you like, but just watch for the guard that occasionally patrols through this way. Head up the stairs and ladder until you reach the antenna and climb up to the waypoint then hack the security router to start the hacking puzzle.

How to solve is as follows:

  • Rotate the elbow until it connects, this will start the timer on it which will reset if you don’t complete it in time.

  • Turn the first T that the flow goes to until the right-angled part is pointing upwards.

  • Moving clockwise, turn the next T until it connects at 3 points

  • Do the same with the next T

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow to be taking power from the left flow

  • Turn the first T so the right-angled part is facing right

  • Unlock the switch at the base of the antenna to complete


Connect the transceiver then head back down to the receptionist’s desk. Go past it on the right and deploy the Jumper.


Go through the doors, watching for the guard on the left, and head for the vending machine at the back of the room. Jump up the piles of boxes and into the roof.

Once in, follow the direction of your waypoint through the ventilation tunnel and follow it left. Activate NetHack and you’ll see a vent grate locked by a terminal. Drop through the hole beside the terminal and hack it to unlock. Now, you won’t be able to jump back into the roof from here, so recall the Jumper then redeploy and get yourself to the now unlocked grate. Head on through to reach the objective.

When you're inside, hack the objective and wait for the download to complete then recall the Jumper and head back to the lift. The FBI will be looking for you now, but if you unlocked your escape route when you came in, it’s a simple case of heading right when the lift gets to the ground floor, through the unlocked door and out the side entrance, away from the searching agents and mission complete.


Wrench in the works

Head for the objective, activate it at the sign when you get there to start the mission. Hack the security router to start the next hacking puzzle.


Solution is as follows:

  • Turn both elbows on the floor to direct flow up to the switch on the roof

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the straight piece to direct flow up on the tower

  • Turn the T-piece to connect at 3 points

  • Turn both the elbows on the roof to direct flow up the tower

  • Turn both elbows on the floor to direct flow towards the switch in the hole

  • Unlock the switch

  • Turn the elbow in the floor to direct power under the floor and up and over the tower

  • Unlock the switch further up the tower

  • Turn the elbows on the roof to direct flow to the final switch

  • Unlock the switch to complete the puzzle


Place the transceiver then wait to be given a camera’s eye view of Wrench. Hack the agent’s phone, then when he places the mask down beside Wrench, hack it to let him know you’re watching. Watch the conversation until you’re kicked out then head for the new waypoint.

When you get there, you’ve got a veritable army against you, but when there’s a will, there’s an easier way.


Go through the gate and head right, moving from cover to cover to stop the sniper from spotting you.


Disable a laser fence to let yourself in and then get yourself onto the lean-to roof.

Distract the sniper, climb onto the roof and take them out. Next, climb onto the red storage container to your left, open the vent above and send the Jumper through. This will put the Jumper in the roof above all the guards, and your two objectives. First go for Wrench’s mask. The simplest way to do it is to position yourself above it, then drop down (don’t worry the Jumper will survive) then grab it. This position will also put you close to the terminal you need to hack to unlock the server that's also your objective. Head for the terminal, distracting any guards who might spot you along the way and hack it.

Now you can head for the server. The best way is to go for the room to the right of it as there’s a vent sized hole in the wall you can park the Jumper in and start the download from.

Once the download starts the FBI will be looking for you, but even if they spot the Jumper, they won’t be able to hit it due to the position you’ve got it in. Finish the download, recall the Jumper and leave the area. If you’re spotted, lose your pursuers to start the next part, which is simply to head for the waypoint and hand Wrench his mask back and that’s Operation complete.


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