Paint Job

This side-op will unlock after you gain a certain number of followers, and if you’re playing through the main story it’ll unlock pretty early.



Go meet Sitara at the pier, there’s a handy scissor lift nearby to aid in your getting to the roof. Paint your tag to start it all off.


First Steps

These first tags are pretty simple. The best method to work out where you need to go is to use the quadcopter once you get to each tag location to scout the place out. Look for ladders, stacked crates and scissor lifts to aid you in your quest.


Making the Mark

Once you’ve finished the first set, you’ll get given another 5 tags to complete. These are more difficult, but follow the same problem solving as the others. Quadcopter out, scout the place, then pick your route.


Master Class

These 4 are challenging, so we’ll take you through them individually.


First we’ll start with the tag near the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Oakland.

When you get there, the easiest way by far is to take control of the crane and just give yourself a lift right to the point where you need to tag. No muss, no fuss.


Next is the other tag in Oakland, above the coffee shop.

This one’s on top of a parking garage under construction and is also in gang territory. To get onto the garage in the first place, head over to the entrance to the garage, activate NetHack then take control of the scissor lift and jump it off the building into the street beside you.

Lift yourself up and make your way through the gang territory, either avoiding, stunning or killing them as you go. Hack the terminal to unlock the door near the tag, head through, climb up and bingo, tag away.


Next is the tag in the North of San Fran

Head around the back of the building, into the alley. If you quadcopter over the area, you’ll see a window lift you can take control of. Drop it down, hop in and ride up to the roof. Head across to the other side, ride the other lift down to the level of the tag and that’s you.


Final Tag now, beside Wrench’s Garage

This one requires a little bit of lateral thinking. Head into the alley behind Wrench’s garage to grab the bike that always spawns there, then head for the freeway nearby. You’ll notice there’s a breakable barrier at a specific point, and on the roof behind it something that look suspiciously like a ramp. Time to use it.

Jump onto the roof, then ramp onto the building with the tag to nab it.


Tag the Golden Gate

This last section isn’t particularly tricky, just takes a while. Head for the waypoint on the bridge then use the various lifts to reach the ascending waypoints. Be careful when entering the lifts that Marcus doesn’t decide to just leap off the side like an idiot, it’s a long way down. When you’re finished that’s a load of followers, and a great view. Remember to take a selfie!



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