This can be found in North Beach, next to the restaurant.


Word Up

Follow the marker and hack the two employees to get the password, easy so far.


Risk Clause

Follow the marker until you get to the Proviblue building, then head around the side to the parking lot entrance.

There will be a van parked to the right, head to the right of that and you’ll see a hole you can fit the Jumper through. Deploy it and distract your way across the courtyard and up the stairs to hack into the ctOS box. When you’re in the camera, hack the laptop to complete this section.



Just past where you just were for this mission, there’s a multi-story parking lot. Go into that and you’ll see the objective is in an office on the ground floor. Send the Jumper through the hole in the fence on the left to hack the terminal and unlock the door and hack the objective yourself, or just use the Jumper.

When you’ve got the routes, just look for the moving marker and follow it to find the CFO and then CEO afterwards. Grab a car, preferably fast, and track them down. They won’t react to being hacked at first, but usually at about 15% they’ll freak out and try to run. If you have the vehicle hacking ability, just hit reverse on them every time they move to stop them in their tracks. If not, they don’t go too fast so you should be able to catch up, although they will also drive terribly and will crash multiple times. If they wreck their car, they’ll even get out and try to steal another one (including yours) so just watch for that.

Once you’ve downloaded the data, leave the area and that’s operation complete.


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