Rodentia Academy

This one will unlock during your playthrough, for us it was after Limp Nudle completed.



Go talk to your contact then hack the three targets. As it’s just a hack it’s easy enough to do so without alerting them, and for the one who’s in a restricted area, just send the quadcopter over to get to him without setting off alarms.

Rat Trap

Head for your waypoint, and when you get there make sure to head into the part that has all the shipping crates in it as you can’t get at the objective any other way. Climb up to the objective, hack the ctOS box. Jump through the cameras until you get into the one at the back of the room that lets you see the server. Hack it, upload the virus and that’s you.


Pest Control

Follow the waypoint until you get to the area. The masks you need to destroy are all grouped together in a garage in the middle of the restricted area. Luckily there’s a simple way to do this. Jump into the cameras to get a view of the forklift trucks, take control of one, pick up the fuel barrel and drive it into the middle of the garage, then detonate. Mission, and operation, complete.



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