Scout X Locations

Here’s a complete list of all the Scout X locations and how to get them. The app will list nearby locations anyway, but a little more information never hurt. Once you get close by, the app can direct you to exactly where you need to go. The people that you need to get are sometimes not there. Check their picture and see if you can go at the same time of day as their picture shows in the app to give yourself the best chance of catching them. It’s a bit of a pot luck game though, sadly.


Alcatraz - The prison building itself, best taken out the front by the flagpole

Alcatraz Guide - He stands outside the front of the prison building beside the flagpole

Alive Mannequin - Outside a clothing shop in South Union Square

Ballet Photoshoots - South of Fort Point on an old concrete structure

Battery Godfrey - Near Baker Beach

Battery Spencer - In Kirby Cove, note you don’t need to enter the restricted area, just take a picture of it

Body Paint Girl - She’s on the street near the Hackerspace, west of painted ladies, on the same street as the fishnet legs

Bushman - Beside Pier 39. He’s a bit of a hard one to track down, so try to come back at various times of the day if he’s not appeared for you.

California Abberation - Painting on a wall in the Tenderloin district

Chinatown Gate - In Chinatown (duh) to the south

Clarion Alley - The alleyway right next to the Hackerspace

Coit Tower - Coit Tower appears on your Nudle map, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Communities Not Condos - Artwork on a wall just north of the Nudle campus

Crab Man - He’s on the sidewalk between Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39

Crazy Preacher - Outside Christ the Light in Oakland

Danski’s Graffitti - On a street west of the Painted Ladies

Donut Guy - Also west of the Painted Ladies

Drag Queen Doorman - Outside the bar in Castro Theatre that you meet Lenni in for the Hacker War main Op

Erhu Player - In western Chinatown

Famous Fishnet Legs - Near the Hackerspace, west of Painted Ladies, just up from the Body Paint Girl

Ferry Arch - Between Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39

Flash Mob - In the park opposite Oakland Superior Court, look for the firebreathers

Garden of Peace and Love - Up some stairs in the centre of a block just west of the park in Painted Ladies

Golden Gate Bridge - Pretty sure you can work this one out for yourself as it’s the giant orange bridge to the left of the map

Guadalupe in Woodland - Wall art in north Woodland

Kawaii Dancer - In the open pedestrian space in Japantown, usually appears in the evening

Lombard Street - Famous red brick, winding road in the centre of the city

Living Statue - Just outside pier 39, near where the Bushman is

Love in Castro - Wall art in the Castro Theatre district

Masked Musician - Centre of Jack London square

Murphy Windmill - In the west side of the Golden Gate Park

New Dawn Temple - In Silicon valley, you go there as part of the False Profits main op

Nudle 360 Mapper - In the hills between Silicon Valley and the main city, only out and about during the day.

Nudle Lightbulb - In the middle of the Nudle campus

Painted Ladies - Collection of painted houses in the Painted Ladies district, funnily enough

Palace of Fine Arts - In the north west of San Francisco, is named on your map

Peace Pagoda - Just to the corner of the open space in the middle of Japantown

Pier 69 Sealions - In the water beside Pier 39

Point Bonita Lighthouse - Far west point in Marin, you go here as part of the Shanghaied main op

Rabbit Business - Wall art west of South Park

Recycle Your Emails - Wall art north west of South Park

Rock Piling Artist - On the Sausalito coast

Sea Lion Mural - Just to the west of Pier 39

Shoe Garden - In the middle of the park in Painted Ladies

Stanford Tower - The tower in the middle of Stanford University

Sutro Tower - The tower between Silicon Valley and San Fran

The Castro Theatre - Appears on your map, south San Fran

The Crab - Just outside Pier 39

The Parrots - Wall art south east of Coit Tower

Tidis Building - Big buildings on the north coast of Silicon Valley

Tree Houses - In the north of Marin

Ubisoft San Francisco - Just east of South Park

Ukiyo-e - Wall art in Japantown

Vista Point - The raised plinth in Marin

Wedding Professional Pictures - In front of the Palace of Fine Arts, only appear during the day

Zombies - In the Graveyard in Golden Gate Park, only appear at night.


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